October 2019
Achieving our True North
What is "True North" and why is it important? Please read here to learn more. Our True North scorecard continues to serve as one lens into our organizational priorities and performance. We will use this month's scorecard to share what's new in FY20.
News and Announcements
Recap from the 4 th Annual UCSF Health Improvement Retreat
On September 20th, we hosted our annual leadership retreat where we focused on Cultivating Inclusive Leaders . Our day started with compelling stories of why this is problem at UCSF Health, data from our Gallup and Net Promoter Scores that reinforced the problem, and then an inspiring panel that brought additional stories to life. This led to engaging table discussions that helped inform the UCSF Health “Our People” pillar strategy for how we build more inclusive leaders towards a more inclusive environment. Word cloud above captures the common phrases used during the problem-solving activity. The day ended with a workshop focused on skill-building around inclusive leader behaviors. 
Annual Improvement Report for UCSF Health
For the 3rd year, we’ve generated our Annual Performance Improvement Summary report. It’s an attempt to provide representative examples (it’s hardly comprehensive) of the “how” behind our True North metrics from 2018-19. We hope you’ll enjoy reviewing the work and similarly reflect on initiatives that made the biggest impact in your own areas the past year.
Health Equity Report for UCSF Health
For the first time, we’re formally publishing a Health Equity report. The purpose is to reinforce the “why” behind health equity, share accomplishments of the past year from our Health Equity Council and collaborating teams, and highlight examples of our approach to examining and addressing performance metrics through an equity lens. The report signifies a commitment to openly and systematically assess equity in our care delivery system. We’ll highlight additional work from this area in future newsletters. 
UCSF Health Learning Health System Coaches Announced
A second cohort of Learning Health System Coaches was announced and it includes 15 interprofessional faculty that will participate. Please see the full list here. The program is designed to increase the number of faculty who are both trained and can teach Lean improvement principles, with a goal to enhance the impact of our learners and leaders in helping us achieve True North goals. 
Looking for information from a past True North Newsletter? Please access them here .