Recognizing October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in honor of courageous survivors, in memory of loved ones, and as a symbol of 
our commitment.

Laura's Journey
Laura's Journey

Laura Holmes  Haddad battled cancer with the help of her friends, family, and UCSF. 

Holmes Haddad is the author 
of the forthcoming  This is Cancer:  Everything You Need 
to Know, from the Waiting 
Room to the Bedroom.  

Join us for light  refreshments and conversation with UCSF breast health experts and Laura Holmes Haddad at our newest location for women's imaging, 1725 Montgomery Street.

What Loved Ones with Breast Cancer Need from YouTuesday, Oct. 25,  11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.   

UCSF Imaging Center
W e hope you find a moment to visit our practice at
 Street where we serve as a unique resource to our community, providing screening mammography and other women's imaging and health services. Convenient to those who live or work in downtown San Francisco. 
In celebration of our unique downtown neighborhood, we are offering a box of artisan chocolate from a local Ferry Building chocolatier to 1725 Montgomery Street UCSF Imaging Center visitors. Ask our front desk team for your box before year-end!
Imaging for Breast Cancer and Other Women's Health Challenges

UCSF Imaging has been honored to nurture the careers and champion the innovations of numerous leading physicians and researchers who have advanced women's health for decades. 

The work of these experienced professionals and others is devoted 
to reducing breast cancer deaths through earlier and more reliable diagnoses, and more efficient methods of treatment. Breast imaging at UCSF offers state-of-the-art technologies and a world-class team of experts to interpret  scan results. 

UCSF comprehensive women's health expertise includes the diagnosis of osteoporosis and ultrasound imaging for fetal and maternal health.   

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Some of UCSF Imaging's Past and Present Women's Health Experts

Bonnie Joe, MD, PhD

In addition to her considerable research on imaging and breast cancer, Dr. Joe supports women's health through her tireless advocacy 
for early, regular breast cancer screening. 

Edward Sickles, MD

The work of Dr. Sickles has advanced breast imaging at UCSF since 1976 . His contributions 
to the breast health scientific literature alone number in the hundreds and his impact on the field is considered legendary. 


Elissa Price, MD
Dr. Price is a longtime champion of early 
breast cancer screening through mammography. Her work in patient care and research led to a fellowship with the prestigious Society of Breast Imaging in 2016. 
Upcoming Events

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What Loved Ones with Breast Cancer Need from You

Tuesday, Oct. 25,  11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
UCSF Imaging
1725 Montgomery Street, San Francisco

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Better, Safer, Faster: Innovative Research and Care in Radiology

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Tuesday, Nov. 1 6:30 PM
Genentech Auditorium, Mission Bay Campus 

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Communicating with You

We consider communicating with our referring physicians vital to our mutual success, and to the best patient care. To that end, we regularly ask people like you to complete very brief surveys (sometimes just one question) about how to best stay in touch with you. You can see our current survey here. The results will be posted to our LinkedIn Group,
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About Us

The Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at the 
University of California, San Francisco, is a leading health sciences center  focused on serving patients, conducting research, 
and training the  next generation of radiologists. 

We are proud to have some of the foremost names in diagnost ic, therapeutic, and interventional radiology developing promising new approaches to identify and treat disease. We are a patient-centered team, and are proud that the community recognizes us 
for our compassion and care.
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