2021 Innovation
An Interview: Leadership in a 
Post Pandemic Landscape
"We're not here to turn researchers into entrepreneurs – we are here to essentially let the researcher understand what it is that the commercial pathway might be and then participate however they like."

Anthony Francis – Executive Director
The Office of Technology Management
Anthony Francis has spent the last 25 years deeply engaged with researchers, commercial partners and investors, creating new ways to achieve success. Because it is often administrative issues that slow innovation and frustrate inventors and partners alike, Anthony excels at cutting through “red tape” and confusion about business models by intervening personally to find solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

He sat down with us from his home in Australia where he has quarantined with his family.
List of Recently Issued UCSF Patents
Lead Inventor
U.S. Patent No.
Rishi Kant
Kenneth Goldman
Benjamin W. Chui
Modified Silicone Membranes for Kidney Dialysis
Aparna Sundaram
William DeGrado
Hyunil Jo
Joel E McIntosh
Novel treatment of airway hyperresponsiveness in asthma via blockade of integrin alpha 5 beta 1
Leonardo Morsut
Kole T Roybal
Chimeric Notch Receptor Platform: modular, engineerable class of contact-dependent cellular receptors
Steven W Hetts
Prasheel Lillaney
Aaron Losey,
Caroline D. Jordan
Sravani Kondapavulur
Andre M. Cote
Endovascular magnetic filtration device (MagnetoFilter)
Martin Jinek
Emmanuelle Charpentier
Krzysztof Chylinski
A Rna-Targeted Platform for Genetic Programming and Methods of Using Such System
Steven W Hetts
Prasheel Lillaney
Aaron Losey,
Caroline D. Jordan
Sravani Kondapavulur
Andre M. Cote
Modification of Neural Circuits Using Transplantation of Inhibitory Progenitor Cells
John L Rubenstein
Arturo Alvarez Buylla
Arnold R Kriegstein
Endovascular magnetic filtration device (MagnetoFilter)
Catherine Park
Bernhard Boser
Development of Real-Time Intraoperative Fluorescent Imager for Microscopic Commercial Potential
Retractable Step Cannula for Brain Delivery of Therapeutics
Jennifer S Liu
Noel Y Jee
Michael E Todhunter
Surface Templated Programmed Assembly of Multiscale and Multicomponent 3d Tissue
Dr. Arnold R Kriegstein
Dr. John L Rubenstein
Dr. Arturo Alvarez Buylla
The Production of GABAergic Inhibitory Neurons Directly from Human Fibroblasts Without the Need for an Intermediate Es Cell or Ips Cell Stage...
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