Innovation Springs Eternal
The Weill Neurohub Allied with Genentech and Roche to Focus on Brain Disease
UCSF and UC Berkeley will receive $53 million to study neuro-degeneration in a deal with Genentech and Roche. This 10 year alliance will help speed the development of new therapeutics for debilitating brain diseases and disorders of the central nervous system (CNS), such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, ALS and autism.
UCSF Partners With Eli Lilly to Better Understand Underlying Drivers of Autoimmunity and Accelerate the Development of Better Therapies. Together the new ‘AutoImmunoprofiler’ lab will build on the success of the 'Immunoprofiler' lab.
Alliance Management an Integral Part of Successful Industry Engagement
“Let’s do more partnerships, find a way to get stuff out of our labs into clinicians’ hands and to patients.”
Peter Kotsonis – Executive Director
UCSF Strategic Alliances
Convincing a potential industry partner that an initial collaboration is attractive is one thing; keeping that partner on board and strengthening that relationship as the years go on is quite another, and that’s where alliance management comes in. Peter Kotsonis, UCSF's Strategic Alliances executive director, was recently interviewed for the industry media site Tech Transfer Central about his work and the increasing engagement between academics and corporations.
Sana Biotechnology Closes IPO
UCSF start up Sana Biotechnology announces closing of Initial Public Offering and full exercise of underwriters’ option to purchase additional shares. By raising $587.5 million in a larger than expected IPO, Sana will be poised to develop its cell engineering platforms and complete preclinical work for each of its early-stage, off-the-shelf cell therapies.
Calico Life Sciences and AbbVie announced clinical-stage programs using a neurodegeneration molecule based on novel technology licensed from the lab of Peter Walter, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at UCSF
Mitokinin, Inc., Enters into Purchase Right Agreement with AbbVie
Based on technology discovered at UCSF by Mitokinin founders Nicholas Hertz and Kevan Shokat, Mitokinin moved into MBC BioLabs San Francisco in September 2017 with Series A funding from a syndicate led by Mission BioCapital.  
'Invisible' stem cells evade natural killer
cells using immune 'off-switch'
UC San Francisco scientists,Tobias Deuse, MD, and Sonja Schrepfer, MD, PhD, discovered a new way to control the immune system's "natural killer" (NK) cells, a finding with implications for novel cell therapies and tissue implants that can evade immune rejection. The findings could also be used to enhance the ability of cancer immunotherapies to detect and destroy lurking tumors.
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RAN 2.0 Deal Podcast
In case you missed the latest episode of the UCSF Innovation Ventures podcast series "(And Yet) It Moves," we break-down the process of creating an alliance between an academic institution and a corporate healthcare company, in this case the Recombinant Antibody Network (RAN).
List of Recently Issued UCSF Patents
Lead Inventor
U.S. Patent No.
Eric M Verdin
Scott M Ulrich
Medium Chain Fatty Acid Esters of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate and Butanediol and Compositions and Methods for Using Same
Alex J Hughes
Directed folding of tissues by programmed cellular contractility
Priyadarshini Jaishankar
Yu Chen
Orville A Pemberton
Phosphonate compounds as broad-spectrum beta-lactamase inhibitors
Crystal E Nyitray
Ryan Chang
Thin Film Cell Encapsulation Device
Francis P McCormick Stephan C Gysin
Adam R Renslo
David M Turner
Anna E. Maciag
Oleg Chertov
Provided herein, inter alia, are methods and compounds of formula (I) for inhibiting K-Ras and for treating cancer.
Method and System for Diagnosing and Training Self Regulation of Internal Distraction
Martin Jinek
Emmanuelle Charpentier Krzysztof Chylinski
A RNA-Targeted Platform for Genetic Programming and Methods of Using Such System
Hani Sbitany
James Kiriakis
Scott Thomas
Implants for localized drug delivery and methods of use thereof
James J Onuffer
Chia Yung Wu
An "On" Switch Design as a Pharmacological Method to Control Chimeric Antigen Receptor Activity for Cell-Based Immunotherapies
Juan C. Irwin
John S. Tamaresis
Development of an Endometriosis Classifier
A Zebrafish Platform for High-Throughput Drug Screening in Epilepsy
Matthew T Silvestrini
Tejal A Desai
Microinjection Brain Catheter
Mark R Steedman
Robert B Bhisitkul
Daniel A Bernards
Kevin D Lance
Multilayer thin film drug delivery device and methods of making and using the same
William H Nau
Jeffrey C Lotz
David S Bradford
Implantable thermal treatment method and apparatus
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