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Summer 2021
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Dear Colleagues,
I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new trainees. We also say congratulations and goodbye to the 2021 graduating class, always an impressive feat, but even greater after a particularly challenging year. Our office has been bustling since late Spring with the ZSFG-specific onboarding tasks that provide access to our clinical sites and electronic health records. Most UCSF medical students, residents, and fellows will do at least a third of their training at our site. Here they learn and contribute to the provision of exceptional care to our diverse patients and populations, gaining experience through the unique trauma programs and our outstanding primary care and specialty services.
Although medical training is always changing and improving, the pandemic particularly exposed racial, social, and health inequities, reshaping UCSF’s curriculum at an even faster pace. New courses cover how to address these underlying drivers of poor health. Already established academic programs at ZSFG have provided guidance and led the way for other programs.
Teaching at a world renowned medical school allows our faculty to work with extraordinary students, residents, and fellows. These brave, talented, and focused people arrive to take on current and long-standing issues in medical care and change the way medicine is taught, researched, and practiced.
Some of our trainees have already won awards for their work. Family and Community Medicine resident, Jirayut “New” Latthivongskorn, MD, UCSF’s first undocumented student and a long time advocate for “Dreamers”, recently won the Vilcek-Gold Award for Humanism in Healthcare. Adeola Oni-Orisan, MD, PhD, a Family and Community Medicine resident (class of 2021), won the Edison T. Uno Public Service Award. You can read below about our 2021 Krevans awardees, first-year residents recognized by their departments for clinical and professional excellence.
Others make their impact in different ways. Medical student Jay Bindman wrote an op-ed entitled When You Ignore My Gender, You Dehumanize Me: As physicians, we must do better to support trans patients. Medical student Juhi Varshney, MD (class of 2021) talks about the impact of ZSFG in her education in her article How San Francisco Became My Home Through a Pandemic. Michelle-Linh Nguyen, MD, a primary care fellow working at the Richard Fine People's Clinic, offers a powerful poem Codes (below).
I look forward to hearing about the many accomplishments of these professionals who train at ZSFG and I wish you all a rich and wonderful academic year.
A. Sue Carlisle, PhD, MD
Vice Dean
UCSF School of Medicine, ZSFG
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Codes, by Michelle-Linh Nguyen
Her knees were knobs.
They made me want to look away.

UCSF at ZSFG Affiliation
UCSF Trainees at ZSFG
Selected Feature Highlights
How Can We Thwart the Next Pandemic?

Leading scientists, including ZSFG faculty Joel Ernst, MD, Eric Goosby, MD, and Annie Luetkemeyer, MD, share some of the tools and strategies that could help us better confront and contain future outbreaks. They also weigh in on
pandemic silver linings discovered by the medical community.
UCSF Medical Student Parody
UCSF first-year students reveal their talents and sense of humor by producing a music video to show school pride. The 7-minute medley uses Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok,” to reflect on the realities of Zoom education, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's “WAP,” redefining the acronym to “we aid patients” and Beyonce’s “Formation” to welcome the School of Medicine’s newly admitted freshman class.
2021 Krevans Awardees
2021 Krevans awardees were celebrated at the annual ZSFG medical staff meeting in June. The Krevans Award recognizes "excellence in patient care, as exemplified by clinical competence, professional conduct, concern for patients and interaction with all level of staff, including peers." Recipients (PGY-1s) are selected by the ZSFG department leadership. The award, established in 1979, is named for Julius R. Krevans, MD, UCSF's 5th Chancellor.
UCSF Expands Courses on How to Be an Anti-Racist Scientist or Clinician
This year, UCSF and ZSFG ended eGFR reporting by race, becoming some of the first hospitals in the country to do so. Racism, Health Care and Social Justice is among the new course offerings that name the role of racism and other forms of oppression in health care.
Students help nudge us closer to our ideal at UCSF, where we care about the health, not just of the patients we serve, but the health of our whole community. We need to do better and this campaign is a step towards that more perfect union at UCSF.” -----Christina Mangurian, MD, MAS, Vice Chair, Diversity and Health Equity, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Dept.

The Faces of Ability – Mental Health Resilience campaign features a list of mental health and support resources at UCSF as well as community resources to help the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities.
Updates and Events at ZSFG
With the concrete pours to create the floor for each level of the building now complete, the construction team has been applying fireproofing material to the steel beams and installing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. They have also begun framing the interior walls of the building and making preparations for the next big step in visible progress: installing the outer façade. The ZSFG RAB Website For Occupants features construction and planning updates, a recording of the March 17th Town Hall, and the construction camera for day-by-day progress and standard time-lapse. To report concerns or ask questions, email [email protected] or call 415-514-7661.
Dean's Seminar Series
The ZSFG Dean's Seminar Series has now resumed monthly presentations on first Fridays at noon featuring researchers for those interested in research.
Fun Fact
Trees at ZSFG 
When the steel structure of the new UCSF Research and Academic Building at ZSFG reached its full height, the community celebrated with a 'Topping Out Event' on April 22, 2021. During the ceremony, the final beam, signed by key project participants, was hoisted to the top to complete the steel structure. Following tradition, attached to the beam was a flag and a small, evergreen tree. The tree, a Podocarupus Icee Blue (left), is now planted permanently on the hill between the Research and Academic Building and Building 5.

Anile Woods, ZSFG Head Gardener, wrote about some of the special trees at ZSFG in the June 2021 issue of A Moment to Pause and her article, along with a ZSFG Tree Scavenger Hunt, can be found on our website.
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