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Spring 2021
advancing health worldwide in the heart of the City
Dear Colleagues,
This has been an extraordinary year, but we believe we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If the easing of the pandemic is persistent, we will start to change how we live our lives and rebuild our economy and our society. This is a good time to acknowledge not only what we endured, but what we learned and what we would like to keep or discard as our world reopens. 
Among the gifts which come with this pandemic are our reflections about what is most important to us, our families, our passions, and our vision of a better future. Medical science continues to advance rapidly, informing everything from bedside to policy. The pandemic made us even more aware of the cruel inequities of our world and provided opportunities to recognize areas for positive change in ourselves and our society on a deeper level. We participate in the worldwide movement against health inequity and systemic racism with renewed vigor.
We have learned wonderful things about ourselves and our colleagues, including our compassion, dedication, and resilience. My own metaphor for resilience was the ocotillo in Anza Borrego I photographed while on vacation. The coronavirus outbreak had been declared a global pandemic and all of California had been ordered to shelter in place. The ocotillo responds to the slightest amount of moisture by transforming into a beautiful blooming plant and making the most of the limited resources available. Despite the hardships and fear, many of us felt satisfaction in joining the efforts of our ZSFG community to confront the many challenges of the pandemic. The speed of change in our workplace, ranging from unpleasant to welcome, showed how quickly we adapt during uncertain times. I am intrigued to think about what will be our “new normal.” 
Speaking of positive change, I am thrilled to see the steel frame of the Research and Academic Building growing higher and wider, moving from imaginations and drawings to a structure we will soon inhabit. The new roadway between Building 5 and the building is substantially finished.
This Spring newsletter focuses on our remarkable staff at ZSFG. If you missed our newest Staff Career Journey StoryCore event you can watch the recording. We also are coordinating a second DEI Panel discussion on May 6th focused on Community Outreach. Finally, I want to encourage all staff to complete the upcoming Gallup Survey, April 27 through May 21. You can find more information below.
I am grateful to you all for your contributions and your spirit.
A. Sue Carlisle, PhD, MD
Vice Dean
UCSF School of Medicine, ZSFG
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there will be moments when
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UCSF at ZSFG Staff
  • Administrative Staff (includes academic support, admin, finance, operations, managers)
  • Clinical Staff (includes respiratory therapists, clinical lab, biomedical, social workers)
  • Research Support (includes clinical research coordinators, lab and research assistants)
Selected Feature Highlights
The Covid-19 warriors at UCSF are often female, always fierce and unusually diverse

UCSF researchers at ZSFG Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, Diane Havlir, Carina Marquez, Alicia Fernandez, Kim Rhoads, and Monica Gandhi are celebrated for their research, activism and collaboration.
“For my colleagues, this is often personal. This is health equity; it’s something that people are willing and able to talk about openly.” Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo
Spotlight: UCSF Staff at ZSFG
Clinical Research Coordinators and Managers assure that research is held to the highest ethical standards and the best experience possible for our patients. Navigating a complex regulatory system across UCSF and ZSFG, the research front line meets with families at their most vulnerable, when their family member is in the emergency department after a trauma or stroke. They work across decades to develop deep relationships with people suffering chronic injury or illness. These research personnel are the core to our mission to advance healthcare worldwide. 

Leading this effort is Dominica Randazzo, who devotes endless energy Continue here
Staff Career Journey StoryCore Series
UCSF staff at ZSFG, panelists Eula Lewis and Lorel Hiramoto shared their career stories and answered questions at the Spring 2021 UCSF Staff Career Journey Storytelling Event at ZSFG on April 8, 2021. Moderated by Olive Giovannetti.

Watch the recording and find UCSF Staff Resources by clicking the buttons below.
Be heard! All UCSF staff will receive an email from Gallup with personal link to a brief, confidential survey. Your responses are the building blocks of a great workplace.

Questions? Ask your department's Engagement Ambassador and visit the Learning & Organization Development website.
Employee Appreciation for Years of Service at ZSFG
The ZSFG Annual Employee Appreciation Dinner was celebrated virtually in many different ways. Click below to read the April 12th CEO note listing employees who have served ZSFG for between 10 and 40 years. Alan Gelb, MD and Isaac Gaston received special commendation for their dedication and contributions.
The ZSFG Executive Team virtually recognizes staff for their many years of service to our organization, patients and the community. 
Standard Updates and Events at ZSFG
With completion of the new building’s foundation and the new road between it and Building 5, you can see rapid progress on the UCSF Research and Academic Building at ZSFG. The ZSFG RAB Website For Occupants features construction and planning updates, a recording of the March 17th Town Hall, and the construction camera for day-by-day progress and standard time-lapse. To report concerns or ask questions, email UCSF-RAB-ZSFG@ucsf.edu or call 415-514-7661.
DEI Panel Discussion
All are welcome to join the Spring 2021 UCSF Diversity Event at ZSFG on Thursday, May 6 from 1:00pm-2:00pm. A discussion about community engagement programs features panelists Rebecca Plevin and Mike Texada from the Wraparound Project and Marlene Martin, Dairo Romero and Elideth Osorio from Comunidad Contra COVID. Moderated by Starr Knight.
Dean's Seminar Series
The ZSFG Dean's Seminar Series has now resumed monthly presentations on first Fridays at noon featuring researchers for those interested in research.
Fun Fact
Surprising Spring Bloom
Visit the Mexican Grass Tree (Dasylirion longissimum) in the Comfort Garden in front of Buildings 80 and 90 and see it bloom for the first time since it was planted about 15 years ago. Mexican Grass Tree is dioecious, meaning either male or female. If the plant is female the flowers will eventually run brick red. You can't miss the towering flower stalk near the rose garden.
~Anile Woods, Head Gardener
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