UD's College of Education and Human Development is expanding and deepening our scholarship and its impact across multiple areas of education, social policy and practice.

This fall, in addition to welcoming our new dean, leading policy researcher Gary Henry , we have hired five new faculty members, bringing with them a demonstrated record of rigorous and innovative scholarship, whose work supports our goal of fostering equitable educational opportunities and outcomes.

W elcome Our New Faculty
Sarah Curtiss
Assistant Professor
Focus: Special Education
Dr. Curtiss explores how to develop programs for autistic youth that foster resilience, facilitate positive development, and are grounded in lived experience. Throughout her research, she situates autistic youth in context—in families, communities, schools, service systems, and cultures. This has led to projects on human sexuality education, social skills, family mealtimes, and the transition to adulthood. Full Bio
Sarah Curtiss joins our distinguished special education faculty, which includes Gary Allison, Tia Barnes, Al Cavalier, Laura Eisenman, Ralph Ferretti, Kristen Ritchey, and Beth Mineo, director of the  Center for Disabilities Studies .
Stephanie Del Tufo
Stephanie Del Tufo
Assistant Professor
Focus: Literacy Education
Dr. Del Tufo is charting the way to understanding the neurocognitive basis of individual differences in learning, language, and literacy. To explore literacy across the lifespan, she studies the developing brain in children, the mature adult brain, and the aged brain. Sarah also considers biological and contextual factors, such as the socioeconomic environment in which a child grows and develops. Full Bio
Stephanie Del Tufo is the newest member of our internationally-recognized literacy faculty, which includes Steve Amendum, David Coker, Linda Grace, Rachel Karchmer-Klein, WIlliam Lewis, Charles MacArthur, Kristina Najera, director of the   Delaware Center for Teacher Education , Adrian Pasquarella, Carol Vukelich, Joshua Wilson, and Sharon Walpole, director of the  Professional Development Center for Educators .
Sarah B. Mallory
Assistant Professor (Continuing Track), joint appointment with Center for Disabilities Studies
Focus: Special Education
Dr. Mallory’s research provides insights about autism and other developmental and intellectual disabilities. Her work has supported adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities in making self-protective decisions in situations of peer pressure or abuse, and she has helped develop trainings for educators and other professionals across multiple clinical, hospital, and school settings. Full Bio
Sarah Mallory also joins our special education faculty. With a joint appointment in the  Center for Disabilities Studies , she will work with a dynamic team of faculty and staff dedicated to serving our students, families, and community members with disabilities through education, advocacy, service and research.
Teomara Rutherford 
Assistant Professor
Focus: Learning Sciences
Dr. Rutherford's research focuses on learning and motivation in digital contexts. Her most recent National Science Foundation-funded project examines students’ in-the-moment motivations and emotions as they work within a digital mathematics learning tool. Dr. Rutherford leads a lab studying motivation and cognition in educational contexts .
Teomara Rutherford joins our award-winning learning sciences faculty, which includes Christina Barbieri, Zoubeida Dagher, Danielle Ford, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, director of the  Child's Play, Learning, and Development Lab , Fred Hofstetter, Nancy Jordan, Nancy Lavigne, Chrystalla Mouza, director of the School of Education , and Carol Wong.
Bryan A. VanGronigen 
Assistant Professor
Focus: Educational Leadership
Dr. VanGronigen examines organizational resilience and change management in K-12 schools through his research, with specific interest areas in school improvement efforts, the preparation of educational leaders, and policy analyses .
 Full Bio
Bryan VanGronigen joins a robust educational leadership and policy faculty, which includes Doug Archbald, Lauren Bailes, Laura Desimone, CEHD director of research, Elizabeth Farely-Ripple, director of the UD Partnership for Public Education , Gary Henry, CEHD dean, Henry May, director of  CRESP , and Jacquelyn O. Wilson, director of  DASL .
As CEHD grows, we are seeking cutting-edge scholars to join our faculty.
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