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Notice of the Urban Development Institute of Manitoba’s 2023 Annual General Meeting of Members

Date: Thursday, April 27, 2023

Time: 8:30 am 

Venue: Caboto Centre – 1055 Wilkes Avenue


The following business will be conducted at the AGM:

1. Approval of Minutes from the April 28, 2022 AGM

2. Presentation of the 2022 financial statements

3. Presentation of the 2023 Budget

4. Appointment of the auditor for 2023

5. Report from the Nominating Committee

5a. Election of Directors

6. Presentation of revised Bylaws

7. President’s Report

8. Conduct such other business as may be properly brought before this meeting

Province Establishes Strategic Corridors Advisory Council

To advance Manitoba’s economic growth, the Manitoba government has established the Manitoba Strategic Corridors Advisory Council. The new Council will provide strategic advice to enhance the performance and resiliency of Manitoba’s transportation network, strengthen the transportation sector’s contributions to the regional economy, and improve provincial supply chain fluidity.


Individuals appointed to the new council are:

  • Barry Rempel (vice-chairperson), former president and CEO, Winnipeg Airports Authority;
  • Dennis Cruise, president and CEO, Bituminex Paving and board chair of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association;
  • Christian Sinclair, First Nation economic strategic planner and former Onekanew (chief) of Opaskwayak Cree Nation;
  • Rob Penner, president and CEO, Bison Transport and board member of the Winnipeg Airports Authority;
  • Grant Lazaruk, president and CEO, HyLife;
  • Jeannette Montufar, founding partner and CEO, MORR Transportation Consulting;
  • Joan Hardy, former senior executive, railway and grain sectors;
  • Al Babiuk, former CEO, Loewen Windows.

The new advisory council will work with and complement the department’s strategic infrastructure programs including the Trade and Commerce Grid Initiative, the Winnipeg One Million Perimeter Freeway Initiative, and the National Trade Corridor Strategy.


To view the government’s media release, click here.

Upcoming Manitoba Municipal Board Public Hearings

New Manitoba Hydro Land Management Site and Subdivision Status Dashboard

Manitoba Hydro’s Property Department has launched a Land Management Site. This is a new platform that offers resources and services related to land management dealings with Manitoba Hydro.

One particularly helpful feature of the site is the new Subdivision Status Dashboard, which allows you to check the status of your subdivision within Manitoba Hydro's easement obtaining process. The dashboard is best viewed on a desktop computer and offers a convenient way to stay informed about the progress of your subdivision.

The Manitoba Hydro Land Management Site currently offers a variety of helpful resources related to the subdivision process, including guides, links to service application forms, FAQ’s and will continue to expand and offer more resources over time.

A potential future development is the use of digital, online applications for Easement Encroachment.

We invite you to visit the site today to learn more about the resources and services available here.

Feedback and suggestions regarding the site and dashboard are gladly welcome by Manitoba Hydro and can be shared at the next meet up between Manitoba Hydro and the Urban Development Institute. 

MB Hydro - Residential Development

Manitoba Hydro has updated its website to allow developers to apply online for pre-serving of both residential and commercial developments. You can find more details from Manitoba Hydro via the links below:

Residential Developments

Commercial Developments

'Street-level attention': Report on revitalizing Portage and Main coming Tuesday

A new and improved Portage and Main could be on the horizon,

New site for Transit garage elusive: city report

The City of Winnipeg is still searching for a site to replace Transit’s north garage, years after it began looking for one.

Derailment builds momentum for potential rail line relocation

A train derailment that temporarily closed a major artery in Winnipeg has resurrected discussions about relocating rail lines outside the city.

Plan to lure residential sites called sweeping

A potential change meant to attract more residential development has triggered concerns it could reduce public scrutiny and city council oversight on some projects.

On B.C. city's answer to speed up housing: Get Humans out of the way

City of Kelowna staff believe they have found an effective and innovative way to improve and expedite the permitting process: artificial intelligence.

Forget boundaries, construction group urges

It’s time for a repositioning of Manitoba’s role in the global trade network, the province’s construction advocates say.

Municipal Board sides with sand company

The Manitoba Municipal Board has ended a protracted zoning dispute between the RM of Springfield and Sio Silica Corp.

Council gives True North option to buy Portage Place land, parkade

The company that owns the Winnipeg Jets now has city council’s blessing to consider buying the beleaguered Portage Place mall.

Winnipeg Jets owner True North considering purchase of Portage Place mall

The real estate division of True North Sports and Entertainment is considering a purchase of downtown Winnipeg's beleaguered Portage Place mall to redevelop it into a mixed-use building.

City eyes sharing inflation risks in sewage contracts

The City of Winnipeg could try to prevent the cost of a sewage mega project from soaring higher by sharing some of the financial risk to build it.