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Upcoming Manitoba Municipal Board Public Hearings

City of Brandon: Changes to Processing Rezoning & Rezoning/Subdivision Applications

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the efficiency of processing applications, the City of Brandon Development Services Division will now be processing rezoning and rezoning/subdivision applications differently, where development agreements are required, to ensure fewer delays between second and third readings.


New Method

Rezoning with Subdivision

  • All development agreements to be tied to subdivision applications
  • Unless there are sufficient objectors to a rezoning in accordance with The Planning Act, Council may consider second and third readings concurrently with the following conditions:
  • The by-law doesn’t come into force (zone change doesn’t occur) until registration of the associated subdivision application in the Brandon Land Titles Office
  • The by-law will be automatically repealed (rezoning dies) if subdivision is not registered within three years, unless the applicant applies for a deadline extension
  • Applicants objecting to development agreements, or conditions in them, may still file an appeal under subdivision to the Municipal Board

Rezoning Only

  • No change in process if applicant objects at a public hearing to a development agreement or conditions in the agreement, or there are sufficient objectors to a rezoning in accordance with The Planning Act
  • Council and City administration will wait after second reading in case applicant files an appeal to the Municipal Board, or there are sufficient second objections to refer the application to the Municipal Board
  • Otherwise, Council may consider second and third readings concurrently with the following conditions:
  • The by-law doesn’t come into force (zone change doesn’t occur) until registration of the executed development agreement in the Brandon Land Titles Office
  • The by-law will be automatically repealed (rezoning dies) if the development agreement is not registered within one year


Anyone with questions on the new process may contact Senior Planner Andrew Mok at 204-729-2115 or

City of Winnipeg launches CentrePlan 2050 Consultation

he City of Winnipeg has launched consultations on its new long-term development plan for Downtown Winnipeg. CentrePlan 2050 will guide investments in Downtown parks, streets and buildings. The Plan will help transform what Downtown looks like, how we get around, and how we experience Downtown.

The City’s stated goal of CentrePlan 2050 is to get more people living and visiting Downtown.  

Public feedback is being accepted until June 15, 2023. To visit the CentrePlan 2050 consultation page, please click here.

Provide your Input

You can provide input until June 15 through online surveys, interactive mapping tools, and the ideas board on topics that interest you:

Province Establishes Strategic Corridors Advisory Council

To advance Manitoba’s economic growth, the Manitoba government has established the Manitoba Strategic Corridors Advisory Council. The new Council will provide strategic advice to enhance the performance and resiliency of Manitoba’s transportation network, strengthen the transportation sector’s contributions to the regional economy, and improve provincial supply chain fluidity.


Individuals appointed to the new council are:

  • Barry Rempel (vice-chairperson), former president and CEO, Winnipeg Airports Authority;
  • Dennis Cruise, president and CEO, Bituminex Paving and board chair of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association;
  • Christian Sinclair, First Nation economic strategic planner and former Onekanew (chief) of Opaskwayak Cree Nation;
  • Rob Penner, president and CEO, Bison Transport and board member of the Winnipeg Airports Authority;
  • Grant Lazaruk, president and CEO, HyLife;
  • Jeannette Montufar, founding partner and CEO, MORR Transportation Consulting;
  • Joan Hardy, former senior executive, railway and grain sectors;
  • Al Babiuk, former CEO, Loewen Windows.

The new advisory council will work with and complement the department’s strategic infrastructure programs including the Trade and Commerce Grid Initiative, the Winnipeg One Million Perimeter Freeway Initiative, and the National Trade Corridor Strategy.


To view the government’s media release, click here.

New Manitoba Hydro Land Management Site and Subdivision Status Dashboard

Manitoba Hydro’s Property Department has launched a Land Management Site. This is a new platform that offers resources and services related to land management dealings with Manitoba Hydro.

One particularly helpful feature of the site is the new Subdivision Status Dashboard, which allows you to check the status of your subdivision within Manitoba Hydro's easement obtaining process. The dashboard is best viewed on a desktop computer and offers a convenient way to stay informed about the progress of your subdivision.

The Manitoba Hydro Land Management Site currently offers a variety of helpful resources related to the subdivision process, including guides, links to service application forms, FAQ’s and will continue to expand and offer more resources over time.

A potential future development is the use of digital, online applications for Easement Encroachment.

We invite you to visit the site today to learn more about the resources and services available here.

Feedback and suggestions regarding the site and dashboard are gladly welcome by Manitoba Hydro and can be shared at the next meet up between Manitoba Hydro and the Urban Development Institute. 

MB Hydro - Residential Development

Manitoba Hydro has updated its website to allow developers to apply online for pre-serving of both residential and commercial developments. You can find more details from Manitoba Hydro via the links below:

Residential Developments

Commercial Developments

New-home construction in Manitoba slowed in April

Manitoba saw 343 shovels hit the dirt last month, down 37 per cent from the 543 that broke ground in April 2022: CMHC

The model city for transforming downtowns? It's in Canada

The downtown transformation that so many other cities are desperate for is underway in Calgary

City proposes massive changes in downtown redevelopment

CentrePlan 2050 would set annual targets for new residential units, reimagine Graham Avenue without buses, create new bike and pedestrian paths, slow traffic

Study finds search for women’s remains at landfill could take years, cost up to $184M

A search for the remains of two First Nations women at a Winnipeg-area landfill could take up to three years and cost $184 million, says a study examining whether a successful search is possible.

Winnipeg’s Portage Place set for massive $500m revitalization

After years of debate over the beleaguered downtown Winnipeg mall’s future, Portage Place got a massive shot in the arm Friday with a joint announcement from the province,

City to consider tax incentives to help transform vacant heritage building into 148 apartments

Winnipeg's Keewayden Block, scorched by fire in 2019, poised to become East Block Lofts

Pedestrian scramble at River and Osborne part of neighbourhood blueprint

Plan from Osborne Village BIZ also calls for allowing on-street parking on both sides, widening sidewalks

Competing motions on Portage and Main coming to Winnipeg city council

Winnipeg city councillors are veering off in opposite directions over the question of whether to reopen Portage and Main to pedestrians.

New site for Transit garage elusive: city report

The City of Winnipeg is still searching for a site to replace Transit’s north garage, years after it began looking for one.