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MHBA and UDI meet with Municipal & Northern Relations Minister

UDI Board Chair Michael Carruthers, MHBA Board Chair Spencer Curtis, and MHBA President & CEO Lanny McInnes met with Hon. Ian Bushie, Minister of Municipal and Northern Relations and Minister of Indigenous Economic Development. Topics discussed include the state of the residential construction and land development industries, the government’s commitment to review Bill 37, the need for a strategic infrastructure plan for the Winnipeg Metro Region, and the key role residential construction plays in all Manitoba communities, including northern and remote communities.

Manitoba Introduces Legislation to establish National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as Provincial Statutory Holiday

The Manitoba government has introduced Bill 4, the Employment Standards Code Amendment and Interpretation Amendment Act, that would establish Sept. 30 as a provincial statutory holiday in the province, namely National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The bill aims to commemorate the history and legacy of residential schools in Manitoba and acknowledge the harm caused to Indigenous people, including intergenerational trauma. The legislation would add to Manitoba’s eight general holidays recognized by law: New Year’s Day, Louis Riel Day (third Monday in February), Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day (July 1), Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Employees either have this day off with pay, or are paid at a higher rate if they are required to work. When the Sept. 30 holiday falls on a weekend, the proposed law says schools are to observe it on the following Monday. The Government of Canada declared National Day for Truth and Reconciliation a federal holiday in 2021.

To view Bill 4, click here.

To view the Government’s press release, click here.

Manitoba Government Presents Throne Speech

On November 21st, the fall session of the Manitoba Legislature opened with the Speech from the Throne.  In his government’s first Throne Speech, Premier Wab Kinew outlined his government’s legislative agenda for the upcoming session.

Highlights included:

  • Announcing a commitment from the Federal government to work with Manitoba help families make the switch to affordable, geothermal home energy.
  • Committing to train people this year to install geothermal heat pumps for families across Manitoba.
  • Advancing economic reconciliation by working with the leadership of the Treaty One First Nations as they transform the former Kapyong barracks into the residential and commercial development of Naawi-Oodena.
  • Pausing the provincial gas tax, saving you 14 cents per litre every time you fill up, at the beginning of next year.
  • Committing to freeze hydro rates in a way that respects the independence of the Public Utilities Board and the most recent rate application, all while ensuring the long-term fiscal strength of Manitoba.
  • Working with municipalities and the business community, we will revitalize the downtowns of our urban centres.
  • Committing to rebalance labour relations in Manitoba to ensure fairness for workers across our province.
  • Committing to provide predictability and help planning with multi-year funding for municipalities.
  • Establishing September 30th, Orange Shirt Day, as a provincial statutory holiday.

To watch or read the 2023 Speech from the Throne, click here.

City of Winnipeg: Housing Accelerator Funding & Zoning Changes

The City of Winnipeg is initiating zoning changes to allow for up to four units as of right city-wide. In response to conditions of housing accelerator funding from the federal government, Winnipeg City Council voted in favour of amending the City’s Housing Accelerator Fund application to include the following amendments:

1. That Council affirm its support for the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) application.

2. That the HAF application be amended to legalize four dwelling units per residential lot be permitted as-of-right city-wide.

3. That the HAF application be amended to legalize four units of up to four storeys as-of-right within 800 metres of high-frequency transit corridors as outlined in the City’s HAF application and informed by the initial network changes in phase one of the Winnipeg Master Transit Plan.”

4. That the HAF application be amended to ensure that new housing zoning reforms targeted for mall sites and commercial corridors – as proposed in City Council’s Strategic Priorities Action Plan – allow for as-of-right development to facilitate quick approvals and construction of new housing.

5. That as-of-right approvals specified in Recommendations 2, 3 and 4 be contingent upon applicable zoning and by-law changes that are subject to a public hearing prior to enactment, and upon reasonable standards for construction, servicing and design, consistent with standards adopted or projected in other cities with completed HAF agreements, including:

a. Lot size specifications, requiring that four units as-of-right be limited to a standard lot size or greater, with dimensions to be determined by Council after consideration of recommendations by the City Public Service, with total dimensions sufficient to support four housing units.

b. Building form standards broadly consistent with existing Infill Guidelines, modified where necessary to meet the spirit of Recommendations 2 and 3.

c. Height limits for developments under Recommendation 3, so four-storey as-of-right allowances are no greater than 48’ and apply only to developments of four units. (Permitted heights for zones covered by Recommendation 2 alone would remain consistent with existing Infill Guidelines requirements).

d. Urban servicing capacity requirements (including land drainage, water service, paved roadway and laneway service, and sufficient wastewater and flood protection capacity to meet existing provincial and federal regulations).

e. Environmental standards, including the application of a tree protection and replacement by-law if City Council adopts such a by-law in future;

f. Retention of the City’s right to require consent to standardized development agreements where these would already typically be applied to new for-profit multi-residential developments to recover direct infrastructure costs to taxpayers, especially for those developments contemplated under Recommendation 4.

6. That all five Community Committees engage in consultation on the proposals, as outlined in Recommendations 2-5 above, no later than year-end 2024.

7. That the Public Service be directed to schedule public hearings and report back to the appropriate committee of Council, with the required by-law amendments to implement the intent of the foregoing. Winnipeg Zoning By-law and Downtown Zoning By-law amendments should be brought forward, if possible, as part of the Rapid Zoning By-law Amendments process, targeted for spring 2025 as noted in the HAF application.

Mayor Scott Gillingham notified the Federal Government of the amendments to the City’s HAF application immediately following the November 23rd Council meeting. The federal government’s response to the City’s application is expected in the coming days

City of Brandon: Housing Accelerator Funding & Zoning Changes

Winnipeg is initiating zoning changes to allow for up to four units as of right in all zones (View article HERE). This was a condition of housing accelerator funding from the federal government. Brandon’s submission for the housing accelerator fund is under review. The discussion on as of right zoning will be reviewed as we update our zoning by-law to provide increased options for housing.  

A Winnipeg Urban Forest Strategy: November 2023 Update

The Phase 2 public engagement summary and appendices of Winnipeg’s Urban Forest Strategy are now available and provide an overview of the feedback collected for the project.


The Winnipeg Urban Forest Strategy will be presented to the Standing Policy Committee on Community Services on November 20, 2023.


If you would like to appear as a delegation, please contact the City Clerk's Department by noon on November 17, 2023.


For more information, visit

Teranet Manitoba: 2023 Client Experience Survey

We invite you to share your insights through the Teranet Manitoba annual Client Experience Survey. Take a few minutes to complete the survey, and you could be one of three winners of a $150 Mastercard® gift card!


The survey deadline is Wednesday, November 29, 2023.


If you have any questions, please contact the Teranet Client Service Team by email at or by phone at 1-844-737-5684 (toll-free).

Complete the survey HERE.

View the 2023 Survey Contest Rules HERE

A message from the City of Winnipeg: Construction 2023 Wrap-up

This is a reminder that the City expects that, as construction winds down for 2023, all construction sites that may have anything from minor to extensive carry-over work remaining, must be left in a safe and traversable condition for the winter. This includes all pedestrian any cycling spaces. If circumstances make this not possible, discuss a suitable plan with the CA and the City. In addition, site condition must be monitored over the winter and maintained until construction start-up in 2024. The degree of monitoring and maintenance can be discussed with your Contract Administrator.


If, with the total work an individual contractor may have remaining, there are both regional and local streets to complete, in general, the City would prioritize completion of the regional streets. If this is the case for you, please discuss with your CA(s) and the City; we do not want to over-complicate project completions.


Based on the forecast, we expect all asphalt mixes to be Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) to allow for the mixing, handling, and compaction of the asphalt. The warm mix asphalt can generally be used when the atmospheric temperature is -2°C and rising. If, during the progress of the work, the asphalt is found to be unsatisfactory to meet the CW 3410-R12, the Contractor may revise the mix design, use additional additives, or increase the cooking temperature at the plant to accommodate for the cold weather. The proposed changes shall be submitted to (the CA and Ghazy) for approval


If you have any questions, please discuss with your CA prior to escalating.

A message from Manitoba Hydro: Integrated Resource Planning Survey

Manitoba Hydro’s first-ever Integrated Resource Plan is now available at This plan is a tool to help us understand and prepare for our province’s future energy needs.

What we’ve learned so far

After more than two years of work, including conversations with nearly 15,000 customers like you, here’s some of what we’ve learned:

  • The energy transition is already underway in Manitoba — and natural gas is going to play a key role in getting to a low-carbon future.
  • Managing the energy transition in Manitoba is critical to providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective energy for our customers, now and into the future.
  • Electricity demand in our province could double in the next 20 years. New sources of generation could be needed in the next 10 years.
  • We will need to make investments to meet future electricity demand.

These are just some of the report’s findings. Find out more about what we learned and what we’re planning to do to deliver Energy for Life at

Our work has just begun

Tell us what you think about the energy future — take a short survey on the Integrated Resource Plan and the report’s findings..

Take the short survey HERE.

Updates to Infill Housing Construction - Information Bulletin

“Infill housing construction” refers to construction on residential sites located in established neighbourhoods, either on existing vacant lots or with the demolition of an existing structure to accommodate the construction of a new structure. This includes single detached houses, semi-detached houses, duplexes as well as multi-unit residential complexes. Due to the proximity of infill construction sites to existing properties and structures, neighbouring properties may be impacted.

The Infill Housing Construction Information Bulletin was updated earlier this month and posted to the Information Bulletins webpage as bulletin number 2023-006-B/Z.

View the Information Bulletin HERE

Update to New Manitoba Building Codes - Information Bulletin

The Province will adopt the new Manitoba Building Code, Manitoba Plumbing Code, Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings and Manitoba Fire Code effective January 1, 2024.

View the information bulletin HERE

A Message from City of Winnipeg Zoning

We are pleased to advise that on September 25, 2023, the Zoning & Permits office located at Unit 31 – 30 Fort Street will be expanding in-person services, offering appointments to meet with Zoning Development Officers. 


Anyone wanting to meet with a Zoning Development Officer will need to book an appointment in advance. Walk-in appointments will not be available.


Ways to book an appointment:


General inquiries


Permits Online

MB Hydro - Residential Development

Manitoba Hydro has updated its website to allow developers to apply online for pre-serving of both residential and commercial developments. You can find more details from Manitoba Hydro via the links below:

Residential Developments

Commercial Developments

Manitoba introduces bill to make Orange Shirt Day a stat holiday

The Manitoba government introduced a bill in the legislature Monday to make Sept. 30 — the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation — a statutory holiday.

City of Winnipeg's projected deficit increases to $3.1M in latest financial outlook

The City of Winnipeg's projected deficit has more than doubled in its latest financial outlook but it's still dramatically better than where it was early in the year

The 20 most livable cities in Canada for newcomers

The Globe and Mail ranks the most desirable cities for newcomers arriving in Canada over the past five years based on easy integration into the community, access to basic amenities and affordable housing

Winnipeg named one of Canada’s most livable cities

Winnipeg took third place in the national newspaper’s 2023 list of Canada’s most livable cities, which was released Saturday.

Arlington Bridge: A long history of promise and disappointment

The Arlington Bridge is Winnipeg's longest span but its story is far longer — underscored by colourful lore, unfulfilled promise and the weight of paint.

Winnipeg agrees to Ottawa’s rules in attempt to snag housing cash

Winnipeg city council has approved major and controversial zoning changes in hopes of claiming nearly $200 million in federal housing cash.

Bridge closure bumps potential Winnipeg rail relocation back into spotlight

Former federal Liberal cabinet minister Lloyd Axworthy believes the closure of the Arlington Bridge has given Winnipeg a real opportunity to move its rail yards out of the city.

City eyes expanded rental density, affordable unit pilot

Eligible developers could soon be allowed to build more units in rental housing projects — if they’re willing to include a minimum number of affordable ones.

Plan for City of Winnipeg to buy part of forest in St. Norbert gets committee support

The Riel Committee unanimously passed a motion from St. Norbert-Seine River Coun. Markus Chambers to negotiate a purchase price with the owner of the Lemay Forest property.

Exchange District 'investment strategy' calls for 15,000 more residents over 20 years

Some businesses in downtown neighbourhood say they'd like to see similar focus on public safety

City takes big step toward redeveloping zoning rules

Major changes to City of Winnipeg zoning rules are moving forward following heated debate.

Contentious Contentious zoning debate hits city hall - Video

EPC voted in favour of the motion for the zoning changes

Winnipeg mayor's inner circle approves zoning changes for housing funding

Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham's inner circle has voted in favour of a package of sweeping changes to land-use rules that could make it easier for developers to build more housing in Winnipeg

Ottawa, province contribute $476M for two major Hydro clean-electricity projects

Manitoba Hydro will be drawing on a surge of cash from the provincial and federal governments to fund two major upgrades and expansions of its electricity grid.

Mayor calls for zoning changes to fast track housing construction

Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham is calling for changes to the city's zoning process in order to fast track housing construction.