DA:   June 26, 2019

TO:   Finney Crossing Home Owners

FR:    Lake Point Property Management

Re:    UPDATE: June HOA Board Meeting

A letter from G Miller, Board President:


The June 27 Finney Crossing Residential Master Association meeting was originally advertised as an executive session. The Board felt that we were not making the progress we had hoped to make by this time and by being able to concentrate on certain subjects (see agenda originally posted) we could make more progress and, in the end, be more responsive to the homeowners. No votes are ever taken in executive/work sessions. We will always have an agenda item in open meetings after any discussion in an executive session so that homeowners can provide input before a vote is taken. Any policy decisions would clearly need input from homeowners prior to voting on them.

Since we published the notification, we got input from our attorney who said that State Statutes and HOA By-Laws are very specific about what subjects can be used as a reason to go into executive session. He also provided guidance on how that would be done.

Therefore, we have opened the meeting to all homeowners. You are all welcome to attend. Please note that to get work done, we will reserve time at the end of the meeting for homeowner input. This will allow homeowners to hear Board members’ comments and provide input based on what has been said about the various subjects we will discuss.

Thanks for your patience as we work through learning the process.

G Miller
FCRMA Board President

Lake Point Property Management
Office: 802-347-6100