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Unashamedly Ethical News                                        November  2015
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Be encouraged by these Scriptures:
Zechariah  4 v 10:
"For who has despised the day of small things?"
Philippians  4 v 13:
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".
Always try.
Always be willing to play your part, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.
God can do "a lot" with my "little bit".... 
UE makes an impact
by Marcel Versfeld
RSA National Coordinator
UE actions and projects are making inroads on a very practical level. The campaign continues to touch lives as it spearheads the call for ethics, values and clean living. Journey with us and have a look at some of the highlights.
Recognition Awards
UE recently recognized people and organizations that are impacting their communities at Award events in Gauteng, Free State and the North West. These are the stories of the ordinary people who are making an extra ordinary difference.


Free State - 1 September '15
About 300 people attended the third annual UE Recognition Award for the Free State. Hennie Muller and his team did a splendid job in profiling the lives of wonderful men and women who are impacting their communities to make SA a better place.

North West - 10 September '15
A diverse group of individuals were recognized for their outstanding commitment to ethics, values and clean living in the North West. Deon de Klerk and Stephan Pretorius organized a spectacular event. The six award recipients were: Phyllis Kaunda, Christo Bisschof, Captain Thabo Keshwa, Saki Tlotleng, Gill Maleka and Peter Afrika.

Gauteng - 30 September '15

In Gauteng, 27 people were nominated in six categories. Some of the inspiring stories involved Yale Lifting Solutions that blew the whistle when the company was asked to pay a bribe for a contract; three primary school girls who started a community project that positively influenced their classmates and changed the culture of their school; two medical doctors who are making huge personal sacrifices to provide care in rural communities; an employee of Skitterblink who started her own business; and Flora who started a hospice in Tembisa using her own scarce resources .

Thanks to ATK Signs for their sponsorship and to a great team of people who made the evening one to remember.

March against Corruption - 30 September '15
Three marches took place - one in Cape Town, one in Durban and the other in Pretoria. UE joined the march in Cape Town where a memorandum was handed to government to end corruption. It is truly exciting to witness how South Africans seem to be finding each other on mutual values, even past traditional boundaries and divisions. Read the Archbishop Thabo Makgoba's speach that he gave at the march here.

UE visit to KZN
October 2015

This group of young leaders are involved in community work in Dannhauser

Fritz, Christine and Herkie met with us in Newcastle

In order to reach more people, UE is busy with a process of decentralising the campaign. This takes place in 3 steps:

1 - Presentation - We meet new people and share the UE vision.

2 - Training - New teams are trained to understand the UE vision and campaign.

3 - Activation - We demonstrate and show the teams how to impact their communities and then support them to continue with the work.
The run down township of Glencoe needs young men like these
Zukani (right) with a community leader in Kwamashu, Durban

This young man (middle) is working in the townships of Pietermaritzburg

URGENT!!Please keep on praying for Graham and Lauren Power.
Lauren has been in ICU since the beginning of September.

Update from Africa
Patrick Kuwana
UE Africa Coordinator

ABLI Conference in Malawi:

Patrick Kuwana attended the African Biblical  Leadership  Initiative (ABLI) conference in Lilongwe in Malawi.

The conference was officially opened by the President of  Malawi, His  Excellency  Paul Mutharika, and was attended by delegates from government, business, NGO's and church leaders from 21 different countries.

The primary theme for the conference was 'Transforming the Culture of leadership in Africa' with the issue of corruption taking center stage. Patrick conducted a workshop on 'Tackling Ethnic Conflict and Xenophobia' and also participated in a c onflict resolution plenary session with leaders from South Sudan, including government and opposition leaders, who agreed that "the peacekeeping methods of the 'world' are not working and it's time for the church to bring Biblical Kingdom-based solutions to end the conflicts and promote peace on the African continent.

Launch of UE in Nigeria:

UE was officially launched in Nigeria at the Kingdom Summit 2015 that was held in Lagos from the 23rd to 25th October. Due to visa problems, UE Africa Coordinator, Patrick Kuwana, was unable to attend the event. Instead, UE Ambassador, Brett Johnson, served as the official campaign representative. Plans are underway to work with local leaders to grow the campaign in Africa's most populous nation.

UE Featured

B+H Plumbing Supplies is a Christian-based company that was incorporated in 1985. It services large contracts with the building trade and also supplies small businesses and home owners with plumbing materials. 

"We endeavor to be honest and ethical in all our dealings with customers, suppliers and staff.

Our motto is to treat all the people we deal with as we would like to be treated. To date we have been blessed. Where we fail, please correct us.

We are based in the Western Cape, South Africa."  - Bruce Maxwell (Owner)


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