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Unashamedly Ethical News                                   February /   March 2016
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Be encouraged by this Scripture:
Surely, His salvation is near, to those who fear Him, that glory may dwell in our land.
(Psalm 85 verse 9 - NKJV)
Exciting Online Training Opportunity for
UE Signatories!
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EvGraham Feb '13ery day we see reports of politicians, business and ordinary people being caught up in a cycle of greed and corruption.
I am of the view that corruption is the "largest weapon of mass destruction" facing the world today!
If we look back over the past few years, we are excited to see how UE has continued to spread rapidly and today we have thousands of members in over 110 Nations.                                  
About a year ago, we conducted a survey, and many of you gave us positive feedback, and requested that we should provide or give access to training materials in support of the commitment we have made. Today I am pleased to be able to let you have some exciting news on a virtual interactive online platform which I, and most of our UE Leadership Team, have tested over the past year. 
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To sign-up go to and use coupon code UE70 to get 70% discount (individual signatories) and UE50 to get 50% discount (business signatories).
UE Encouragement 
for 2016
by Patrick Kuwana
UE Coordinator - African Continent
2016 has probably been the most challenging start of a year that South Africa has experienced in a very long time, the Rand has lost 30% of its value, we have been hit by one of the worst ever droughts, the economy is projected to grow at a measly 0.8%, protests have continued at the institutions of higher learning, confidence in the leadership of the country is at an all-time low and sadly racial relationships are at the lowest point.

The signs are not looking good BUT we find encouragement in Isaiah 60:2 -'For behold, darkness shall cover the earth and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you, and His glory will be seen upon you.'  (Click here to read more)
Exciting New Event for 2016
Our First Ever UE "Cape Ethic"
MTB Family Fun Day on April 23!

We have an exciting event planned in the Somerset West area with the first UE Cape Ethic MTB Family Fun Day.
Provision will be made for different categories according to skill level and age groups.
Communication and information will be available on the UE website.



Latest Campaign News:

We are privileged to report that our campaign is still growing and gaining traction globally! At present Unashamedly Ethical has tens of thousands of individual and in excess of 5000 organisational signatories in 112 countries.
Imagine what growth and change could be realised if everyone could challenge just one more person to take a commitment to values, ethics and clean living by joining the Unashamedly Ethical campaign!
On the "backoffice support" side, the process of appointing a Director for Unashamedly Ethical is well under way. The number of high quality applications received exceeded our expectations, and we are confident that the successful applicant will add great value to Unashamedly Ethical.
The position of an Administrator for Unashamedly Ethical, who will replace Jaap le Roux with his imminent retirement, has been advertised. If this is a position that you, or someone you know may be interested in, please keep an eye open for information regarding this appointment.



From the Toolbox:           

One of the UE-tools readily available to our signatories
is the Unashamedly Ethical logo. It is heartening to see
how more and more signatories are publicly
taking a stand by displaying the logo.
We would like to encourage you to download the logo
f rom the UE Website  under the "Dashboard" section once you have logged in using your login details.
The logo can be displayed on your website, vehicles,
e-mail signatures, letterheads, business cards etc.,
and we would encourage you to do so.   
International Update:                                        

Recently Transparency International released their latest Corruption Perceptions Index, which can be seen here.
It is a given that systemic poverty will never be eradicated unless systemic corruption is efficiently dealt with.
If we all take note of where our respective countries are placed on this index, it will give us a good indication of the task that we all have to address and remedy this situation.
It is up to each of us, no matter how insignificant we may think our contribution is, to take a stand and make a difference, and to encourage others in our sphere of influence to follow suit.
News Snippets:
  • In order to get UE to every outskirt of South Africa, we have started with a process of decentralizing the campaign. In 2015, Marcel Versfeld and Zukani Metshane visited 25 towns in Southern Africa. Five teams were trained - 3 in the Eastern Cape, 1 in the Southern Cape and 1 in Gaborone, Botswana.
  • This process continued with a road trip to Mpumalanga between 15 and 19 February. We visited Emalalheni, Middelburg, Lydenburg, Whiteriver and Nelspruit.
  • The following week (22-26 February), a visit is scheduled for Kwazulu-Natal where UE community workshops are being done in Dannhauser, Osisweni, Pietermaritzburg and Durban.
  • G auteng UE leaders met on Tuesday 9 Feb.'16 with the purpose of forming a team that will impact different industries in the province .
Featured Signatory -  Tecno Chem:                                                           
Tecno-Chem, a company that manufactures quality cleaning
products, is situated in Pretoria West. Tecno-Chem tells a
story of grace and brings a message of hope. It was started
with a mere R200 at the time. 22 years later, it has survived
the tides of the time, and even blossomed in seasons of
economical drought.

When the factory burnt down in 2012, the owners,
Vossie Vorster and his wife, Gerda, had to make the tough
decision, to close down, or to start over. By the grace of God,
what might have been intended for harm turned out to be
God's way of elevating the business to a new level. Now the
Tecno-Chem group of companies, provides jobs for close to
80 employees, and are stronger than ever before.

It provides wholesale cleaning materials to many businesses,
but it also currently provides cleaning products to 5 Cleaning
Warehouse outlets in and around Pretoria, 3 of which were
established after the fire.
The Cleaning Warehouse outlets bring these quality cleaning products into the homes and businesses of many happy customers. Quality doesn't have to come at a price, and customers are amazed at how much they can save on their, otherwise ever increasing, cleaning expenses. The products are being promoted by the happy customers, who come month after month, to buy quality, concentrated cleaning products.
A story of grace, reminding us to start where we are, use whatever resources we have available and do what we can...and to trust God to do the impossible, even use the changing tides to our advantage.

Tecno-Chem - 161 Industrial Road, Pretoria West - 012 386 7054

Cleaning Warehouse: 260 Burger Street Pretoria North - 012 565 5180

Gauteng Branches: Pretoria North, Pretoria West, Hermanstad and East Lynn

North West: Brits





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