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2017  Directors & Officers  Nominations Open


Eclipse Users Group/UFO Nominating Committee Slate/Report
The following have been nominated as Directors for a two year term beginning on January 1, 2017 by the Nominating Committee. 

The Nominating Committee consists of Kris Hopkins (Committee Chair), Debbie Hudec and Tammy Jones (Committee Members).  

This year we had a record number of people with interest in serving on the Board of Directors and every one of them would have been a great choice, making this a very tough decision.  

The Nominating Committee narrowed it down to eight candidates based on the needs of the Board with regards to region, company type, and committee needs. The Slate of Candidates includes 7 new people and one returning director, for a total of 8 to select from.

The delegate from each member company will be asked to vote for 6 of the 8 candidates.  Since this email goes out to all contacts please review the options and let your delegate know your opinion of those running. 

Make sure to review the Officer nominations as well.
We have put together this document to help you review each nominee easily as well as let you know of some of the needs of the board that they may fill. 

Click Here to view or print a pdf containing many important details on each of these New Candidates/nominees.
Current Director who is running for a Second term beginning on January 1, 2017. Elected Directors may run for 3 two year terms.
Elizabeth (Sis) Richardt, Capp, USA, Clifton Heights, PA 
(Currently Co-Chair of Training Committee; Enhancement Lead for Advanced Technologies) This would be her second term.  

Click Here  to read her short bio.

The following have been nominated as new Directors for a two year term beginning on January 1, 2017

Gerry Mauthe, B.A. Robinson, Winnipeg, MB  Canada
Brad Bolton, Cregger Company, Columbia, SC
Vasiliy Zelenko, Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc., Greenville, SC
Jerry Noble, Marks Supply, Kitchener, ON, Canada
Bill Meldrum, Etna Supply, Grand Rapids, MI
Justin Gibbs, Crescent Electric, 
Kristina Harding, Parrish-Hare Electric Supply, Dallas, TX

Click Here  to view or print a pdf containing many important details on each of these New Candidates/nominees.
The Nominees for Officers for 2017

T he Nominating Committee has presented the following as Officers for the 2017 Fiscal year.

Kevin Stevenson, Springfield Electric,Springfield, IL (Current Vice President and Enhancement Committee Chair)
Vice President
D aron Brown, F.D. Lawrence, Cincinnati, OH. (Currently a Director and Co-Chair of the Vendor Committee; member of the Training Committee)

Debbie Hudec, Electronic Custom Distributors, Houston, TX (Current Treasurer) There is no term limit on the Treasurer's position.   

Click here to read a short bio on each of the nominees for Officers.

Open Nominations


If you would like to nominate someone for a position of Director, you must submit their name in writing, on letterhead, signed by at least three Eclipse Users Group/UFO members in good standing to the Executive Director, Mary E Barlow



Please give the nominee's full name, position, company name and address, and telephone. 


Nominees must be members in good standing of the Eclipse Users Group/UFO. They must also understand the duties and responsibilities of a Director. Please review this document UFO Director Expectations and read the Eclipse Users Group/UFO By-laws.


All nominations must be received by the Executive Director,  Mary E Barlow, before November 30, 2016. Don't forget the signatures of at least three members in good standing.