Wendelle Stevens Archives
Creator of one of the largest private UFO photo archives known

UFO Photo Archive – Wendelle C. Stevens. 1945-2010
24 boxes containing material related to the life and career of ufologist Wendelle C. Stevens and the operation of his UFO Photo Archive, including more than 5000 photographs of UFO sightings and related phenomena, 300-plus items of correspondence, containing letters, photographs, drawings and/or manuscripts, 350-plus periodicals, including rare and international publications, approximately 3 ln ft of material related to Stevens’s own encounter experiences, including séance transcripts and other new age material, Colonel Stevens’ Air Force Flight Record, Health Record and more. An item-level inventory with photographed highlights follows this description.
Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens, born 1923 in Round Prairie, Minnesota, was a leading ufologist for more than 50 years and the creator of one of the largest private UFO photo archives known. Stevens’ interest in the UFO phenomenon was kindled by his experience as an Air Force pilot in the Arctic after the end of World War II, where he encountered mysterious radio transmissions while working as part of a classified project to photograph and map the area using new technology. Stevens began his own investigations after retiring from the Air Force and in 1979 published the 4-volume UFO… Contact from the Pleiades , which detailed the extraterrestrial experiences of Edouard “Billy” Meier in Germany and established Stevens’ reputation in the world of Ufology. Over the following three decades, Stevens amassed his collection of UFO photographs from around the world, researching and writing articles about the encounter stories they illustrated and appearing as an expert at UFO conferences internationally. From his home in Tucson, he was the Director of Investigations for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and a founder of the International UFO Congress. In total, Stevens authored or co-authored more than 22 UFO-related monographs. Colonel Stevens received a lifetime achievement award at the First World UFO Forum in Brasilia, 1997. He passed away in Tucson, Arizona, in 2010.
This collection of material was acquired directly from a storage locker owned by Stevens. An associate of Stevens, John Hughes, kept up on the the rental fee for the locker after Stevens passed away. In February of 2018, Hughes also died, and the locker was acquired by a single bidder who then transferred ownership of the material to Back of Beyond Books, in Moab, Utah, where it currently resides.
UFO Photo Archive – Wendelle C. Stevens – Inventory
General notes:

The scenes shown by the majority of the photographs in this collection are described in short notes written on the back of the photographs or on envelopes containing them. Almost all of the photographs are of UFO sightings or the scenes surrounding them. When the photographs are accompanied by negatives, it is noted. Many of the photographs themselves appear to be photographs taken of other photographs, likely a way Stevens was able to easily replicate and publish material held by others.
The two most active timeframes of correspondence in the material are the late 70s and the early 90s. Contents of correspondence are listed and possibly interesting subject matter is described.
Two categories of manuscripts appear in the collection: works by Stevens and works by others sent to Stevens through correspondence. Most of the works by Stevens are photocopies. Photo collections published by Stevens are laid out in several photo albums. When works or manuscripts appear they are noted with as much available information as possible.
Box 1
UFO (Portugese)
               No. 7 - 2 copies
               No. 8 - 5 copies
               No. 9 - 16 copies
               No. 10 - 2 copies

Other periodicals - 60
Saucers Space & Science 1967 No. 46 (Ottowa pub)
Flying Saucers (Mysteries of the Space Age) October 1967
Official UFO
Flying Saucer Review (vol 13 no 4)
UFO 1977 No. 25 (in Japanese)
Flying Saucer Review Vol 15 No 3
Australian Flying Saucer Review
UFO and Fortean Phenomena (Italian, 2/3)
“Japan Flying Saucer Investigation” No. 80 in Japanese
Magazyn Ufologiczny UFO Rok 2 Nr 2(6)
UFO Contact IGAP journal newsletter autumn 1980
Earthprobe by Hayden C. Hewes,
Centro de Estudios Interplanetarios Bulletin No. 7, 1960
Bufora Journal vol. 2 No. 1 Summer 1967
UFO-nyt Udgivet af S.U.F.O.I. 17, arg. 3 Maj-Juni 1975
Flying Saucers the Magazine of Space Conquest February 1961
Boletin de Fenomenos Aereos Ano 1 No 1 1967
Journal of UFO Research Bi-Monthly 1981 (all Japanese)
Flying Saucer Review vol. 26 no. 2 (1981)
Stendek Servicio Informativo C.E.I. Ano 5 No 18 – December 1974
Ouranos aux frontiers de la connaissance OVNI
Phenomenes inexpliques paranormal no. 29
Jufora The Orthodox Investigator of UFO Phenomena of Japan No. 20
UFO Mysteries
Flying Saucer Review supplement 18 Feb 1974
Australian Flying Saucer Review
Flying Saucer News CBA International vol. 9 no. 7 1966
Disco Voador Pesquisa e Divulgacao 5
Flying Saucer News from Cosmic Brotherhood Association vol. 4 no 12
UFO UFOs & Space No. 78 1982
Inforespace Ufology Phenomenes Spatiaux
Phenomenes Spatiaux no 11 March 1967
Phenomenes Spatiaux no 37 Sept 1973
UFO Press Julio 1977 vol 1 no 4
UFO Chile July 1968 No 5
Earthlink Spring 1980
Spacecraft News Fall 1966
UFO Vol 12 No 9 1974
The Truth About Flying Saucers: Interplanetary Intelligence Report November 1965 Vol. 1 No. 4
The Probe Report Vol 2 No 4 March 1982
UFO Uncensored October 1981
UFO Sightings September 1981
Australian Flying Saucer Review
Unidentified Flying Objects December 1981
Interplanetary News Service #11
Stigamata No. 19 1982
Vues Nouvelles No 4 1975
Japanese periodical 1966 “Camonica Valley Ancient Italy” written on front) Brothers – Cosmic Brotherhood Association Vol. 2 No 1-4 1964
Brothers Vol. 1 No. 1 1962 Spring
Japanese periodical
The Flying Saucer News vol 10 no 4 CBA International (Japanese)
The Flying Saucer News CBA International 1967 Vol. 10 No. 3
Brothers (CBA) 1964 Vol. 3 no. 1
CBA Times News from Haiopira
Flying Saucer News Vol. 8 no. 1 1965
Brothers vol. 1 no. 2 1962
Clypeus Piemonte Insolito
CBA International vol 9 no 7
Box 2
               VHS Tape with label “Robyn Quail, Oct 15 1990 UFO” and phone number.
               From GEONI (Grupo De Estudo De Objetos Nao Identificados), Sao Paolo, 1992. Handwritten letter, typed outline, photographs of illustrations showing extraterrestrial life and figure “Commandante DEFE”:

               From Jim Kirk, May 1993. Two photographs and one slide showing very blurry unidentifiable scans.
               From George T. Kruse, photographer, a photo print of WS with ET figure at convention.
               10 sets of 2 photos each with accompanying note in 3.5x5 folder. Photo sets are of UFO sightings and include large shot and smaller detail shots. Typewritten notes indicate location and date.
               28 photos in yellow folder of various UFO sightings in 3-4 different locations around the world. Each photo with a note on the back:

               From Karen Escamilla, May 18, 1995. Includes 16 pictures with orbs, whisps, light beams etc, computer-printed letter asking for WS opinion, and copy of “The Observer” newsletter from the Oregon Mutual UFO Network, Inc., vol. 6 no. 1.

               123 loose photos of UFO sightings from around the world. Approximately three-quarters of the photos have location / date notes on back.
               Envelope from Thailand with “Luung Trading Co.” stamp on front – 5 prints of family photos, empty Costco developing envelope with “John Hughes” written on it
               Envelope (likely same Thailand source) – photos of individuals, likely from John Hughes source (not UFO related)
               15 more Thai source photos + 2 costco envelopes with more Thai photo prints
               27 unlabeled prints – source looks to be “Deseree Eden” in Careywood ID. Photos are of UFO sighting photographs with border of photos in print.
               1 small UFO photo – “Ochre Point, Maslin Beach, S. Australia, 10 March 1993 Eric Thomason”
               Spiral-bound MS from Lea A. Haley ( Lost was the Key ) with correspondence included. WS agreed to contribute an endorsement for Haley’s book jacket. Lost was the Key , an autobiographical abduction story, was published by Greenleaf Publications in 1993.
               Letter from ICUFON thanking WS for photo and giving photos for calendar project. Photos not in envelope. May 14 1990.
               About 15-16 UFO sighting / encounter stories, some written by WS, in an envelope addressed to Ron Spanbauer of De Pere, WI. A “Memo” about the “Grudge Report”, “The South Carolina UFO Flap of 1980”, encounter story of Robert Poor, and “4 Month UFO Abduction” appear to be original typewritten pieces by Stevens. Other stories are photocopies of typewritten accounts. Accounts take place or are written mostly in various locations in the U.S., some in Arizona, at least one experienced by WS.
               Letter from Scott Corder of Ottowa KS containing four original photos of claimed UFO sighting and encounter, a letter to WS specifically about them, another note about a revelation prophecy, and a newsletter, “The Four – A Christian Newsletter of the Tribulation” Vol. 1 No. 1 Mar/Apr 1990.

               Letter from unnamed address. WS written “Dog Lady clipping of Dog Child” on envelope. Photocopy of tabloid “dog child” story and longer handwritten letter about a star.
               Holiday card from Christa Lee Tilton with money request.
               Catalog – Arcturus Books Inc.
               Letter from Phil McAiney proposing trip and documentary on Argentinian UFO crash, from Winnipeg CA, 1991.
               Envelope from “Dave H. Smelser” addressed to Christine Cox. Envelope contains letter, UFO stamps, drawing from Smelser, dated 1990. Drawing is photocopied, of a sighting scene.
               Empty envelope from photo lab, February 1990.
               Handwritten letter From Rory Hubbard, out of envelope, addressed to Stevens, 1989. Thanking Stevens for autographed books and going into more detail about sightings and encounters. Includes drawings.

               Letter from Anthony Alagna, Sedona, Jan 1999. Contains photo, “Dimensional Fireflies,” and request for endorsement, as well as info for taking similar energy photos.
               Letter from Maureen Walsh, 1990, describing recent “light” photos.
               In photo envelope – 29 UFO photo prints with content notes on back, 12 without
               Larger envelope from Eric Lightsey, Houston UFO Network Vice President. Contains 5 larger prints of UFO phenomena / sightings, a newsletter (“HUFON Report” June 1992), a photocopied map, a floppy disc, and a typewritten encounter narrative.
               41 free photo prints of UFO sightings and renderings of UFO encounters – notes on back.
               42 free photo prints of UFO sighting phenomena and artist’s renderings of UFO encounters – no notes on back
               12 notecard contacts – early 1990s
               ID from Second World UFO Congress convention in Dusseldorf, 1992.
               Small handwritten note from WS documenting story of a photo (not attached) taken by woman in early 1968.
               Photocopied story by Antoni Ribera, from Karma 7 no 197 April 1989
               3 news clippings
               5 postcards
               Cut-outs of artist’s renderings of other planets and UFOs (10)
               5 th Annual International UFO Congress Convention flyer (1995) with handwritten notes from WS
               26 photocopied articles about UFO sightings in South America around 1977
               Letter from the Pleiades Project, Atwood, CA, containing 4 UFO photos from unidentified man in Florida, and letter from Randy dated 1994.
               Package from Gene Applegarth, Las Vegas, 1999, containing photocopied Interview of Larmar Acton from Kingman, AZ, with drawing of alien-like figure and location map

               Package containing letter and phocopied drawings of UFOs and Semjase from Robert Smale, southern California.
               Letter from John Sime with copy of newspaper containing WS-collected UFO photos in Wisconsin requested by Sime.
               Package with Butts/Corder story from “UFO Expert” Bill Caulfield. Story called “Earth the Final Chapter”, self-published.
               Package from International UFO Library Magazine with two issues (vol. 1, no. 3 and Anniversary issue), and VHS tape jacket.
               Letter from Douglas and Associates, DC, containing “Invisible Flying Saucers: Case Reports Suggest the Reality” by Elaine Douglas”, 1992.
               Folder containing newsletter and brochure advertising UFO art by James Nichols
               Unmarked Priority Mail envelope containing copy of 1997 calendar and handwritten letter from “Gail” with drawings.

               17 free photos of UFOs and other artists’ renderings of same with notes on back
               20 free photos – no notes on back. Some pictures of plants. Some of artist UFO renderings, some of UFOs.
               Letter from Dorothy Braatelien, Safford AZ, October 1991, with 6 pages of photos printed from computer showing UFOs.
               Letter from Dean Erasmus (South Africa?), 2001, with photocopied picture from book containing strange object in sky. Photo of Erasmus.
               Letter from Les Cherni, Vancouver, 1990, attached to a newsprint calendar
               Letter from Antonio Ribera, Spain, 1989, with attached photocopied article
               In envelope with Arthur Weiner return address (MN): handwritten letter with religious tone, drawings, 1990.
               Letter from Guido Noosbrugger, Germany, with photo (of self and wife) and photocopy of UFO event flyer.
               Letter from Rafael Juarez in Spanish, 1995
               Handwritten letter from David Glasspool, London UK (11 pages), 2000
               Printed letter in envelope labeled “Case Report” from Tom Sutter, dated 1998, along with short manuscript detailing UFO mechanics
               Package from “Rocket Man” containing info on 1997 convention in Roswell, news clippings
               Envelope with no return address containing photocopied pages from book on Holloman AFB encounter
               Envelope with letter from Ed Komarak Jr., Thomasville, GA, 1991. Contains short piece “Alliances and Confederations” by Komarak.
               Envelope from Ed Komarak Jr. with “Russian Translations” written on front. Contains several photocopied letters, articles, handwritten lists. List of Soviet UFO groups. Contains another envelope labeled “Report for Journal” with Hungarian UFO encounter.
               Photo envelope containing prints and negatives. 36 negative exposures. 6 prints, several copies of each. 2 UFOs, 2 UFO artist paintings, 2 other shots. Notes on back of prints.
               Photo envelope containing 15 UFO prints, no notes on back, 2 smaller UFO prints with location and time notes on back.
               Blank white envelope containing 5 smaller UFO prints, well-noted on back.
               Blank white envelope containing 6 UFO prints, numbers noted on back.
               Purple photo envelope containing two UFO prints, prints from slides, no note on back.
               Red photo album containing 11 prints. 1 UFO print and the rest of blurry light phenomena. Also a small pressed rose petal “blessed by Jesus and Mary”
               Price Club photo center envelope with 52 prints (several reproduced) of a WS trip, possibly to South America.
               Loose negative strips, 7 exposures, showing what look to be UFO sightings.
               Kmart photo envelope from 1983 containing 23 negative exposures – look to be UFO sightings.
               Kmart photo envelope from 1983 (2) containing 23 negative exposures – look to be UFO sightings.
               Price club photo envelope containing 53 UFO prints with notes on back and 2 unnoted prints with no notes and no recognizable UFOs. UFO prints are mainly of Meier sighting.
               Price center photo envelope with 12 prints of WS – older, plus 4 from Air Force days in black-and-white. Also 4-5 photos of UFO (prototype?). 14 negative exposures.
               Wal-mart photo envelope with 1 print of glowing orb over field. Receipt dated 1997.
               Manila envelope with “Luung Trading Co.” stamp containing 5 color prints of unicorns.
               Price photo center envelope containing 8 negative exposures of UFOs.
               Letter from Lewis Spears, KY, 1993. Contains request for photo, thanks for advice using camera 7 UFO photos (some from Unsolved Mysteries?).
               1 4”x4.75” negative exposure containing 9 UFO images.
               36 negative exposures (outside of envelope) showing UFO images.
               Price Club photo envelope containing 36 negative exposures.
               8 negative exposures, UFO images, outside of envelope.
               Folded copy of “Intercontinental U.F.O. Galactic Spacecraft Research and Analytic Network” newsletter, with slide in paper enclosure. Slide noted “Edmonton, Alberta April 3 1989 Photo by Rory Hubbard”.
               Envelope with note paper with some contact info written on it, homemade flyer that reads “Mt. Shasta The Holy Mountain Space Port of UFO’s Pictures taken between 1963 and 1966 by Paul McClelland” and 13 photos of Mt. Shasta with lenticular clouds. Piece of paper with sighting notes about McLelland.
               Envelope from Chris Lock A.S.A.I. containing stapled photocopy warnings about an American police state and three other envelopes addressed from others to WS containing anti-government anti-globalist stuff.
               Envelope from Ed Komarak containing copy of House Intelligence report
               Envelope addressed to WS from “Sky People Association” in Japan containing WS letter requesting photos and other material, plus copy of “The Sky People” periodical vol 0 no 0.
               3 empty envelopes addressed
               Letter from Moeller to Danny Gordon advertising horse property in Tucson
               6 empty addressed envelopes
               Small envelopes with two photo prints of WS and WS with woman (“Grieda” written on envelope)
Box 3
UFO… Messages from the Pleiades outline - photocopied MS in blue covers
UFO… Messages from the Pleiades photocopied pages of MS, somewhat out of order
Solar Space Letter
UFO Congress 2016 program
1963 – paperclipped séance notes
News clipping: astronomer finds planet outside solar system
Chimes Dec 1968
Chimes April 1971
Ms - Pilgrims and Strangers on the Earth from Jim Carten (eventually published in 1993)
Ms. Maertens - Runa Antilis: Magical Base of the Andes
Weekly World News - 2 copies
Miss Madeline Goldstein to WS - replacement pages of ms
More pages from Madeline Goldstein in shoe box
Box 4
2 CDrs - Nazi flying discs of German v-7, Gateway to Tomorrow after the Cataclysm
Photo of alien figure in fighter jet
UFO sighting report form from WS, February 1977, with typed narrative and drawings.
26 optical rw discs - cdr and dvr
8 dvds – Remote Viewing Aliens and UFOS (Jim Marrs), Lazar and coverup uncovered (2 copies), “UFO’s and Channeling” (2 copies), Dreamland – Features Unauthorized Footage of Area 51, Open Minds a Tribute to Wendelle Stevens, As the Time Fulfills (Edouard Meier documentary)
1 zip disk
Tucson Weekly News - ETs, several copies
Slide list from R. Smotek – hundreds of entries in package (no slides)
Pink envelope - Australian UFO Symposium, convention materials
Dr Paul Cohen - Pleiadian Correlations w/ bible
Pat Weisslezder - correspondence, story, October 1990
Russian accounts / articles received august 18, 1990
Phoenix Journal Express 1990
International UFO News Bulletin 1990
Ed Komarek correspondence - russian ufo encounters by Bulantzev
Intruders Foundation bulletin 1990
Beyond magazine
Book shipping note to Korea
Photo - alien figure in fighter jet
EBE Enterprises - Memorabilia Winter 95-96
UFO Congress Las Vegas 1995 program
1997 Gulf Breeze UFO Congress
Erotic calendar 1970
UFO numero 11 magazine - 2 copies
Envelope - Goddess Irena
Large print UFO photos in plastic enclosure
Package - Connor Transparencies from Jim Davis, Boone CO
Package - printed material from Gustavo Nelin, Centro de Estudios de Los Fenomenos Paranormales
Package - National UFO Center Belgium
Letter - Graven Images (advertisement)
Letter - UFO sightings in Italy with 3 photos
Photo envelope - 27 UFO photos with notes
Tom Dongo manuscript in envelope
The Phenomenal World of Michael Telstarr given as birthday gift to WS
Binder (“recipe collection) with approx. 20 transparencies with photos / negs and notes
Close Encounters of the Fifth and Sixth Kinds by Jiles Hamilton - in shoebox
Box 5
Brazilian Magazines for Museum
Colecao Biblioteca UFO 3 - 17 copies
UFO Documento 1 - 9 copies
UFO Especial 1 - 9 copies
UFO Especial 3 - 9 copies
Revistas UFO 7, UFO 8
Revistas UFO 9 - UFO 14
Box 6
Package from Thailand - UFO photos on miniature optical disc – about 15 discs total
Package from Japan - UFO information periodical (vol. 1 1) and original photograph of landing markings in grass.
Package from Sami Laitala Finnland – 10 black and white photographs of UFOs taken from grainy source (television or video) and 4 photos of WS at work / conferences or with Laitala.
Loose copy of map (germany) and transparency “A Cosmic Dialogue” (possible title of map source)
Accounts of encounters from early 1977 in and around Tucson – approximately 6 stories paperclipped together accompanied by photocopied maps and drawings
Photocopied correspondence and photos from Wilson Sosa Jr. and hand-written encounter narrative. May 1992
Letter- James Dilettoso regarding installation of computer analysis system with examples of analysis (July 1992)
Letter from Fred Sylvanas re photos with two attached UFO photos (dated April 1986 on rear)
Folder labeled “Butts/Corder UFO Investigation Information Kit” with attached photo of woman (Donna Butts?). Folder contains articles “UFOs the Controversy” by Antonio Huneeus, “UFO Chronicle” Articles by Antonio Huneeus, and outline by CFT Promotions titled “The Donna Butts and Scott Corder UFO Investigation Information Kit”
Letters: UFO Society / Shawn atlanti
               M. Foate with 5 photos, two of which contain visible UFOs
Price club photo center envelope - six UFO photos with location notes on rear
Correspondence: Marie Ueda regarding UFO photo from 1945, Nagasaki
Photo packet: 22 UFO photos with location notes on rear
Small board with 6 slides attached
2 clippings
Correspondence: Lucius Farish
Letter to Hachiro Kubota Japan - notes from WS about photo use in calendars etc.
Correspondence: Giorgio Piacenza
International UFO Reporter May/June 1990
Santos Brazil UFO notes
Letter from Dept of Defense regarding encounter
Letter from WS to publisher regarding photo rights
Correspondence: Martin Buschmann
“Color photos for future color book” - chronology of photos with notes
Correspondence: Ruben Castro with photo or two
Correspondence: Ariola Colorado, slides and drawing attached
Witness report translated from German
               Shannon Belly, futuro house
               Moss Lauding - photocopy of photo
Par Avion - Alien Writing Comparison
Encounter (stapled) - Helene P. Charbonneau
Fax from Hieronimus & Co.
Envelope with outline for “UFO Photos Around the World”
More correspondence with clippings, photos, notes (3-5)
Notepad - Jim Lorenzen
Gran Casaria sighting notes (speech)
Speech notes
Correspondence: xerox photos of polish cases
Correspondence: photographs, Argentina
Magazine from Italy - UFO La Visita Extraterrestre
Correspondence: Robert Spicer - “UFO Photos??”
Large unmarked package with several UFO photos arranged in plastic transparencies. Notes paperclipped together.
Box 8
Package from A.J. Gevaerd containing:
Report entitled “What Are Those Fireballs?”, presented at Sao Paolo convention in 1991. Report contains tipped-in photo prints (10).
A case report written in Portugese
“General Statistics about UFO Contacts and Observations in Brazil: A Comparative Analysis”
Supysaua Boletim Ufologico ano VII no 21 and 22
Contato Imedi, Julho / Dezembro 1991
GEONI publication “includes the historic of GEONI”
               CEPU 1975 “Curriculum” with 8 tipped-in photos, some of WS, some of UFOs
30 large format prints of UFOs in plastic wrapping – most of Meier sightings
Folder labeled “Abkco” - with letter and documentary script from 1978-1979. Payment and participation from WS.
MS - “Rendezvous” by Carlos Mendoza (unpublished MS) 245 pages. Letter dated 1991.
Folder with revision / publication notes for “Contact from the Pleiades”
15 photos, correspondence from “Rene”
Correspondence: John Roby, UFO book catalogue
UFO Library 1, 2, 3
Correspondence: Tyler Pauley with 3 photographs, dated 1994. Photos are of the same scene, two of the photos reveal image manipulation. Letter mentions “good and bad” items.
Paperclipped letter and drum circle Pleiades annouoncement, contains photo
UFO Belgium 1986 2
5 sets of “B” - 10 photos of UFO
Correspondence: Paul Dong, 2 letters
Correspondence: Pleiades Project, includes two letters, casette, stapled papers
Correspondence: Greg Liss, September 1991. Package contains approximately 20 photos, several large, and roll of negative film documenting sighting.

Photocopied Contacto OVNI
Package, 6 photos, Ovni Investigaciones (Mexico)
Package, Mike Hawkins, periodical
Package, Michael Tetu - notes and photos from encounter
2 notes and correspondence with 2 photos
1 photo and correspondece from Wales
Correspondence, Charles Green, 2 photos of “ethereal life form”
4 photos - Kubota, Japan
Package, Georg Weise. Correspondence and 33-36 photos + 10 or so slides
Envelope “from JD” - 15 photos of strange phenomena
Correspondence, Shawn Atlanti: letter and 4 photos
Package from John Goodwin - letter and 21 photos
4 loose photos
Large version of print - 1 UFO photo
Envelope with 1 large photo print
Pacific Palisades photo
20 photos (“10 sets of B”)
Envelope - M. Mann, 1 photo, 2 neg strips
Letters - UFO Book Club, Mark Wodella (Xmas Card),
Framed photo of UFO over hoodoos
Box 9
Most of the photos in this box are accompanied by notes of origin written on envelopes or on the rear.
1 slide
2 prints
1 large print
“New UFO Photo Analysis Technique” by Stevens
22 periodicals
“The Adventures of Billy Meier - Contact” DVD - 2
2 notebooks - Stevens
11 UFO photos in booklet
11 UFO photos in booklet
Scrapbook with 48 UFO photos
UFO note cards approx 20
UFOs Misc Photos 1 booklet - 11 photos
16 photos in packet
Misc photos 4 - 10 photos
New misc 2 - 11 photos
New misc 1 - 18 photos
New misc 4 - 13 photos
1 loose photo
11 photos in unmarked packet
6 neg strips
Correspondence w/ approx 18 photos
35 photos in 12 envelopes with notes arranged as for book
6 loose photos with notes on back
2 envelopes with 2 photos
6 photos, 1 slide in envelope
23 photos in envelope from UFO Research Committee
18 photos in 11 envelopes with notes and locations
Meier copies 1 - 32 photos
22 black and white photos in envelope with neg strips
Note cards 3, 6, 8 (products for sale with printed UFO photos on covers)
33 photos in envelope
Written notes in envelope with 9 neg strips
10 photos in packet
3 photos, 7 neg strips in packet
13 photos in packet
34 photos spread across plastic enclosures
31 photos in packet
16 1998 UFO Calendars
Box 10
Most of the photographs contained in this box appear to be of the Meier sightings. They are accompanied by numbers indicating an ordering scheme that may be related to their publication.
Correspondence in package - invitation for russian speaker to ufo conference, 1991
Photo album (brown cover) - 114 photos
Photo album (floral cover) - 3 loose photos in front, 15 photos in back+ drawing
Photo album wicker weave - Japanese encounter notes
Blue folder with best wishes note and drawing
White album in plastic - MS pages in front, 1 photo in cover, 118 photos total, some in back with index card notes
Blue-black album in plastic - 145 photos (some with duplicates, notes, etc), 1 drawing
Green psychedelic photo album - 37 photos, some with duplicates, with layout in plastic pages.
Black and blue album in plastic - 166 photos
Correspondence: Earlyne G. Chaney, sending typewritten alien encounter piece by Milton William Cooper titled “The Secret Government: The Origin, Identity and Purpose of MJ-12”
Box 11
UFO…Contact from the Pleiades manuscript (Xerox copy)
Seance Memoranda from the Inner Circle nos 1, 2, 3 (ms)
Much of the correspondence in this box appears to be related to promotions / business / conferences and the like
Correspondence - B.M. Carr
               Michael Wales
               Ann Power
               no name
               Ufology info network
               Intruders foundation
               Rino Di Stefano
               Cory Wade
               U. Lipend
               R/D Productions
               MUFON Metroplex
               10 contact cards
               Joan Laurino
               UFO LA
               Biosphere 2
               Valley Stream
               Valley Stream
               Dorothy Braatelien
               Pasu-Stan Gordon
               Ted Oliphant III
               Connie Hamilton’s publication
               Univelt Inc
               The Open File
               Siriusly T-shirt
               KLC Promotions
               Terry Floyd
               Valley Stream
               (31 letters, 10 contact cards – all either business or solicitations with Xerox ms)
Green notebook – séance Ouija journal
Flight record book

5 Identification cards for WS – licensed UFO investigator

Moeller - calendar
10 slides in sheet – of UFO sightings with location notes
MS - Rojas-Marcos
16 slides in sheet – of UFO sightings with location notes
Periodicals – UFO (portugese) – several of same issues as in Box 1.
Box 12
Flyer - first World UFO Congress
Envelope - Frank Morton
Manila envelope - 1 photo
2 photo envelopes - 5 photos
Thanksgiving card - 5 photos
Notepad - Dusseldorf UFO Congress expense list
MS and correspondence w/ Paul Kaslouski – “Star Children of the Universe Space Intelligences and the New Sciences Revealed!” – likely unpublished.
MS - Ida M. Kannenberg. In file folder. “Who am I? What am I Doing? Why Am I Here? An essay into understanding” – appears unpublished
In ups package - photocopied Connor O’Ryan story – dates show around 1991
Loose pages - spiral punch “Bibliography” and articles – likely belongs to manuscript below by Kenn Crowley
MS from Ken Crowley - spiral bound, dark blue, titled “Energy”. Includes letter to WS dated 1991.
Envelope - Kenn Crowley, 1991
Cory Wade - spiral bound ms “The UFO ET/UT Timeline Enigma”
John Rhodes - ms and correspondence. Manuscript is “The Reptilian-Human Connection”
Kenn Crowley correspondence / ms – Interview with WS. MS pages from “The First World UFO Congress and the New Order of Nature”
UFO Contact from Korendor preface - written in notebook
Dutch (?) MS in plastic
Gene Andrade - MS and correspondence – “Star Wisdom—Principles of Pleiadian Spirituality” with WS endorsement
“Fire Sign in the Sky” photocopied MS
UFO Contact from the Pleiades DJ cover
MS - “UFO … George Adamski” with “Angels in Starships” DJ
7 empty envelopes
Guide to video camcorder techniques – small Canon manual that comes with camcorder
USBA Survivor Benefits
Envelope with “Thermo-fax paper”
Envelope with notebook and several photos of airplanes
Envelope with random magazine pages?
2 empty envelopes
Envelopes with notes on George Adamski book
Air Force health record
Camcorder instructions / warranty
Correspondence with Kate and Lloyd Zirbes – 7 packages containing letters and manuscript material related to extraterrestrial / new age research conducted by Zirbes Enterprises.
UFO postcards - about 70-80
20 Meier photos
8 neg strips
2 photos of artifact
3 photos - india
Notecards and envelopes - about 70-90 more.
Box 13
16 large photo prints
Letter - Crystal Whelan - 4 photos of WS and friends
UFO Calendar 1990 Match Prints
More 1990 Prints
Blue folder - 23 photos and graphics for books etc
Correspondence - Jaime Rodriguez, concerning UFO video analysis, 1994
Letter - “Sent photo wants aval of photos listed”
13 short manuscripts – stapled or paper-clipped – reports of UFO sightings. One includes drawing
6-7 news clippings and photocopied articles
5 more typed UFO case reports
Letter - Mario Gariazzo - 1976
Association Gnostica
Correspondence with Jacques P. Drabier, UFO illustrator / artist. 2 envelopes containing letters, photocopied illustrations, birthday card. 1986.

Book and printed matter - V. W. Overlee – “Red Feather” through Edye Overlee, Handmade copy of “Psychic Surgeon” by J. J. Thomas, “Adams Words” on Mora Press, Overlee’s own “Psychic” on Mora Press
Flying Saucer Review - 3
Package - Mark S. Crepps – Article on Meier “The Farmer and the Cosmonauts”, two cassette tapes, “Bernie Hermane UFOs pt 1” and “pt 2”
Envelope with photos from Kaslouski – 15 black-and-white showing UFOs
Letter – written to Jim Larsen, from Ronald E. Wood, Murfreesboro TN. Dated 1976. Description of UFO encounter and two drawings.

Package – Maureen Walsh. Contains 3 envelopes, 4-5 letters, family photo. 1990.
Kauslauski - letter and 4 photos – blurry light phenomena, 1988
1 large print
Dr Harper - letter and 1 photo
“Contact!” film info
More catalogs - Arcturus Books etc
Letter - Lewis Spears “wants more photos” - 5 photos and letter
Letter + empty neg strips ?, 4 photos
Letters in package - Japan Space Phenomena Society
2 VHS Tapes - Programs di Investigacion
Package - Carl B. Cook – Abduction – typewritten report (photocopied) and handwritten notes regarding Cook’s abduction story, 1976.

Package – Hatano, Osaka. “The Bolivian UFO” + many news clippings, other printed material
Package - Wada (Osaka)- 2 large UFO photo prints - original
Box 14
17 VHS tapes
German UFOs
Bob Lazar UFO the Best Evidence
Undeniable Evidence Colin Andrews
Contact, UFOs and Channeling Cosmic Connection
The Miami Connection + Roswell the Autopsy Footage
Crop Circle Country
NASA Italian
The Miami Contacts
UFO…Abduction A True Story
Bob Lazar a Report on Area 51
1998 Crop Circles
Roswell the Footage
UFOs…A Need to Know
Contact dir Larry Savadove
UFO “Contact” Meier
UFOs Secrets of the Black World
UFO Secrets of the Black World
Box 15
“Fire in the Sky” production info
Photo prints - 10, 35, 35 (all taken from Russian video)
Package - Graham E. Bethume “Updated Bibliography and Appendix”
File folder - Several copies of a “profile publications” periodical + MS “The Earth Force”
1996 UFO Calendars
Photo booklet - 43 photos, mostly crop circles
Set of postcards
2 page letter to “William” regarding “informant” 12-22-1990
Letter: Ben Obina
UFO: Pleiades MS
Letter: Steve Thomson
Photos taken in Nashville 9/27/89 “5 sets of A” approx 30 photos
“4 sets of C” Approx 30 photos
Letter April 1997
“5 sets of B” approx 30 photos
7 of Spades notebook with clippings, letters, transcripts of ET contact
Gold notebook - ET contact notes
2 large format UFO photos black and white
21 large format UFO photos
UFO mag No 10 (2)
Heart photo album - 67 photos
Flower photo album - 55 photos
5 loose photos
Printed note cards
70s flower photo album - 23 photos
UFO calendar
Storage unit email ownership transfer with signature
KODAK photographic paper box with - Debbie UFO folder (4 photos, several drawings)
               MUFON folder (convention material)
               More loose convention material
KODAK photographic paper box w/ UFO calendars
Box 17 - Meier photos
Note: many of these photos appear to be photos taken of other photos. All including neg strips. Numbers represent amounts in photo envelopes.
32, 29, 10 (Italian UFOs, Lecce IT), 19, 24, 25, 29, 32, 26, 3, 4, 15, 17, 26, 21, 53, 51, 18, 14, 18, 9, 17, 6, 26, 3, 44, 23, 6, 5, 14, 30, 52, 15, 33, 16, 18, 18, 40, 27, 53, 37, 25, 32, 24, 29, 29, 29, 13, 31, 16, 30, 37, 49, 26, 49, 19, 40

Box 18 – Periodicals
Roll of 8 mm film
Canadian UFO Report v 3 n 1 1974
Civilian Saucer Investigation (N.Z.) v5 n2 1957
Probe v5 n1 1968
UFO Argosy Sept 1976
Probe 1979
Ideal’s UFO Magazine 1981
Cuarta Dimension 54
UFO Especial ano 1 vol 1
Official UFO 1976
Aneka Betebedi UFO
UFO Report December 1976
UFO Report April 1980
True Flying Saucers & UFOs Quarterly No 3
UFO Update No 11
Quest International the Journal of UFO Investigation V8 N5 1989
The UFO Reporter Spring 1964
UFO Journal of Facts Spring 1991
Flying Saucers June 1967 no 52
Brothers vol 1 no 1 1962
The Flying Saucer News 1967 3 (Japanese, CBA International)
Journal UFO vol 1 no 1
2000 Atlantis no 84-85 (German)
UFO Analysis Report (Jan-Feb 1968)
Aneka Betebedi
California UFO v1 n1 1986
Lumieres Dans La Nuit 1977
UFO Journal of Facts Autumn 1991 (4 copies)
Beyond Reality’s UFO Special Issue 1980
UFO Ovni document 1970
UFO Journal of Facts Autumn 1991 (4 copies)
Ideal’s UFO Magazine #10
Ideal’s UFO Magazine #4
Official UFO 1979 Oct
Official UFO 1979 August
Saga March 1974
Przeglad Techniczy Pti Innowacje 42; 39; 38; 40; 44; 32; 49; 43; 41; 37; 36; 35; 34; 33; 31; 30; 29; 28
International Sivananda Spring 1979
Cuarta Dimension 74; 73; 71; 70; 69; 68; 67; 66; 58; 57; 55; 54; 53; 52; 51; 50; 49; 48; 47; 46; 42; 41; 65; 64; 62; 61; 60; 59; 45; 44; 75
UFO Journal of Facts Autumn 1991 (2 copies)
Box 19
UFO newsletters - 8-10
60-70 pages - photocopied prefaces to ws books, pages from ws books
Photocopied DJs and staple bound chapters in pamphlet form
Layouts for books - likely 2-3 or several.
Box 20
14 manuscripts
Through the Portals: The Awakening Volume 1
Through the Portals: Manifestation Volume XI 206-219
Through the Portals: Illumination Series Volume XII 220-231
Through the Portals Volume VI (Morse Fellowship, Alamogordo NM)
Through the Portals Volume V
Through the Portals Volume X Realization Series
Through the Portals Volume III Conviction of the Soul
Through the Portals Volume II Identification with God
Through the Portals Vol 7
Through the Portals Vol 6
Through the Portals Vol 2
Through the Portals vol 5
Through the Portals vol 9
Through the Portals vol 1
Box 21
10-20 periodicals, WS catalogs, calendars
Correspondence - Rosicrucians, “The Inner Circle”
“Multi-plane Awareness” William Swygard
Reflexology chart
Health recipe
Astrology chart
Foot massage points
“An unfinished diary” - abortion bit
Channelings? - strange handwriting
More notes in odd handwriting
“What the Lord Said”
“Universal Series” of “Universal Truth Foundation” letter and catalog
Chakra pamphlets
Correspondence - Marcap Council
7-8 prints, cloud info in GPO folder
Notes about “spirit band” from F. M. Fox
Dzyan Theosophy notes in manila folder
Correspondence from Coral E. Lorenzen, Alamogordo, NM
New age pamphlets - Sironia Sironius of the Comet Speaks + Flaps on Winging your way to Ascension
All new age stuff - pamphlets, self-published material, etc. - total approx 1 ln ft

5 photo albums
Smaller flower album:
               Typed up captions, quotes from UFO periodicals
Red album
               UFO Contact from the Pleiades vol. 3 layout
Blue album
               Vol. 2
Tan album
               UFO portraits actual photos of real UFOs
Brown album
               UFO portraits
Box 22:
350 prints — mostly from film strip showing multiple ufos in sky. other ufo sightings.
Small strip of 8mm film (approx 50 frames)
18 sighting prints - Poland
13, 18 sighting prints “Bear” folder
10, 11 prints in “Bear” photo folder
25 prints in “Cactus” folder
23 prints in “Cactus” folder
30 more Cactus prints
30 more Cactus prints
20 more cactus prints
20 cactus prints
20 cactus + susi’s fishing trip prints
20 prints - fake gun + ufo
9 UFO prints - separate, in plastic
29 UFO photos - reprints? - Nashville, Mexico, etc.
Envelope from James Deardorff, Corvallis, with 5 UFO prints and letter - loaned Meier prints
40 prints in “Memories” packet - Wendelle Stevens selfie
49 prints in “Memories” packet - some show faint object in sky
30 more prints - desert shots
14 x 11 prints of Meier photos on board - 50 prints (for sale by Stevens @ $10 each)
Box 23:
VHS Tapes – 12
Undeniable Evidence Crop Circles
UFOs Secrets of the Black World
UFOs a Need to Know
UFOs and Channeling
Roswell, the Cosmic Connection
UFO Abduction
UFOs the Secret Evidence
I Migliori Filmati
The Miami Contact
Contact 86
Box 24 – Assorted periodicals and publications
               Nos 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 211, 212, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218, 221, 222, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 179, 180, 181, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 125, vol 1 no 3, vol 1 no 4, 134, 112, 122, 114, 113, 119, 117, 125, 286, 284, 289, 290, 285, 277, 281, 115, 132, 116, 121, 131, 129, 124, 111, 128, 127, 118, 119, 118, 117, 116, 115, 114, 113, 112, 110, 109, 108, 106, 104, 154, 153, 152, 151, 150, 147, 149, 146, 145, 144, 143, 142, 141, 140, 139, 137, 136, 134, 133, 132, 131, 130, 129, 128, 127, 126, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202, 204, 205, 207, 208, 209, 210, 157, 158, 159, 160, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 169, 170, 171, 173, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178
Ghost Rockets, Foo Fighters – UFOs over Europe 1943-48
Destiny Spring 1950
Rising from the Ashes vol 1 no 1 1987
The Light-Centre January-February 1986; July-Aug 1986; May-June 1987; November-December 1983; January-February 1984; March-April 1984; May-June 1984; July-August 1984; March-April 1985; July-August 1985; September-October 1985;
Skylook UFO Monthly No 102, May 1976; No 101, April 1976; No 100 March 1976; No 74 January 1974; No 76, 77, 79, 81, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99
International UFO Reporter v 9 n 1; v8 n6; v3 n8; v3 n6; v3 n2; v2 n12; v2 n11; v2 n9; v2 n10
Proceedings of the Eastern UFO Symposium January 23, 1971
Proceedings of the 5 th Apro UFO Symposium June 15, 1974
Final Report on Operation Majestic 12, Stanton T. Friedman 1990
UFO Crash/Retrievals: Is the COverup Lid Lifting? Status Report V by Leonard H. Stringfield, 1989
The Flying Saucer Contactee Movement: 1950-1990 Compiled by J. Gordon Melton and George M. Eberhart, Santa Barbara Centre for Humanistic Studies
Flying Saucers: Four Scientific Papers by Stanton T. Friedman
Documents and Supporting Information Related to Crashed Flying Saucers and Operation Majestic Twelve. Compiled by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Fund for UFO Research
Crop Circles Humanity’s Wake-up Call by Peter Sorensen
UFO Landings Near Kirtland AFB Or Welcome to the Cosmic Watergate. Bruce Maccabee and Bill Moore
Revelations of Awareness no 316, no 416
The Beginning of the Headquarters of the Essene Teachings Oct. 1979
Soulmates Brought Together at Headquarters of the Essene Teachings
For Your Eyes Only, Newsletter for Meditators No 2, Fall 1992
Miracles Vol 3 Nos 1-2 Jan-Mar 1984
Flying Saucers and Harmony with Nature, Planetary Solar Zodiacal Galactic, New Zealand
Glacier National Park brochure, 1985
UFOs and the Martyrdom of Frank Scully
The Accident at Roswell by Kenneth C McCulloch (Rings of Saturn Publishing)
The Secret Government: The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12 by Milton William Cooper, May 23 1989
Visions of Heaven no. 9
UFO Research Newsletter Vol VI No. 2 1979

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