Current occupation: Director of Development, Georgia State University

Tell us about your experience/involvement in University Housing.   The housing department at the University of Georgia is a wonderful community of great people! I am extremely proud and blessed to be an alumna of the organization. I lived my entire four years in Athens on the first floor of Myers Hall. As a student in the College of Home Economics (now known as Family and Consumer Sciences), living in Myers allowed me the luxury of not having long treks to classes. I vividly remember my RA during my first year, Rebecca. She was great and ensured all of us freshman understood the rules, were doing okay and cautioned us about responsible partying during the epic Myers parties that we would experience! Oh, the stories I could share. As an Orientation Leader during the summer of 1983, Myers was our headquarters and residence….without air conditionING. Totally the best and hottest summer at UGA!

What is your fondest memory about your time in University Housing?    The most rewarding part of living in Myers came during my senior year when I was a member of the inaugural class of minority assistants (MA). I was asked to interview for one of the new positions. I needed to ask one of my best friends who was an RA in Myers how she felt about me joining Housing in this position. Many of the current RAs, of all races, saw us as competition, not a compliment, within the housing organization. After much discussion, I made the decision to become a MA. The inaugural group, there were six of us, worked hard to establish our mission and purpose that summer. We strived to ensure our fellow RAs that we were here to assist and be a resource to them. Sure enough, during the first quarter of the year, we had a major incident around racial prejudice with two roommates that resulting in one of them moving from Rutherford to Myers. The incident required much patience and time. My fellow MA Judy and I were happy and well prepared to support the freshman facing such ugliness during her first semester at UGA.  

How did your experience in University Housing contribute to your success? Away from Athens, my career has been one success after another, due in part to the knowledge I gained while working in housing. My two-decade long career in retail took me from softlines manager in a discount store to working at the home office as an executive trainer for a great company called Hills Stores out of Canton, Mass. Since leaving the retail arena, my time in Athens has influenced my careers in adult education and training, entrepreneurship, and now as a professional in higher education.

Please tell us any stories, insight or thoughts you would like to share. I encourage every student to take advantage of every opportunity while at UGA. Lean in now, dream big now and test yourself now, while in the loving, caring community that is UGA housing. I guarantee you, success will follow! Go Dawgs!