August 2018
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Russell Hall reopens following renovation
Following a 15-month renovation, the building opened to residents Aug. 5 with updated student rooms, bathrooms, lobby, lounge, programming, laundry and kitchen spaces. The building’s interior looks and feels brand new while still preserving some of the mid-century aesthetic that makes it unique, such as the original ­terrazzo floors in the lobby. 
UGA welcomes record-setting Class of 2022
The approximately 5,750 first-year students in the Class of 2022 have an average weighted high school GPA of 4.04, which is a record at UGA, and an average ACT score of 30, which ties last year’s record. For comparison, the average weighted GPA of incoming UGA students was 3.9 four years ago, and the average ACT score was 29. SAT scores of incoming students have reached a record level, as well, with an average of 1365 for the Class of 2022 compared to 1344 last year.
Alumni Spotlight: Stewart Davis
Tell us about your experience/involvement in University Housing.
My first position in University Housing was as a Graduate Resident in the Hill Community. I stayed in that role for 2 years while working on my Master's Degree. After graduation I had my first full-time job in student housing at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville. After a year there, I returned to UGA as the Residence Life Coordinator in Myers Community from 1988-1992. I had the privilege of working with both Dan Hallenbeck and Jim Day, and also Brenda Richardson and the incomparable Keener Scott. Every one of these individuals left an indelible mark on my career that I've always been so grateful for.

What is your fondest memory about your time in University Housing?
It's a combination of the people and the place. Not everyone gets to work for their Alma Mater, and it always felt like such a privilege to do so. I met so many wonderful people in my tenure there, many who I'm still in touch with today. And what better place could there ever be than Athens? It was truly a magical time in my career and it laid the foundation for everything that's come since then.

How did your experience in University Housing contribute to your success?
I think it set the foundation for all of the success I've enjoyed throughout my career. I've never left student housing, even though I jumped over to the private sector in 1994. It still thrills me to be on any college campus, interacting with our student staff, and working with our residents, even after all these years. I've been incredibly lucky to be able to travel all over the country visiting numerous college and university campuses, and working with numerous campus administrators from housing to business affairs, and orientation to student activities. It's been a great ride and my time at UGA was the beginning.

What did you like most about where you lived and/or worked in University Housing?
I lived and worked in both the Hill Community and the Myers Community. As the Residence Life Coordinator in Myers Community for 4 years I felt like I was thriving, and yet also being challenged. Working with Keener Scott was an amazing experience and she taught me more than she probably realizes. It was definitely the launching pad to all my other experiences working in student housing, and I've always felt like I had the best experience I could have hoped for at UGA. I always look back on it so fondly. They were great times.

Please tell us any stories, insight or thoughts you would like to share.
When I left UGA/University Housing it was to take a position as Assistant Director of Housing at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. I took a huge leap of faith, but it all worked out great. I still remember the day I left - my car was packed and I slowly left the Myers parking lot so I could take it all in. I think I cried all the way to Atlanta! It was such a fantastic experience. I knew even then how special it was, and I knew I'd never forget it.
Do you have stories or insights about your time in University Housing?
Staff updates since April 2018
Congratulations and best wishes to the following staff who retired.

Melvin Jackson and Sylvia Warren

We are excited to welcome new staff who have joined University Housing.

Administrative Services and Communications:  
Sarah Buckleitner , public relations specialist;  Nicole Spaulding , human resource specialist;  Jessica Keever , administrative assistant

Alan Jeffers , associate director for facilities operations;  Daniel Montgomery , skilled trades worker; Guadalupe Dominguez, Mary Dunson, Tami Wolfe, Haley Waters, Natasha Derricotte, Tanita Drake, Anthony Smith, Lorena Uribe, Janice Brightwell, Axaela Pacheco Martinez, Dilia Martinez, Hilma Martinez, Danny Loggins, Ziomara Jimenez Chinchilla, building service worker

Residential Programs and Services:  
Sharnice Brown , administrative associate;  Ricky Kirby, residence hall director;  Carli Phillips , administrative associate;  Scott Patton , associate director of residence life;  Hallie Grose , administrative assistant; Glenda Wheatley , administrative assistant; Desiree' Johnson , residence hall director; Maya Mapp , graduate resident for student leadership; Abigail Bettes , graduate resident for Brumby Hall; Pamela Grissett , graduate resident for Brumby Hall; Matthew Watkins , graduate resident for Brumby Hall; Ryland Berry , graduate resident for Russell Hall; Erin Chisholm , graduate resident for student conduct; Emily Wallace , graduate resident for Creswell Hall; Paris Lawrence , graduate resident for Creswell Hall; Autumn Sills , graduate resident for Russell Hall; Julianne O'Connell , graduate resident for Creswell; Imani Handy , graduate resident for Russell Hall; Benjamin Fowler , graduate resident for Russell Hall
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