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    The most complete documentation of UGLY
   discrimination against Asian  American youth
     Here is a complete account of the ugly discrimination against  AsAm 
youngsters by elite colleges, including a number of NEW discoveries. 
These  colleges are using the nobility of diversity as a cover to give an illegal advantage to white applicants over AsAms, thereby imposing an illegal  quota on the number of AsAm students admitted.  Read item 2) carefully.
1)  DISCRIMINATION at the Graduate School Entrance Level:

      The following table  is  published by the Am. Assoc. of Medical Colleges (AAMC).  The info in the first 10 columns shows that the  acceptance rate for AsAm applicants is always the lowest  in 9 different combinations of compa
rable MCAT score & GPA, lower even than their white peers.  The info.  in the 
last 2 columns on  the right show that the average AsAm MCATs score is the HIGHEST  among all races, and yet they are accepted at the LOWEST rates
among all races.   Outrageous!

    The bar chart below, based on the info shown in the above table, illustrates the glaring  differences in admission rates.

     The desire for diversity and the intent of the Affirmative Action Program causes the higher acceptance rate of Hispanic & Black  applicants with comparable academic achievements, which most AsAms understand and embrace. However, why are AsAms given a  lower acceptance rate than white peers?   Isn't that the REVERSE of Affirmative Action?

2)  DISCRIMINATION at the College Entrance Level:
     In Table 3.5 on p 92 of Princeton Prof. Espenshade's famous book , "No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal", the following shocking
fact was revealed:

                       Table 3.5 (emphasis added)
Race Admission  Preferences at Public & Private  Institutions  
                Measured in ACT & SAT Points, Fall 1997
            Public Institutions          Private Institutions
         ACT-Point Equivalents   SAT-Point Equivalents
  Item            (out of 36)                    (out of 1600)
    (White)         --                              --
    Black            3.8                          310
    Hispanics     0.3                          130
    Asian           - 3.4                        - 140   

  For the sake of diversity,  we do embrace the idea of granting extra points to the ACT & SAT scores of blacks and Hispanics -- we would add even more, if needed.   However,  why are  140 SAT pts. taken away from AsAm  applicants? To give the white applicants an advantage of 140 SAT pts.  over the historically disadvantaged AsAms by using the nobility of diversity as a cover ? This is the reverse of affirmative action. This is a gross abuse of affirmation action. This is outrageous discrimination.
    We estimate that the AsAm admits into the Ivy Leagues colleges would be about 25%, not 18%, if AsAms were not deceitfully forced to yield 140 pts to  whites  

3)   DISCRIMINATION - a cabal to impose ILLEGAL quota on AsAms?

      On page 203 of Ron Unz' book, entitled The Myth of American Meritocracy, the following diagram was shown.  It was based on data released by the National Center for Education Statistics .

    The black dotted line s hows that the number of college aged AsAms in our population has approximately doubled over a recent 20 year period.  The red solid line indicates the % of AsAm students at the California Institute of Technology where "race preference" admission is not permitted, tracks that increase.

     In strong contrast, the Ivy League colleges converge to 16% +/- 3% AsAms students..   It smells of an Ivy League cabal against AsAm students.
4)  Cowardly DISCRIMINATION against the weak & disorganized:

   Some may say AsAms are only 6% of the national population, 16 +/- 3% is already  too many.  Really?  Are they advocating a quota, which the Supreme Court ruled as illegal?  America's ideal is meritocracy.  

    Jewish  Americans comprise only % of the national population.  Look at the % of their youngsters in the Ivies, as  reported by The Jerusalem Post in 2015.
    Yale:         27% (1,500 Jewish undergrads out of 5,477 total),
    Harvard:   25% (1,675 out of 6,694 undergrads),
    Cornell:     21% (3000 out of 14315), and 
    Columbia: 35% (3000 out of 8,613).
                Further internet research reveals the  following:
     Penn:        25%
     Princeton, Dartmouth and Brown: 13% to 20%
     Nay, the Ivies have only courage to step on those whom they see as weak and unorganized. It is cowardly discrimination. 

5) Harvard's "Holistic Evaluation" is a Charade.  The White House Commi-
    ssion on Presidential Scholars tells annually that AsAms are not Nerdy:
    Harvard has never defined its "holistic evaluation."   It fought tooth and nail to
keep its admissions records secret.  What is Harvard afraid of? How about 
practicing the transparency, which Harvard preaches to its students and the 
rest of the nation so frequently? 

      Fortunately, another group also performs a holistic evaluation of high school graduates annually.  The esteemed  "White House Commission on Presidential Scholars" evaluates  all high school graduates   " on academic 
achievement, personal characteristics, leadership,  service, and other 
extracurricular activities, and an analysis of their essays."
The Presidential Scholars Award Program, where clearly defined holistic evaluation is used, has named AsAms to 28% of their finalists spots 
averaged over the last 15 years. Over that same period, AsAms have made 
up only 18% of Harvard's admissions.
      Shame on you, Harvard.  Your holistic evaluation is a charade in order to
place a quota on AsAm students, just as you did against Jewish students decades ago. 
6)   3 Supreme Court Justices also saw  DISCRIMINATION:

   Supreme Court Justices J. Alito, John Roberts and  Clarence Thomas stated in their  dissent,  issued on June 23, 2016 (pp 22 -27):

   "...  discriminates against Asian American students...including racial 
discrimination that undeniably harms Asian Ams ... the court's willingness to allow this discrimination against individuals of Asian descent is particularly troubling, in light of the long history of discrimination against Asian Americans, especially in education ... In particular, the Fifth Circuit's willful blindness to Asian-American students is absolutely  shameless." (emphasis added)

7)  How 80-20 EF Sees Things:

   On Ivy League colleges:  These institutions are superior in numerous ways. However, they have committed discrimination against AsAm students, and have practiced hypocrisy and deceitfulness with their decision to favor white students over  their AsAm  peers.  It is a very shortsighted policy, possibly induced by racism and self-conceit.   History will not be kind to the presidents of these colleges, who participated  in this apparent cabal.

   On AsAm community: Our community is definitely at fault as well.  We have the average educational level and financial strength to understand the 
seriousness of this discrimination against our children.   We have the 
generational  responsibility to urgently put our assets together to fight against it.   But we have not been able to get our act together yet.  

     History will not be kind to us, and will possibly be  very  harsh on those families who donated tens and hundreds of million dollars to  get a Harvard building named after themselves.  Those ignorant and vain acts will be seen as marks of shame on those families.   

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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