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Match Day and End of Clerkship Celebrations

The UGME program recently hosted celebratory events on March 19th to honor the accomplishments of the Class of 2024. In Hamilton, Niagara, and Waterloo, over 135 students gathered to mark the end of their clerkship journey and celebrate Match Day. 

In Hamilton, students proudly indicated their matched locations on a large map of Canada and captured memories with commemorative photos. Sweet treats and camaraderie filled the air as learners enjoyed cupcakes, cookies, and coffee.

In Niagara, special MD cookies and congratulatory messages enhanced the Match Day celebration. They made friendship bracelets to celebrate their "2024 Era."

In Waterloo, learners celebrated amidst discussions of future travel plans and heartfelt congratulations. A bouncy castle-themed cake was cut and shared by our future surgeons. 

At all three locations, special Match Day t-shirts were handed out for students to sign and show off. Congratulations to the Class of 2024 on their achievements amidst the unprecedented challenge of beginning medical school in the midst of a global pandemic.

Faculty Staff Hub

This dynamic platform serves as the cornerstone of the UGME academic community, offering a comprehensive knowledge base meticulously curated for faculty and staff members. Dive into a wealth of resources, research findings, educational materials, and collaborative tools tailored to enrich expertise and enhance teaching methodologies. Explore, learn, and contribute to the

ever-expanding knowledge base: Faculty/Staff Hub.

RSVP and Share Your Wisdom at the Dean's Dinner

The Class of 2024 is invited to attend the Dean's Dinner on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at the Waterfront Banquet & Conference Centre. This is an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments alongside their classmates, cherishing the bonds and shared experiences forged throughout their medical journey. Students are encouraged to secure their spot by RSVPing by April 15, 2024, and submitting their entrée and accommodation details.

In addition to RSVPing, students are invited to participate in a cherished tradition by submitting their White Coat Note. They can share their words of wisdom, encouragement, and advice with the incoming class using a provided form. These notes will serve as a meaningful gesture of support for the next generation of physicians, to be tucked into their white coat pockets during the White Coat Ceremony.

This is an opportunity to celebrate achievements and pass on knowledge to future medical students. Organizers look forward to seeing the Class of 2024 at the Dean's Dinner and receiving their White Coat Notes.

Leadership Announcement

We wanted to share the exciting news about two new UGME leadership appointments. Anya McLaren-Barnett (left) was appointed Director, Clerkship - Pediatrics, and Nicholas Morrison (right) was appointed Interprofessional Practice Domain Planner with the Undergraduate Medical Education Program. Both will be starting their new roles April 1, 2024. Deborah Azim Fleming also took over the role of Professionalism and Self-Awareness Domain Planner (Interim), starting March 1st until October 1st.

Please join us in wishing Dr. McLaren-Barnett, Mr. Morrison, and Ms. Azim Fleming congratulations on their new positions!

Have you heard about Areas of Focused Professional Development?

The Area of Focused Professional Development (AFPD) is a unique longitudinal professional development portfolio for students in the MD program. The AFPD provides structure and support for experiential learning in one of four areas: Health Innovation, Leadership, Research and Scholarship, and Service Learning. Completing an AFPD ensures recognition on your student transcript for your work in one of these dedicated areas. Please explore the AFPD page on Medportal to learn more about the AFPD at McMaster.

The CMHF Award for Medical Students 

Applications are now open for the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF) Award for Medical Students. This award recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding community leadership, communication skills, and a commitment to advancing medical knowledge.

Find the application information here, and obtain applications through the UGME office at [email protected]. Deadline: May 1, 2024. Recipients announced August 2024. For questions, visit the FAQ section on the CMHF Award for Medical Students webpage.

Challenges Facing Indigenous Applicants to Canadian Medical Schools 

Elizabeth Kliska (c22)(left), Andrew MacLean (c22)(centre), and Patricia Farrugia (Chair, Indigenous Health)(right), have shed light on critical issues in their recent publication titled "Scoping Review of Current Challenges and Circumstances Impacting Indigenous Applications to Canadian Medical Schools" in the Canadian Medical Education Journal. Learn more about the landscape of Indigenous admissions in Canadian medical schools and the persistent barriers faced by Indigenous applicants. Despite strides toward equity, significant challenges endure. Discover their insights and recommendations aimed at enhancing Indigenous access to medical education. Click here to read more.

Understanding Medical Students’ Attitudes Towards People Experiencing Homelessness

Medical education is pivotal in shaping future healthcare providers' attitudes towards underserved populations like those experiencing homelessness. In their recently published research, A Scoping Review of Medical Students’ Perception of People Experiencing Homelessness, authors Caroline Hircock (c24), Ming Chen (c24), Justin Grad (c25), Peter Huan (c24), Amin Hatamnejad (c24), and Patricia Farrugia (Chair, Indigenous Health) summarized studies on medical students' perceptions of People Experiencing Homelessness (PEH). Results revealed diverse attitudes among students, with exposure to educational interventions leading to improved perceptions and confidence in care provision. They determined that further research is crucial for enhancing compassionate and effective healthcare practices towards marginalized populations. Click here to read more.

Class of 2024

Life After Match Day

In the days following Match Day, the UGME and Student Affairs extends congratulations to those who successfully matched on their first iteration, and wish them a seamless Transition to Residency. For students preparing for the second iteration, rest assured that the Student Affairs team stands ready to offer support through the SA Director and dedicated career counselor. It's important to note that students who remain unmatched after the second iteration of CaRMS are eligible to apply for the Extension to Clerkship Program. Best wishes to all students during this pivotal time.

For c2024, currently preparing for the licensing exam:

  • Click here to download AMBOSS' free MCCQE study plan. This guide lists the topics you'll need and it's been carefully curated by AMBOSS physicians in collaboration with medical students from Canada. (The UGME program receives no financial incentives from AMBOSS for sharing this resource.)

Class of 2025

Upcoming 1st Round Appointments

As students begin to refine their career aspirations and contemplate residency applications, the Student Affairs team is here to provide support. In the coming days, detailed information will be distributed regarding First Round Appointments, offering structured discussions to delve into individual narratives and address various components of the "application package". To maximize the benefit of these appointments, students are encouraged to update their CVs and explore resources available on the Career Counselling and Resources section of Medportal. Additionally, it's advised to mark key CaRMS deadlines on personal calendars to stay organized and prepared.

Class of 2026

Career Counselling 30-min Appointments Available

As students prepare for MF4 and plan pre-clerkship electives, new experiences, and topics might spark new medical interests and raise career-related questions. The Career Counselling team is here to help! Feel free to book a 30-min Career Counselling appointment to meet virtually or in person to discuss further.

MedPortal Resources

Students are encouraged to begin working on their CV early, as it's never too soon to start. They can find a plethora of helpful resources available on Medportal to assist them in this endeavor (Your Career Journey > Tab 4 > CV & Documents).  

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