June 14, 2019
June 2019 Updates
The Per Capita Cap Waiver Has Been Submitted!
UHPP's policy team immediately read the Per Capita Cap waiver after it was released and now we have all the details on it!

We need your help in defeating harmful changes to Utah's Medicaid program

Since SB96 is requesting provisions that are usually illegal under Medicaid law,

the state must go through a complicated approval process.

Part of that process includes collecting, reviewing, and responding to comments from the public.

Your response will be documented as a “public comment”, which is an important formal step in the 1115 waiver process.

Our 2018 Annual Report is Out!
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August 7, 2019 UHPP Annual Supporter Celebration
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June Pictures
100% Kids Covered Coalition Press Conference
Listening to more public comments during the MCAC meeting
Stephanie Burdick giving a public comment on the Per Capita Cap waiver during the MCAC meeting
Talking with Glen Mills about public comment on SB96's waivers
UHPP in the News
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