October 2, 2019
October 2019 Updates
Take Care Utah Hosts 4th Hispanic Heritage Festival
Thank you to over 10,000 people for coming to the Hispanic Heritage Festival and celebrating with us! This year was bigger than ever.
Take Care Utah did hours of outreach during the festival to help better connect people to health insurance and care.

This year's festival aimed to highlight these startling facts about Utah:

  • Utah is home to 879,000 children, which is approximately 30% of our state's population. 71,000 or 7% of these kids are uninsured, which is higher than the national average.
  • A disproportionate percentage of uninsured kids in Utah are Latino - the highest in the nation.
  • The Latino kids uninsured rate is directly related to a health disparity - Latino/Hispanic kids are twice as likely to be uninsured than White kids.
  • Utah's kids uninsured rate increased last year, we are 1 of only 9 states to do so.
  • We are going in the wrong direction, largely due to health disparities that exist among Latino/Hispanic children. UHPP supports 100% coverage for all kids regardless of immigration status, geography, background, or income level. 
6 Months of Partial Medicaid Expansion!
Take Care Utah held a press conference on October 1st to celebrate 6 months of partial Medicaid expansion and to provide an update on enrollment.

TCU continues to work hard on Medicaid expansion outreach and, so far, our enrollment assisters have helped many Utahns enroll in coverage and find care. However, during this press conference, TCU importantly noted the slower-than-expected enrollment.

The Utah Department of Health projected that by December 2020, 70,000 Utahns would be enrolled in Medicaid expansion, and right now enrollment looms at approximately  37,000 This means there are thousands of Utahns who are eligible for Medicaid, but are continuing to go uninsured.

Help us enroll eligible people into Medicaid! If you think you or someone you know may be eligible for Medicaid expansion call 2-11 or visit our office to check!
Upcoming Events
Save the Date!
December 11th is our Annual Healthcare Solutions for Utah Conference
A Quick Trip to St. George
UHPP's policy staff was invited to the Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference to provide an update on Medicaid expansion. Take Care Utah's SUD Outreach and Enrollment Program Director joined us to provide an update on TAM.
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