December 2019
What are UI students up to while abroad? View photos from this year's International Education Week photo contest to find out!
From summiting an active volcano in Chile to spending time in beautiful gardens in China, UI students are doing a little bit of everything.

Stanley Merit-Based Scholarship
Apply for this scholarship to receive $1,000 towards your study abroad experience (last year 18 students received this award!).

Carol A. Snodgrass Scholarship
Want to go abroad to Latin America or Spain? This $2,500 merit-based scholarship may be for you!
Student Voices
“This program gave me the physical and emotional distance from home that allowed for me to pursue things I would otherwise have left unconsidered...any preconceptions I had about the artist I needed to be faded away and I am creating without the illusion of boundaries.”
- Kate Lohnes on the UI Irish Writing Program

"Studying abroad encouraged me to adapt to different situations whether it was navigating a language barrier or getting lost abroad. The most valuable thing I learned was how to become more flexible and patient."
 ~ Ashley Morrow, on her multiple study abroad experiences

Upcoming Events
Discover Study Abroad Sessions
If you haven't been to a Discover Study Abroad Session to learn the basics, you should! Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. & Fridays at 11 a.m. in 1117 UCC .
Greece: Origins of Humanistic Counseling Info Session
Spend part of your summer abroad on this faculty-led program exploring the
history, culture, and landscape of Greece! December 6
PRUE Summer Intensive Russian Program Info Session
Earn 8 s.h. of credit that can be applied toward a Russian major or minor on this seven-week program. December 6
Featured Programs and Resources
STEM and Irish Studies
Go to Ireland and earn 7 s.h. of credit on this program designed for STEM and engineering majors. Includes an excursion to Brussels, Belgium!

Duration: 6 weeks (summer)
Application deadline: March 4, 2020.

CIEE Alcala de Henares Program
Spend time this summer in the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes and study in one of the oldest universities in Spain. (Earn up to 12 s.h. of resident credit while you're at it!)

Duration: 4-8 weeks (summer)
Application deadline: March 15, 2020

10 reasons employers love graduates who have studied abroad
Cultural awareness? Check. Problem-solving skills? Check. See why these are just a couple of the real-world skills studying abroad provides you.

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Want to pack like a pro? Pack like Marie Kondo.
According to the KonMari method, you need to only pack the things that bring you joy!

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International Programs provides scholarships, guidance, and support for international students in the University of Iowa community, as well as assistance for UI students studying abroad.  You can continue to support globally oriented programs and resources by contributing to International Programs.   For more information, please contact the UI Center for Advancement at 800.648.6973 .