WEDNESDAY, August 5, 2015
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2015 Leaders Partnering for Success
Social Innovation: Raising the Bar  
October 29-30, 2015
San Diego, CA

The 2015 Leaders Partnering for Success ---  Social Innovation: Raising the Bar will bring together leaders from diverse sectors to discuss and focus on efforts around social innovation.

Communities are strongest when leaders and stakeholders collaborate to address complex social problems, particularly around the issues of education and social inequity. Be a part of this civic dialogue to hear from library directors, city officials, and a variety of other community stakeholders about the social shifts taking place across North America, what we as key change agents can do to bolster and create a resilient environment for all, and why working together for collective impact is the solution to many of the community challenges that we face.

ULC leaders are encouraged to come with their school administrators, local government officials, and community leaders from United Way and other key organizations, including local businesses. Guest speakers include Emily Kirkpatrick, Vice President of the National Center for Families Learning, Stacey Stewart, U.S. President of United Way Worldwide, and Ralph Smith, Managing Director of the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.

Visit the ULC website to view the conference agenda, speaker bios and more!

ULC Seeking Applications for the Urban Leader and Joey Rodger Leadership Awards!

We are excited to announce that ULC is now accepting nominations for the Urban Leader Award and applications for the Joey Rodger Leadership Award. Both awards recognize transformative leadership that advances the impact and strategic role of public libraries in communities across North America.

The ULC Urban Leader Award was established in 2001 to honor civic leader and former chair of ULC's Executive Board, Betty Jane Narver, a long-time Seattle leader. Since then, ULC has continued to recognize civic leaders and advocates for public libraries. Nominees may include library trustees, commission members, Foundation and Friends Group members, elected or appointed local government officials, school superintendents, and other civic/community leaders - leaders that are library champions.

The Joey Rodger Leadership Award, in the amount of $5,000, provides a library CEO/director or senior manager of a ULC member library with an opportunity to strengthen his/her skills through a structured professional development undertaking. The award may be used to attend an established leadership development program or pursue an individualized program that involves working with a leadership development expert/mentor.

The deadline for both awards is Monday, August 31, 2015. The winners will be notified in mid-September and the awards will be presented at a special Awards Celebration during ULC's 2015 Leaders Partnering for Success ---  Social Innovation: Raising the Bar, October 29-30, in San Diego, California. Please confirm that nominees and applicants can be present to accept the award before submitting an application form.

Visit the ULC website to view the award guidelines, past winners and apply today!

Hartford Public Library Builds Community-Police Relationships

Maintaining public trust is a cornerstone of the work of public libraries, making them institutions perfectly positioned to facilitate and lead community conversations around a host of social issues. As communities across the United States grapple with strained police relations, Hartford Public Library (HPL) has taken advantage of this unique position to hold a series of community conversations on public safety with police and residents.

HPL's recent work bridging this relationship stemmed from the Library's participation in American Library Association's (ALA) Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC) initiative, an 18-month team-based community engagement training program focused on helping libraries address the challenges facing their communities. After holding a series of eight conversations, HPL used the identified concerns around public safety, community violence and police relations to convene a three-session dialogue between police and community residents. Through this program, HPL was able to help police and residents better understand each other's visions for the community and how both sides can work together and take action to ensure Hartford remains a safe space for all citizens.

Learn more about HPL's community conversation series here.

Join ULC's e-Discussion Group for New Library Directors

ULC members consistently identify the ability to network with and learn from the knowledge and experience of their peers as one of the most significant benefits of ULC membership. We are proud to announce the launch of a new e-Discussion group for first-time directors where participants can ask questions and gain new insights from each other to grow as library leaders.

Contact Katherine Behrens, ULC Member Programs Executive, to join this exciting new group! 
NYPL Out-of-School
Time Program:
Literacy Leaders

The New York Public Library (NYPL) Literacy Leaders program helps elementary school children improve reading skills while giving teen tutors school credit and the opportunity to apply for paid tutoring internships at a library afterschool program. Teens build their resumes and confidence by tutoring elementary school children, earn credits that increase the likelihood of graduating from high school, and develop strong relationships with the public library.

"The New York Public Library is developing engaging and impactful educational programs that build the love of reading and learning in youth of all ages," said Mary Lee Kennedy, NYPL Chief Library Officer. "We are proud of Literacy Leaders because it allows teens to serve as valuable role models and tutors for beginning readers while reinforcing their own literacy skills."

Click here to learn more about this innovative project. Visit the ULC website to view the complete list of 2015 Innovations.

Apply for Digital Inclusion Leadership Awards

The National League of Cities (NLC) and Next Century Cities (NCC), in partnership with Google Fiber, announced a new program to recognize city governments who are leading successful approaches to tackle barriers to internet adoption. The Digital Inclusion Leadership Awards will select winners in two categories, Leader in Digital Inclusion Best Practices and Most Promising New Plan, as well as an additional winner in each that will receive recognition for a particularly innovative approach. NLC and NCC will host a free webinar August 6 at 1 pm ET to share digital inclusion best practices and provide details of the application process.

Click here to learn more about the program and how to apply.
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