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Isms...The Conversation Continued.
Greetings ULFC Family, Friends, and Partners,

Although garnering more attention, racial inequity continues to impede the lived experience of many members of our community, especially Black and African Americans. The challenge of isms is no surprise to those of who are Black and African American as we cannot escape the injustice, inequity, and outcomes of the oppressive systems that have shaped the landscape we have come to know as America.

However, some believe that “Liberty and Justice for All” exist currently, and meritocracy is real for everyone. This notion can be infuriating. How can so many people have on blinders? Do they really not know? I honestly can’t answer that question. What I will offer is that no matter what people didn’t know or want to acknowledge yesterday or yesteryear, it can no longer be the excuse for the perpetuation of isms, injustice, and inequity. As leaders, we have to help create the space necessary for learning through speaking our unapologetic truth.
Uncomfortable moments and courageous conversations have to become as commonplace as baseball or apple pie! If education is the great equalizer, then acknowledgment of and learning America’s real history is the starting place for real change.
Alumni Directory - We need YOU!
We are rebuilding our website to include an Alumni directory to highlight all of our amazing Alumni and we want to make sure you are featured.

Please email your resume and/or bio along with a professional picture (head or image) to be used on our website to [email protected].
Alumni Highlights
Danielle Johnson - 2016

What is your current title, company, and primary job function?

In May, I earned my Juris Doctor and Tax Emphasis Certificate from the University of Colorado Law School. I am currently studying for the July bar exam and in the fall, I'll be an associate at the law firm Sherman & Howard in Denver.

What is your greatest takeaway from the Chamber Connect program?

As a transplant to Colorado, my greatest takeaway was a clearer picture of the opportunities available in Colorado. The Denver Metro area is big enough to offer a wide range of career opportunities in business and government, but it's small enough that people are surprisingly accessible. This is one of the reasons I decided to attend law school in Colorado.

What is your leadership philosophy? Why?

My current philosophy is to be true to my values (which include compassion, vulnerability, and service) and lead from that authentic place. For a long time, when I thought of the word "leader" I basically pictured an extrovert who could command a room with charm, charisma and engaging extemporaneous speeches. But that wasn't me and according to that limited definition, I couldn't imagine myself being a leader. Then I went to law school and learned that Johnnie Cochran-extrovert types are more the exception than the rule. The practice of law attracts a large number of introverts, some of whom are socially awkward and some of whom hold leadership positions. The more I saw introverts in leadership positions, the more I could not only imagine myself as a leader but recognize the ways in which I was already a leader. I’m still a work in progress and when I know better, I can do better, but where I am right now is enough.

What civic, nonprofit, or service community endeavor are you most proud of since becoming a Chamber Connect alumnus?

I am most proud of the time I spent earlier this year volunteering with Tax Help Colorado, a non-profit organization that offers free tax return preparation for taxpayers earning less than $66,000/yr. The poor are statistically more likely than the rich to be audited by the I.R.S. usually due to tax preparer errors related to the Earned Income Tax Credit (the primary way the government puts cash into the hands of the poor since Clinton-era welfare reform). I am passionate about wealth and income inequality and focused on tax in law school to understand more about the role taxes play in wealth building. As a full-time student, I found that this work to be one of the most tangible ways that I could make a difference. By the time the organization closed its tax clinics for quarantine, it had filed over 5,700 returns and returned more $11.6 million in refunds to Colorado families.

What advice do you have for the current cohort of Chamber Connect Fellows?

You get out of this experience what you put into it; try to participate and engage as best you can. I would have liked to put myself out there more, but as an introvert, I did the best I could with where I was at the time.
Thomas Dawson - 2019
What is your current title, company, and primary job function?

- Title: Product Owner
- Company: Connect for Health Colorado
- Job function: Maintaining and enhancing the Colorado State Health Exchange eligibility and enrollment application for affordable health insurance options.

What is your greatest takeaway from the Chamber Connect program?

My greatest takeaway was seeing the variety of lanes one can contribute to their community and programs such as ULF. We often limit our view of contribution to money and volunteer time but this program celebrates the entire body of work with highlighting the work in the trenches that is not visible from the outside looking in.

What is your leadership philosophy? Why?

My leadership philosophy is “Lead by Example”. If I am capable of showing you, then how can that not fuel your confidence!

What civic, nonprofit, or service community endeavor are you most proud of since becoming a Chamber Connect alumnus?

Being brand new as an alumni has not afforded the ability to have many endeavors to select from. My recent opportunity was participating in a local event called “Coverage at the pulpit”. Here I was able to provide my expertise to individuals who had questions about navigating the rough terrain of the health insurance world.

What advice do you have for the current cohort of Chamber Connect Fellows?

For any new cohort the advise I give you is be intentional about what experience you are looking for and communicate it. You never know who is willing to help you manifest it into reality.
Job Postings
invites applications for the position of:
Budget and Policy Analyst - Tax and Economic Development

CLASS TITLE:  NON-CLASSIFIED  LOCATION:  Denver Metro, Colorado  PRIMARY PHYSICAL WORK ADDRESS:  200 E. Colfax Ave., Denver CO 80203  SALARY: $5,000.00 - $5,833.33 Monthly

OPENING DATE:  06/19/20  CLOSING DATE:  07/10/20 04:59 PM  JOB TYPE:  Full Time 


The Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) advises the Governor on complex budget and policy issues. OSPB manages all aspects of the state’s budget and seeks to leverage it to the benefit of all Coloradans. 

We believe that diverse teams produce better results and encourage people of a variety of backgrounds and qualifications to apply.
What you will do: Provide insight on Colorado’s economy and how it affects the state’s fiscal outlook. Analyze state tax policies and revenue trends and make recommendations to policymakers. Manage the budget of one or more state agencies, identify and advance creative, cost-effective, and evidence-based solutions to public policy problems. Provide rigorous quantitative and qualitative analyses on the major issues facing our state and communicate results and recommendations to policymakers. OSPB analysts are expected to become leading experts on the issues and agencies in their portfolios.

1550 Larimer St Suite #518
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 558-1050