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It's not rare. It's not the exception. It's not a unicorn. It's not one of the wonders of the world. It is not beyond comprehension. It is, however, amazing, magical, necessary, and in abundance. What is it, you ask? That, my friends, is simple; I am talking about Black Excellence. Sometimes I feel like I am in the twilight when people are surprised at the accomplishments that gush, like the mightiest geyser, from the Black community. How can you be surprised at something that has a track record as long as creation itself? How can one be surprised when that very excellence created the infrastructure and economic foundation that this country was built on and continues to us as a source for the privileged to thrive? Maybe the answer is complex like static or as simple as naming it: The fault of supremacy and the authors who have created and shared a half-truth narrative since before 1621.  

I have my thoughts on the subject, but that is another opinion piece for another time. What I do know is that every I look, I see black excellence. I see it in infrastructure, devices we use daily, in history, in the arts, sports, science, and politics. I see examples everywhere. When I close my eyes, I dream of 4,000 years of excellence, leadership, royalty, and brilliance. I see kings and queens of the past like Makeda, The Queen of Sheeba, Emperor Mansa Musa, King Shaka of the Zulus, and Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Yes, Cleopatra was African - I think we sometimes forget that Egypt is indeed in Africa (perhaps that old narrative and authorship issue at play).    

I invite you to see it too. I invite you to embrace it, learn it, and celebrate it. One of my greatest joys is the celebration of Black Excellence. I enjoy it because our history and culture are rich ones, contrary to the belief of many. It's enjoyable because it makes me proud and inspires me to consider the legacy and accomplishments this generation will leave behind. I am excited because it is an opportunity to give amazing people who deserve it - Their Roses.  

On September 22nd, this is what's happening. We are hosting our Virtual Leadership and Legacy gala. It is a fundraiser that helps us raise dollars to support our community and celebrate Black Excellence. This year we will recognize Black Excellence that ranges from Hollywood and the operation table to the boardroom and dispensary. Black Excellence is dripping everywhere; I invite you to come and celebrate with us.

Friends, please take a moment and thank those in your life for their excellence. Thank those in your community for their excellence. Honor the excellence of all those who have come before us by sharing their lived experience's authentic history.

Check out www.ulfcolorado.org/events for more information on the celebration!

Be well and Lead with love, grace, truth, and humility,

Doc Ross 
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The Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado will host the Annual Leadership and Legacy Gala on September 22, 2020. We are excited to celebrate thirteen years of championing equity, serving in the community’s interest, and primary work: promoting the leadership development of Colorado’s emerging Black and African American leaders.

Due to COVID-19, we have moved the celebration fundraiser virtual and you are in for a treat! Purchase your ticket below to gain access. Streaming link and party information will be provided upon purchase!

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It will be a virtual "versus" themed concert for the youth with a voter engagement component. We'll also be hosting voter registration drives so please be on the lookout.
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