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Greetings Alumni, Fellows, Partners, and Friends,

I wish you health and safety while praying for the community and victims of White Supremacy in Buffalo. I'm praying for Miss Pearly Young, a 77-year-old mother and grandmother who spent her life serving others and running a food pantry. White supremacy and racism stole her life on a regular grocery pick-up and robbed the community of her grace, strength, and love. I mourn with her family, the families of the other victims, and the entire community. Racism and supremacy must be eradicated.

A month ago, ten lives were taken in Brooklyn, and there is currently a hate crimes investigation happening in Dallas. If we looked at every state, there were be more of the same: emboldened racism and people doubling down on supporting supremacy; this isn't acceptable. The real leaders of every community must begin to use their voices, influence, purpose, and power to stand up to oppression. 

Every book on equity banned, every section of history we ignore, every affordable housing conversation we gloss over, every school district we allow to censure teachers and cherry-pick curriculum is an action that fuels white supremacy. Our collective inaction or passive frustration with injustice is making us complicit with the hatred being spewed across our country; enough is enough.

It's time we inform elected officials that their coveted votes are on hold until we see courageous legislation, admission of the impact supremacy continues to have on our country and visible accountability for the racist actions by those currently serving as elected officials. There needs to be a shift in the "loudest in the room." Don't you think it's time for the reasonable, community-centered, justice-oriented folks to dominate this critical conversation?

Black, Brown, and Indigenous people are continually targeted for execution, injustice, and inequity. We have to abandon surface-level relationships and conversations and take the time and resources to dig beneath the surface to understand the lived experiences of people. Leaders must start leading with an equity lens and zero tolerance for supremacy. 

In our professional settings, we have to ask, what is our commitment to equity and what are we actively doing to honor the commitment? We also must ask what policies or procedures do we have in place that create barriers or stop anyone from thriving. 

Regardless of what some government officials may be saying, now is absolutely the time to talk openly and honestly about race, the sins of America's past, and how America can be great for everyone for the first time!

We have a choice as leaders, we can mount up like Optimus Prime and the Autobots and take the fight to those committed to oppression, or we can allow fear and inaction take us back in time to Jim Crow and more tragedies that rob the world of saints such as Miss Pearly.

Friends, no matter your race, gender, station in life, or zip code, the choice is yours; what will you do? Let's be great on purpose and finally begin to create an America where everyone thrives.

Ryan Ross, PhD.
ULF Alumnae complete CSR Certification through CU Boulder
The Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado has partnered with CU Boulder Leeds School of Business to provide access and scholarship for a certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility. This partnership is designed to increase access to professional CSR training for leaders from underrepresented communities. Based on the feedback received from those who completed the CSR program with our Alumnae, we can assert that Black Women are magic and representation matters.

Help us extend a huge congratulations to ULFC alumnae Andrea Andrews, Murjani Harris, Samie Burnett, LaToya Davis and Terwanda McMoore for completing their CSR certification through The University of Colorado Leeds School of Business! Read below to learn about their impact and experience!


"I wanted to pass along some thoughts on the impact this group of leaders had on me and my class experience. Andrea’s inquisitive nature and knowledge of her area of work really deepened every group discussion we had. Murjani and LaToya were on my project team and helped form the beginning of the CSR/ESG plan for my company that I will start to put into action.  Samie’s down to earth personality and sense of humor lightened the mood and re-engaged me at the end of our long days. I loved the passion Terwanda had around setting her business apart and establishing best practices for the greater good – which requires a lot of creativity and thinking outside the box. The class would not have been the same without this group of women." - COO, fellow CSR Graduate

"I was a student in the Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate program at CU with Andrea Andrews, Murjani Harris, Samie Burnett, Terwanda McMoore and LaToya Davis. Each one of these women is exceptional and it was a pleasure being in class with them and having their input for our class discussions and projects. They enriched us all" - Director of Development, fellow CSR Graduate


"My experience in the CSR course was mind awakening. It open the door to a whole new side of the business world that I was completely unaware of and practices I didn’t even know existed. At first, I was very nervous about coming into the program because it was me stepping outside of my box when it comes to learning. My cohort was very welcoming and we showed each other respect. Each one of us has a different experience with work and life and we to the opportunity to learn from each other.  I feel like this course is very beneficial because it sets you apart when it comes to your job in handling situations, a complete understanding of DEI(Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Sustainability, and understanding of SDG(Sustainable Development Goals), and an understanding of reporting. The biggest takeaway from this program is it really helped me realize how I want to design my business. CSR gave me a better perspective on my values and goals for my business." - Terwanda S. McMoore

"Let me start by saying it was an honor to be a part of the inaugural cohort to attend the CSR program. Beginning the program, my expectations where to acquire working knowledge in the diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) sector to implement in current and future endeavors. I must say what I received, was far greater than my expectation could have ever comprehended. We received information on sustainability, marketing, governance and policy advocacy, social impact, philanthropy and of course diversity equity and inclusion from the top professionals in these arenas. This journey was rigorous, insightful and in the end, I believe everyone left with the same feelings of accomplishment and comradery. I am beginning to understand that in my leadership journey I am not meant for me to have all the answers, and through this course, I rarely had any. What I am meant to do is show up, be present, learn, and stand in all my truth however difficult that may be in certain settings. Growth is not always pretty or pleasant, but it is necessary." - LaToya Davis

"Developing the skills needed to link Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to specific values to support implementation and building of operational efficiencies in organizations, governments, and the planet, is my key learning form completing the Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility (CCSR) program offered by Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility, University of Colorado Leeds School of Business. To me, all the sessions and speakers were impactful because, I learned something new each week. This class armed me with the tools that I need to be a more effective leader and societal change maker. Leaders in the program will not only be tasked with solving concerns such as DE&I initiatives, —they’ll have to dig deeper to become more introspective and inclusive than generations of old. With my all my new tools I plan to return to Africa this summer to support Africa Development Promise and Girls with Dreams, two amazing black woman led nonprofit organizations." - Andrea Andrews

For more information about the next CSR cohort please contact Ahmad Lowe - ahmad.lowe@ulfcolorado.org.
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Florence Crittenton Service
Position Title: Bilingual Clinical Services Manager
Pay Range: $60,000 - 75,000 commensurate with experience

General Purpose:

The Bilingual Clinical Services Manager is responsible for providing leadership and programing for the clinical services the Student and Family Support Program team provides. The Bilingual Clinical Services Manager will play a key role in supporting the wraparound services to teen mothers and children by providing supervision to Family Advocates, providing therapeutic services and building clinically sound supportive programming. The Bilingual Clinical Services Manager reports to the Director of Student and Family Support Program.

1550 Larimer St Suite #518
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 558-1050