Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wanted to get this communication out to you as soon as possible both because it has pertinent information for your 2015 planning as well as I am more excited than ever about the future of Ultra4 on the European Continent.

First of all, Happy Holidays!  I hope each and every one of you are enjoying time with friends and family.  I will be brief and direct with this email, but please take the time to read everything.  We have some truly impactful information.

    - I am pleased to announce several additions/role changes in our orginization.  I believe these changes reflect our commitment to Ultra4 Racing in Europe as well as put us in the best possible position to succeed.
        - Jose Rui Santos - Managing Director - Jose will apply his thoughtful and level-headed management experience to our entire series.  His prime responsibilities will be land use and course design as well as being the face of our series.

        - Richard Crossland - Safety and Technical Director - Richard has been working behind the scenes at King of the Valleys.  He brings significant business management experience as well as training as an FIA Technical Inspector to help keep us focused on our main objective of providing a Safe and Fair racing experience.

        - Chris Armelin - Marketing and Media Director - While the first two announcements were relatively predictable, this announcement is a true coup for our series.  Chris has over 10 years of experience promoting companies and races in Europe.  He is fluent in English, French, Portuguese, and German.  He will be focusing on promoting our sport to Media, Fans, Corporate Partners, and new racers alike.  While our other changes were aimed at consistent and strong operational controls, I am confident Chris will put you all in front of whole new audiences and opportunities.  This is a big deal!

Aside from the series staffing changes we have also added horsepower to King of the Valleys in the form of Jason 'Nobby' Morgan.  Nobby is the promoter of the Welsh Extrem and will help with our Land Use Releationship with Walters Arena and polishing up the 'Event' presentation.  I am thankful and honored that Nobby has decided to lend his experience and time to help us grow Vallleys.

I believe in Ultra4 Europe.  I believe we have the best racers on the continent.  I believe we have the best partners and the best product.  You all have made significant personal and financial investments in our series.  I hope you see that we are stepping up in kind.


* Technical Rules
    - Effective immediately, we will be following one global technical rulebook.  Before you throw your computer or phone across the room, 2015 will be a 'Grandfather' year.  If your car passed tech inspection in 2014, it will pass again in 2015.  And if it races and is chassis tagged in 2015, it will pass in perputuity.  

To restate, if you could race in 2014, you will be fine in 2015.  If you pass tech and race in 2015, your chassis will be exempt permanently.  All new builds after 2015 will have to pass the standard Ultra4 rulebook.

The only immediately effective rule change are tire size in Modified being raised to 37" in all races and the requirement for true automotive based helmets.  Motorcycle helmets cannot be used because the padding material is not fire retardant.


* Race Locations
    - I am 99% postive we will be racing in France in 2015.  We are waiting for final approval from the land owner.  We had to move our date for King of Portugal to accommodate the towns schedule and anticipated harvest dates.  I am looking forward to the best season yet.

5/22-5/24 - Narbonne, France - Still in planning phase! 
6/19-6/20 - King of the Mountains - Parma, Italy
8/6-8/9 - King of the Valleys - Wales, United Kingdom
9/11-9/13 - King of Portugal - Vimioso, Portugal

Happy Holidays and see you all very soon.