December 10, 2020 | Issue #4- LIGHT

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Winter Solstice Fun and Reflection
Help us by adding to a journey of Winter Solstice celebrations around the globe using Google Earth, a free tool that allows you to create and share virtual tours around the globe. If you know of or have a Winter Solstice tradition you would like to add, share it with us. You could even ask your student at home to research. Email it to us. We will add it!
The winter solstice (December 21st) is the day in which the sun rises to its lowest point in our sky. The star rests at this low point for three days, before making its ascension again--little by little, and day by day. Eventually, it will reach its peak position in the sky once again.

This solar cycle has been observed by all human civilizations in historical record. In fact, many winter traditions across different cultures celebrate this event with special music and dance, a launch into a time of storytelling, wonderful celebrations of light, special food, and perhaps even a bit of mischief and mystery.

Though the winter solstice represents the day of the year with shortest amount of daylight, it also represents hope and opportunity in that each day afterward, the sun's light shines for a little longer than the day before.
~ Amanda DeRosa
MATV/UMA Spotlight
Welcome Emmanuel Marsh
The latest addition to the MATV/UMA Board, Emmanuel Marsh shares why he thinks MATV/UMA is “a gem in the city” and how he would like to help it sparkle more brightly. Among other ideas, he hopes to help MATV/UMA create an UMA to go app that organizes all the MATV/UMA content and opportunities in one place - accessible by phone with a click. These days, so many use their phone for everything and like to listen, view, or engage while on the go.
Kamila Rodrigues,
MATV/UMA Intern and Malden Reads Assistant
INTERNal Reflections
When asked by fellow intern Sky Malerba what her advise to future interns is, Kamila Rodrigues answers "try everything! I’ve be asked to do certain things that I never thought I would do or find interesting and I’d end up really enjoying it. It forces me to learn new skills I hadn’t aimed for. You should try everything that’s possible to try. Experience is very important and a great investment in your future.”
Malden Reads
2021 Book: "Born a Crime" by
Trevor Noah
It's finally here! Malden Reads recently announced their pick for the 11th year of community reading in Malden! The 2021 book is a memoir by comedian and TV show host Trevor Noah, on his life growing up in South Africa.
Neighborhood View
Article Spotlight
Ms. Jennifer Hedrington of Ferryway School Malden named MA Teacher of the Year 2021

Neighborhood View's Antonia Sheel sits down for a Zoom interview with Massachusetts Teacher of the Year Ms. Hedrington to discuss her journey in becoming a math teacher.
Recent Articles
Tell Your Story
A Holiday Greeting from artist and MATV/UMA Executive Director, Ron Cox.
Conversation of the Month

Bring light to someone this season!
Post your holiday or winter greeting on the wall!

Traditions may be celebrated a bit differently this year. MATV/UMA has a tradition of recording Holiday Greetings in the Malden community; however, this year, we are collecting these greetings virtually!

Due to the pandemic, we know you may not be able to connect with those you love. Send a message of warmth to someone special, someone far away, or the entire community!

This message can be in whichever medium you desire: photo, video, graphic design, written piece, painting, sculpture, craft, or whatever you can imagine.

Can't choose? Create a haiku or short poem!

A haiku is a Japanese poetic tradition, which consists of three short lines, with a total of 17 syllables. The first line contains 5 syllables; the second line contains 7 syllables; and the third line contains 5 syllables.

We hope you find some inspiration in this haiku from MATV/UMA's Associate Director.

Visit our YouTube Channel to discover past years' Holiday Greetings! This year, we'll edit together a crowdsourced version of Holiday Greetings from the Community.

Share your post on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube with #MaldenTogether and your post will be added to the #MaldenTogether wall. You can also post your story directly to the MATV Facebook or email us your story.
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