TO:              Constituents of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Community

FROM:        Bill Wood, Regent and Chair of the Search Committee for President of UMB.

RE:              Community Town Hall Meeting to Discuss the UMB Presidential Search

DATE:          July 7, 2020
Dear UMB Community,

Thank you in advance for meeting with us to discuss the University System of Maryland's search for the President of UMB. Due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the societal unrest occurring all over the country, it is imperative that we have a permanent President in place as soon as we can. We will be facilitating that effort by seeking your input at two upcoming virtual town halls at dates and times to be determined.

To date, our presidential search team, Isaacson, Miller, has met with key individuals and groups on campus, synthesizing what they’ve learned into a working draft of a Presidential Position Profile, which you can find here ( ). This document provides a compelling description of UMB’s history and mission, as well as a realistic picture of the challenges, measures of success, and ideal qualifications for the role. We believe this draft is in good form, but we welcome and value your input. Once completed, we will share this document broadly with prospective candidates and key sources.

Also, the questions below are a good starting point to help you think about the future of UMB and the ways in which we can tangibly measure the success of the next President:

  • In hiring this person, what fundamental differences do you hope to see at UMB one year from now, three years from now, and five years from now?
  • What subjective or informal measures will you apply in determining the success of this individual?
  • What current organizational activities for UMB need to be sustained? Which ones enhanced? Which new ones initiated?
  • In what tangible ways can the new President promote UMB’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion?

In addition, we are creating a website to facilitate input from the community. We will share the website link as well as logistical information regarding our meeting shortly.

Thank you for your participation in this important effort.

This Memorandum was authorized for distribution to the University of Maryland, Baltimore community by the UMB Search Committee.
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