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University of Maryland engineers have invented an entirely new kind of bio-compatible battery.

Potential applications might include the development of the next generation of devices to micro-manipulate neuronal activities and interactions that can prevent and/or treat such medical problems as Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

To make the battery, the research team soaked blades of Kentucky bluegrass in lithium salt solution. It is the first ionic current-generating battery.

The research, led by Dr. Liangbing Hu, has  garnered international media attention.

International Business Times     |     EE Times     |     Chemical & Engineering News
Darryll Pines, Dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering and Farvardin Professor of Engineering, was featured as a STEM leader in the July "Diverse Issues in Higher Education".
Professor John Baras, holder of the endowed Lockheed Martin Chair in Systems Engineering, is the recipient of the 2017 IEEE Simon Ramo Medal, given for exceptional achievement in systems engineering and systems science.

UMD is sending four scientific projects to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX-12. These projects will explore the effect of microgravity on biofilms, detect cosmic rays, measure the flammability of liquids and solids in microgravity, and advance understanding and control of pollutants in space and on Earth. 

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