Quarterly Update
September 2017
News from SPA
The SPA team welcomes Dr. Alex Fowler, our newly appointed Associate Provost for Research and Economic Development.  Congratulations on your promotion!

Effort Certification Reform Team (ECRT)

The ECRT has been created to streamline the current effort certification process, revise policies & procedures and to reduce the administrative burden on faculty.  ECRT members represent various colleges as well as the administration from UMassD & UMassP: 
  • College of Arts & Sciences & Faculty Senate Research Committee member:
    • Shakhnoza Kayumova, Assistant Professor
  • College of Engineering:
    • Vijaya Chalivendra, Associate Professor
  • College of Nursing: 
    • June Horowitz, Associate Dean for Research
  • SMAST: 
    • Mike Marino, Assistant Dean for Operations
  • SPA:
    • Rebecca Harrison, Post-award Grant Manager
    • Paulette Deakin, Post-award Grant Manager
    • Catherine Palmer, Financial Systems & Reporting Manager
    • Elena Glatman, Director (lead)
  • UMassP: 
    • Virginia Maki, Senior Grant Billing & AR Analyst, University Controller's Office
    • Kathy Sawyer, Principal Applications Specialist, University Information Technology Services.
Effort Certification Begins on Monday,  
October 16

Principal Investigator certification is required on all externally funded projects before Friday,
November 17. 

Please contact Catherine Palmer (cpalmer1@umassd.edu; 8965) for any assistance with Effort Certification.  

Planning a sabbatical, remember if you are reducing your effort on any active awards by more than 25%, e.g., from 20% to 15%, in most cases you will need to request prior approval from the sponsor for this change at least 30 days in advance.  Also please notify the Pre-award Manager at SPA who is assigned to your department.

Core Research Facility Opportunity
SPA team is ready to assist you with setting up a Core Facility.
If you are interested, please reach out to Catherine Palmer at ext. 8965 to set up an appointment to familiarize yourself with Core Research Facility Guidelines, put together a business plan, calculate estimated user fees and answer your questions related to Cores management.  Catherine may also be reached at cpalmer1@umassd.edu
Grant Course Buy-out form has been revised.
Updates from the Office of Technology Commercialization and Ventures (OTCV)
The OTCV has had a productive start to the new fiscal year. A long-running negotiation to sign a license agreement with DSM Dyneema for an issued patent of Professor Qinguo Fan, Chairman of Bioengineering, for an improved method of dyeing polymers onto fabrics was completed. The office has received three new inventions for the first quarter of the year, and three new patent applications were filed at that time. We are expecting issuance of the fiscal year's first U.S. patent this fall, allowed patent application from Drs. Yong Kim and Armand Lewis in Bioengineering.
Please be on the lookout for the next round of OTCV Technology Development Fund awards from the President's Office. This year's solicitation is expected to be issued in November, with pre-proposals due before the end of the calendar year. David Glass is available to assist applicants of this award, as well as the MassCEC Catalyst Program.

Elena Glatman
Director, Sponsored Projects Administration
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Noteworthy Funding Opportunities
Topics covered in Aug/Sept issue:
  • Faculty Salary Policy - the two Months Rule
  • Project Reporting Policies & Reminders
  • more...
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