UMass FMCH Tuesday Talk - May 9, 2023/EDUCATION

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Message From the Chair

Upcoming Events

Focus of the Week Education


Presentations and Publications

Department Member Recognition

Frankly Speaking Podcast

Clinical Services Spotlight

Message From the Chair

REMINDER! The Department’s Annual Retreat will be Thursday, May 11th at UMass Chan South Street Campus in Shrewsbury. More detail is below. Lunch and registration will open at 12:00 noon with the formal program commencing at 1:00pm. The retreat will conclude with a networking reception with hors d'oeuvres, cash bar and musical entertainment from 5:00 – 6:30pm. I hope to see you there!


Many of you are aware that Dr. Warren Ferguson, our former Senior Vice Chair of Community Health, is officially retiring. We are hosting a reception in his honor on June 20th at 5:30pm at the Ecotarium in Worcester. You can RSVP to We are also collecting tributes – please add yours here

IMPORTANT: You asked and the school and clinical system responded- please see the information below under Announcements on required training related to Information Security and Privacy.  

Upcoming Events

FMCH Grand Rounds

Tuesday, May 9th, 12:00 - 1:00pm"Caring for Individuals Who are Homeless and Housing Insecure-Addressing Medical, Dental, Behavioral, and Social Issues", presented by Brian Bickford, Hugh Silk, MD and Erik Garcia, MD.

Meeting ID: 191 986 273 Passcode: FMCH

FMCH Grand Rounds

Tuesday, May 16th, 12:00 - 1:00pm"Psychological Experience and Treatment of Pain", presented by Lauren Pudalov, PsyD.

Meeting ID: 191 986 273 Passcode: FMCH

FMCH Grand Rounds

Tuesday, May 23rd, 12:00 - 1:00pm"Better Performance for All: Evaluation of Metabolic Health", presented by Adam Ridley, MD.

Meeting ID: 191 986 273 Passcode: FMCH

Focus of the Week - Education

Congratulations to our many faculty, fellow, resident, and student presenters at STFM Annual Conference last week in Tampa. If we missed you in the list below, please let us know at


  • Tracy Kedian, MD, AAMC, Group on Educational Affairs CLASS Project: Progress Report on a Nationwide Challenge.
  • Philip Day, PhD, Co-Creating the Future of Informed Consent: Practicing and Evaluating a New Model of Consent for Primary Care.
  • Grant Pierre, MD, Academic Portfolio: The Key to Advancement in Academic Medicine!



  • Jennifer Bradford,MD, MPH; Heather Alker, MD, MPH, Heat-Related Impacts of Climate Change on Incarcerated Individuals Within the United States.
  • Philip Day, PhD, Sculpting Empathy - Sculpture as a Teaching Tool for Humanistic Care.
  • Olga Valdman, MD; Richard Sacra, MD; Rebecca Gwaltney, MD, MPH; David Okiror, MBChB, MMED, FLCP, FWACP, Global Family Medicine Training: Equitable Partnerships and Ethical GH Training for US Residents.
  • Olga Valdman, MD; Richard Sacra, MD; Rebecca Gwaltney, MD, MPH; David Okiror, MBChB, MMED, FLCP, FWACP, ALSO Training in GH Setting.
  • Daria Szkwarko, DO, MPH; Curtis Barry, MD; Rebecca Thal; Benjamin Adler, MD; Julia Teck, MD, Using the Innovative Telementoring Project ECHO Model Within Two FM Departments to Enhance Primary Care Clinician Training.


Completed Research Project:

  • Philip Day, PhD; Philip Bolduc, MD, Community-Based HIV and Viral Hepatitis Fellowship Evaluation: Results From a Qualitative Study The study details graduates’ educational experiences in the UMass Chan/New England AIDS Education and Training Center collaborative fellowship.
  • Judith Savageau, MPH; Ashwin Panda, MS; Hugh Silk, MD, MPH, MPH, The Current Climate of Oral Health Training and Practice in Obstetrical Care in Massachusetts.


Poster Presentations:

  • Sara Holmes, BS; Hugh Silk, MD, MPH, MPH; Judith Savageau, MPH, Oral/Throat Cancer Prevention and Education for the Homeless and Housing Insecure Population of Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • Ashley Mitton, PsyD; Laurel Banach, MD; Jenna Mullarkey, PsyD, Implementation of Team Based Feedback on a Family Medicine Inpatient Service.
  • Patrick Tolosky, MD; Rachel Ceccarelli; Craig Pille, MD, Resident-Driven Development of a Social Determinants of Health Screening Program in an Ambulatory Family Medicine Practice.
  • Corey Costanzo, DO, Essential Training to Increase Provider Comfort In Medication Abortion Care, Post Roe v Wade Reversal.
  • Idowu Olugbade, BS; Odinaka Anyanwu, MD; Roberta Goldman, PhD; Marian Younge, MD; Daria Szkwarko, DO, MPH, Investigating the Experiences of Family Medicine Residents Providing OB Care to a Diverse Patient Population.


Roundtable Breakfast Discussion:

  • Sara Shields, MD, MS, Breakfast With the Editors of Family Medicine.

UME Updates

Town Hall: Wednesday at Noon, May 10th, 2023 in Amp-3

Join us May 10th for our next Town Hall! Topics the DRIVE initiative, Progress and updates on the Vista Anti-Racism Curriculum, Health Systems Science (HSS) clerkship. There will be a focus on discussion so bring your questions!  

Zoom link:


EPC Meeting: Save the Date!

The EPC Retreat will take place Friday, May 19th, 12:00 - 4:00pm

Tentative Session List:

Keynote: Lindsay Turner, PhD - Milestones, Portfolio development, Curriculum Map

  • “Think Tank” on Step 1 and Support of Learners – Howard Sachs - “Step One Preparation: It Takes A Village”.
  • Psychometrics – Exam Item writing (ExamSoft) – Mary Zanetti – Lindsay - “Effectively Assessing What You Teach: An Item Writing Best Practices Workshop”.
  • WBA workshop – Trish Seymour and Michele Carlin.
  • DEI – Marlina Duncan, Tiffany Cook, and Lynn Hernandez – "Assessment through an Equity Lens".
  • LFT assignments “Think Tank”.



Upcoming Events

FMCH GME Leadership Dinner, Tuesday, May 9th, 2023, MezCal 6:00pm. All Program directors and associate program directors are invited to GME leadership dinner Tuesday night. Please RSVP to Erica White or in your outlook calendar invite.


FMCH Chief Resident and Fellows Dinner, Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, MezCal 6:00pm. All fellows and chief residents are invited to dinner Wednesday night.  Please RSVP to Erica White or in your outlook calendar invite.


Faculty Development

Please attend the FMCH retreat this Thursday May 11th, South Street Campus 12-630pm. If you have not yet RSVP'd, please contact Susan Foley at


Past editions of the Tuesday Talk Newsletter are available

at under Resources.


  • Andrew Karson, MD, MPH, Interim President, UMass Memorial Medical Group
  • Kimiyoshi Kobayashi, MD, MBA, Interim Co-Chief Medical Officer, Medical Center
  • Steven Baccei, MD, Interim Co-Chief Medical Officer, Medical Center
  • Steven B. Bird, MD, Clinician Experience Officer

Date: Monday, May 8th, 2023

Dear UMass Memorial Medical Group/UMass Chan Medical School physicians,

As you know, both UMass Memorial Health and the T.H. Chan School of Medicine place a high value on compliance with industry regulations and standards. To ensure that we are meeting these requirements, we have traditionally required dually employed physicians to complete both school and clinical regulatory trainings on Information Security and Privacy (IS & P). However, we understand that this can be time-consuming and redundant. To help you, we have been able to work out a method to decrease your frustration. Here are the details:

  • All dually employed physicians, residents and fellows will be required to complete the IS & P training administered by UMass Chan, which will launch in September 2023.
  • Dually employed physicians will not be required to complete the IS & P training administered on HealthStream by UMass Memorial Health, which will launch this month; you will still see the IS & P training and deadline on your EL4U To-Do lists, but you do not need to complete them.

Please note that the school training will satisfy both school and clinical IS & P regulatory requirements for dually employed physicians. If you do the UMMH IS & P training first, you will still have to do the School IS & P training. We hope that this change decreases some of the administrative burden for you.

Dr. Melissa Anderson, in the UMCMS Department of Psychiatry, is recruiting for a small virtual clinical trial and is looking for healthcare providers, medical students, and nursing students to participate. The U.S. Deaf community experiences significant barriers to engaging in clinical care - the goal of Dr. Anderson's study is to test a newly developed training tool to educate medical professionals about how to effectively interact with Deaf people, especially during the informed consent process. If you are interested in participating, please complete the eligibility survey at Additionally, any questions can be directed to Dr. Anderson at

Scott Hebert, data manager at the New England AIDS Education & Training Center, will graduate this month with an MS in Biostatistics from UMass Amherst. His thesis, "Genetic Associations of Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment," found a potential new link between a single nucleotide polymorphism (rs4816158) and diagnosis of the conditions. If you would like more information on his study, please contact Scott was also awarded the UMass Amherst Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology 2nd year Master's Student Award.

UMass Chan Remillard Family Community Service Fund Opportunity

The UMass Chan Office of the Provost is pleased to solicit proposals for projects intended to amplify the impact of our institution on the community.  The evaluation criteria include:

1. The potential to improve the lives and/or health of residents of Worcester or Central Massachusetts.

2. The potential impact of the program or project on individuals, groups and communities that are economically or educationally disadvantaged or underrepresented.

3. A specific connection to the missions of UMass Chan in the fields of education, patient care or research.

Proposals are due May 29th to, the award date is August 1st. 

PROPOSAL OUTLINE: 1 to 2 pages TOTAL in length (no letters of support, please); describe the (a) project goals, (b) potential impact, (c) outline of work and (d) proposed budget; only UMass Chan full-time faculty, staff, residents and students are eligible to apply. Student applications must have an identified faculty sponsor. The budget should not to exceed $20,000, one- year duration. For more information and assistance, contact For a proposal guide and information sheet please email

Update regarding Buprenorphine Prescribing:

The federal government has changed the regulations governing the prescribing of buprenorphine (Suboxone). Any clinician with a DEA number may now prescribe buprenorphine for the treatment of OUD, in any setting, without any additional training. Many clinicians who have not previously prescribed buprenorphine for management of Opioid Use Disorder are now interested in doing so. The Center for Integrated Primary Care is excited to offer free, online training in the assessment of OUD and treatment with buprenorphine and naltrexone. This content takes approximately 2 hours to complete and those who complete it will receive free CME. 

Thank you to the UMass Chan Medical School’s CME office for supporting this offering.

Undergraduate Medical Education

Vista Town Hall: Please join us in person or online at the Vista Town Hall. The purpose of our time together is to share new information and collaborate with our community on topics related to Exploration and Horizons planning and development. From time to time, we will share Discovery phase milestones. 

  • Wednesday, May 10th, 12:00-1:00pm (hybrid), Amp 3

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Password: 890756

FMCH Vision 2030 – Next Steps: Belonging and Engagement

Dear Faculty, Residents/Fellows, and Staff, please join us for the FMCH Annual Retreat on Thursday, May 11th at UMass Chan South Street Campus, 333 South Street, Shrewsbury.

As a participant you will have the opportunity to:

  • Revisit FMCH Vision 2030
  • Promote Advocacy Efforts for Primary Care
  • Provide Faculty Development
  • Build a Culture of Mentorship

In follow up of our strategic planning last year, we have identified two areas to expand upon this year.  As we develop our role as leaders in Family Medicine across the state, we will explore legislative advocacy activities. Additionally, we will launch our new department mentorship program. Breakout sessions in the afternoon will include areas of continuing medical education as listed below:

  • Belonging –Restorative Justice
  • MCH – Shoulder Dystocia
  • Epic Mastery Workshop (Laptops required)
  • Educational Scholarship
  • Medical Humanities
  • Advocacy, Legislative Action

Lunch and Registration will open at 12:00 noon with the formal program commencing at 1:00pm. Lunch topics will be available to gather to discuss areas of interest. The retreat will conclude with an hors d'oeuvre, networking reception and cash bar with musical entertainment from 5:00 – 6:30pm.Here is the agenda. Please Register Here. We hope to see you there!

Free Recruitment Doula Training

A Doula provides information, emotional and physical support, resources, and continuous labor support. Doulas are associated with positive birth outcomes. The training is fast approaching in mid-June, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the cohort reaches 15. Please note that applicants must be able to attend all six of the training days in order to accept the scholarship funding (June 15, 16, and 17 as well as June 23, 24, & 25, 2023 from 9:00am - 6:00pm each day). See flyer for additional information. If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please email Laura Pichardo at

Presentations & Publications

Phil Bolduc, MD, and Philip Day, PhD, gave a research lecture presentation entitled “Community-Based HIV and Viral Hepatitis Fellowship Evaluation: Results from a Qualitative Study”, at the STFM’s annual conference on May 1, 2023. The study details graduates’ educational experiences in this UMass Chan/New England AIDS Education and Training Center collaborative fellowship.

On April 19th, 2023 the following presented at NEOMEN Osteopathic Education Conference, Eastern Region, to 60-70 DO students and residents:

  • Tom Wickham, DO, and Charles Lehnardt, DO, “Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction”.
  • Jessica Salerni, DO, Rachel Ceccarelli, DO, and Stephany Eierle, DO, “Tension headaches: Why So Tense?”
  • Charles Lehnardt, DO, “An osteopathic approach to pelvic floor dysfunction”.

Department Member Recognition

Congratulations to the following individuals who have achieved impressive service milestones with the university during the pandemic period: Judy Savageau 30 years (2020), Lorna Chiasson 20 years (2021), Sue Foley 20 years (2021), and Heather-Lyn Haley 20 years (2022). They will be recognized at a reception on June 5th

Ashley Mitton PsyD, a second year fellow in Primary Care Psychology and Medical Education, attended the STFM conference as a recipient of the Faculty for Tomorrow Preconference Workshop at the STFM Annual Spring Conference. This full-day preconference workshop, facilitated by the STFM Graduate Medical Education Committee, is for residents and fellows who are interested in careers in academic family medicine. Dr. Mitton will graduate from the department’s fellowship this summer and will begin her faculty position as the director of Behavioral Science at the Northern Lights Family Medicine Residency in Bangor, Maine.

Congratulations to Jennifer Bradford, MD, MPH, for receiving the Christine K. Cassel Faculty Scholar Award at Monday's Women's Faculty Committee Award Ceremony.  This award recognizes an assistant or associate professor faculty member for accomplishments related to medical ethics, human rights, and social justice. Dr. Cassel will be available to serve as a mentor or advisor through the course of the scholarship. We are so proud of the work you do every day, and look forward to your continued accomplishments!

Frankly Speaking Podcast

A weekly Podcast series covering newsworthy topics in primary care medicine.

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

Please join us for an overview: Congress has recently made changes to help fight the opioid epidemic and allow for an increase in access to treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD). Join us as we review these changes, and learn how you can use them to promote health equity in a clinical setting. Guest: Mariyan L. Montaque, DNP, FNP-BC, presents: "As We Wave Goodbye to the Waiver!" - Frankly Speaking Ep 327.

Clinical Services Spotlight:

COVID Updates and End of Public Health Emergency


MassHealth Renewal

  • Beginning April 1st, 2023, all current MassHealth members will need to renew their health coverage to ensure they still qualify for their current benefit. These renewals will take place over 12 months.


COVID-19 MA Changes after May 11th.

  • Masks will no longer be required in medical spaces for some hospitals in MA.
  • Mass General Brigham, Boston Medical Center, Tufts Medical Center, Beth Israel, and Lahey Health will no longer require masks on the premises starting May 12th
  • Caregivers will need to wear a mask during patient encounters in UMass Medical Center’s Emergency Departments, Oncology clinics, Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Oncology Infusion Center, and with transplant patients at the Medical Center.
  • Masks will become optional and encouraged for most patients, staff, and visitors.
  • Health officials will also close the remaining free testing sites in MA.



  • The current 7-day average positivity rate is 8.2%.
  • The in-house 7-day average COVID positive patients is 17 (an increase of 55% since last week). Of the 17, 35% have a primary diagnosis of COVID. 
  • Of the 17, 59% are fully vaccinated. Of the 2 in the ICU, both are fully vaccinated. 



  • There were 897 cases reported in the last 7 days.
  • The 7-day average of percent positivity is 2.46%.
  • There were 14 new confirmed deaths in the last 7 days. 

Federal Vaccine Purchase and Distribution To Continue

  • Although COVID-19 vaccines will eventually move to the commercial market, the timing will not be tied to the end of the PHE. 
  • There will be an extension to federal coverage of COVID vaccines to those who need them.
  • Subsequently, the vaccines will be available through commercial insurers through health care providers/ facilities. 


The Drug Enforcement Agency has temporarily extended the flexibilities that allow physicians to prescribe controlled substances via telemedicine without an in-person evaluation. 

  • The DEA said it would allow healthcare providers to prescribe various controlled substances, including Adderall, oxycodone, buprenorphine, as well as Schedule III-V non-narcotic controlled medications, via telehealth without a prior in-person medical evaluation.
  • Per the DEA's original proposal, physicians would be able to give an initial 30-day prescription via telemedicine without an in-person exam, but then have to do an in-person exam to refill it. 
  • A 180-day grace period would be given to patients to comply with these new requirements. This rule would apply to medications that treat opioid addiction, as well as Schedule III-V non-narcotic controlled medications. 
  • During the PHE, the DEA allowed providers to prescribe controlled substances using telehealth without satisfying the in-person visit requirement; the PHE is scheduled to end May 11th. Details of the extension are expected to be published in the Federal Register in the near future.  



  • During the PHE, CMS allowed practitioners to render telehealth services from their home without reporting their home address on their Medicare enrollment while continuing to bill from their currently enrolled location. When the PHE ends, the waiver will continue through December 31, 2023.
  • In December 2022, Congress extended Medicare coverage of telehealth visits through the end of 2024.


Announcement: Department of Family Medicine Retreat May 11th. 

MCH Session Reminder: Shoulder dystocia will be taught during the retreat with several other topics. Any OB provider interested in a refresher on Shoulder Dystocia and risk management credits, please consider this training. 

Wellness Resources

The Caring for the Caregiver Program provides resources such as the Caregiver Support Line (508-334-HELP) and The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers a variety of services and supports (including virtual peer support and wellness tips. EAP can be accessed at 866-263-3525, or, [company code: UmassMemorial]. 

More information is available on the Caring for the Caregiver page.

Yoga Classes with Dr. Liz Erban

New members always welcome. 

Please join for early morning gentle yoga, Wednesday mornings 6:30am via Zoom.

Much appreciation to Dr. Liz Erban for hosting these outstanding classes. 

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 923 9393 3653 Passcode: 764113