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Fighting the Attendance Policy

Our last day of arbitration for the Attendance policy was yesterday, November 2nd.

The Arbitrator now will review all the information from both sides and determine a legal and binding decision. The arbitration process is the best way to fight the policy -through the legal process.

We anticipate a decision just after the new year.
UNAP Conference & the Patient Safety Act  

The UNAP Convention & Conference is a biennial event where Union members from all the locals gather for an informative day on union topics, education, and business of the UNAP. This year it was held at the OmniProvidence on Monday October 30th. 

In the afternoon, Representative Chris Blazejewski, sponsor of the Act, spoke to the audience on its importance in getting the bill passed. 
Rep Chris Blazejewski
We presented footage from several of the union presidents testifying  to legislators. 

Take a moment to  watch President Helene Macedo's compelling testimony in support of the  PATIENT SAFETY ACT

The event also provides an opportunity to share with other union members and foster relationships. Some of our local members below who attended. 
(l to r) Sherry-Ann Johnson, Liz Castellucci, Nancy Materne, Mona Patel and Sherry Tomasso.

Union Officer Elections
for the RIH-UNAP Executive Board  

Vote on 
VOTING TIMES:   6:30am - 8:00pm
@ RIH Cafeteria

Election Newsletter will be coming to your home soon, as well as by email and text.
Fitness Rewards

Have you submitted to Tufts for your 2017 $150 fitness rebate? 

 It is not too late to receive reimbursement for 2016. Simply open the rebate form and follow the instructions.

RIH UNAP  375 Branch Avenue Providence  RI  02904   (401) 831-3647