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December 2016 
Improving the Health & Lives of Mothers and Babies 

The Center for Maternal and Infant Health (CMIH) aims to improve the health of North Carolina's women and infants by providing quality collaborative care, translating evidence-based strategies into practice, and developing new approaches to complex problems.  During this holiday season we are excited to share with you personal stories from some of the families that we serve and to highlight those individuals who support these families with coordinated quality care.  And as always, we are thankful for your partnership!  Click here to meet our full team!
Spotlight on The Families We Serve
This time of year offers a good opportunity to pause and  remember why we do the work that we do in caring for fragile children and their families. Below are stories from three of our families who have received care coordination services. They share w here they find hope and strength in their journey, how the CMIH played a role in their care, and advice for other families or providers.

During Jismary's fifth month of pregnancy she learned that her son would need special care following his birth. Originally from Puerto Rico, she was referred her to East Carolina University and later to UNC Hospitals. She and her partner began to travel back and forth between Puerto Rico and North Carolina for care for her son, Jeddiel. As the appointments in Chapel Hill became more frequent, they eventually ended up moving to NC.

Jismary feels that her care at UNC has been stellar. She found it incredibly helpful that the hospital met a wide range of their needs ranging from providing her family with food to referring them to temporary housing options such as the Ronald McDonald house. She is happy with the quality of her son's care at UNC and grateful for all of the support that Maya Lindley,  a CMIH Care Coordinator, has provided her and her family during her son's time at UNC Hospitals. Her church also provides her with a community from which she can draw support. Jismary finds strength to fight for her son's health through her faith and through her family.

Danila was referred to UNC Hospital shortly after learning she was pregnant. After receiving the results from a chromosome test doctors recommended she return several times for more follow up tests. Danila said this was the hardest part of the pregnancy for her as it felt like each time she returned to the hospital she received more challenging news regarding the health of her baby.

On Sept 21, 2015 Danila came in for a regularly scheduled visit. She was feeling a little strange but she assumed it was related to being so far along in her pregnancy. Upon being seen by the providers at the hospital she had an emergency ultrasound. She was told she needed to go into labor right away. Her son, Luis, was born and immediately sent to the NICU. He spent the first three months of his life in the NICU. Danila says that the doctors and nurses supported her throughout this process. She also said that the social workers from CMIH were a great support system. They continued to support her when Luis had to return later on for another three months to the NICU.

When times are challenging Danila says that Luis and her other two children motivate her. She says it can be easy to lose hope, but that it is important to always look to your children as a means of continuing on and working to ensure they have a good life.

Brittany and Taylor were stationed at Fort Bragg when they found out they were pregnant with twins, Taisley and Scarlett. Their joy turned to worry when they found out that while Taisley seemed to be developing typically, Scarlett was diagnosed with anencephaly. Upon receiving this news, Brittany came to UNC Hospital and was referred to CMIH. Lisa Wellborn, a CMIH Care Coordinator, met her at her first visit to UNC and continued to checked with Brittany and Taylor throughout the pregnancy. She visited Brittany at all her prenatal appointments. She also helped Brittany and Taylor find their way around the hospital when they did not know where anything was. The twins were born on October 25, 2016.  Scarlett lived for 40 minutes and Taisley is currently in the NCCC and doing well. 
Brittany and Taylor find strength in their faith and in their family. Their advice for other families who are experiencing challenging is to focus on your little one. They stated that, "even though not everyone is religious, try to find something positive to put your focus on."  
  After Scarlett passed away, Brittany and Taylor kept her in the room for 12 hours. When they decided it was time to let her go, the nurse was very compassionate and comforting. She asked to make sure that Brittany was ready to let her go and held her hand as she cried.   "Ms. Lisa was so helpful. She was there at my first appointment and came to see me at all of my appointments.She helped us navigate the hospital and took us around to make sure we didn't get lost."  Brittany and Taylor said that the memory box they received was "the best." It contained a 3-D mold of Scarlett's feet, hand prints, memory book, and other special items.  
Our Care Coordinators
Providing families with quality and compassionate care 

The CMIH is proud to provide special, personalized care for families with complicated pregnancies and babies with serious medical problems. Our care coordinators, Lisa Welborn, Maya Lindley, and Lori Carter, work tirelessly to support families from diagnosis through discharge and beyond. Their patience, dedication, expertise and compassion makes a difference in the lives of families every day. We are deeply grateful to them for always bringing their full selves to the patients they serve and the clinicians they help!

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The CMIH Care Conference
Individualized specialized care by our team of specialists
The Center's team and partners come together weekly to develop treatment plans for new patients, report the he alth status of patients following a birth, and review their status upon discharge. The development of a single, unified plan for a patient and family is a unique service that is available to patients who are part of the Center for Maternal and Infant Health. The Care Conference includes neonatologists, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, surgeons, social workers, geneticists, nurses, and a chaplain.   The team also uses this time for continuing their education as they discuss best practice in perinatal health.
Happy Holidays

The newest member of the  CMIH and the entire team wish you a happy and healthy holiday.
Our Unsung Hero:
Lisa Bostic
Lisa Bostic is an Occupational Therapist who works in the Children's Hospital at UNC Healthcare. Lisa is a professional who not only provides excellent therapy, but also loving kindness to her patients and th eir families.

Lisa is always flexible and helpful as the CMIH team coordinates numerous appointments for medically fragile infants. She always finds a way to work our families into her schedule when they are at other clinics receiving care because she knows that having them return on another day is often a major hardship for our families. 

Her patients love her because she genuinely takes an interest in them and their families. Lisa Bostic, OT, is both a colleague and a friend of the CMIH - our 2016 unsung hero!
Please Donate to Our Family Holiday Fund
Each year we appreciate the donations we receive from colleagues for our families. Donations allow us to assist low-income families with parking fees, gasoline so they can visit their child in the hospital, meals and more. 
To make an online donation please click here! Be sure to select CMIH. You can also donate with a check, cash or gas card - please see Maya Lindley.
Congratulations Marshall!
Congratulations to Marshall for his new position at the NC TRaCS Institute! While we are sad to see him leave the CMIH, we know that great things await him in his new position. The pictures below are from his farewell celebration last month. 

Tobacco Screening and Cessation for Providers 
Contact us for free training and assistance 

  You Quit, Two Quit  has expanded services to provide training and assistance on evidence-based tobacco screening and cessation for providers who serve women of reproductive age in NC. Contact us to discuss how to enhance screening within your practice and schedule a training for your staff.  Click here to learn more.
This project is funded by the NC Department of Public Health.  
Meet Carla

Carla Salvo-Lewis began her internship with the CMIH in August 2016. Studying to earn her MSW and MPH degrees, Carla has readily taken on a wide variety of tasks - from policy, meeting planning, communication to research and evaluation. We are grateful to have her on our team. 
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