"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life...
It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. "
~Melody Beattie
It can be challenging to feel grateful when life continues to throw curveballs.  Thanksgiving reminds us to be mindful and appreciative of the little joys in life, regardless of the inevitable misfortunes.  When you step back to see the bigger picture and identify the things going right in your life, including the support, blessings, and lessons that have blossomed along the way, the impact of challenges can fade...  This is not an easy process, and is not to infer that pain should be ignored or neglected, but re-adjusting the lens with which we see the world has immense power in lightening the load.  With gratitude, we thank you for inviting us into your lives and sharing your journeys with us!  We wish you an unconditional lens of gratitude to brighten and lighten your path of health and well-being... 

Also, you may have already noticed some changes with us...We are fully transforming our name to reflect what we do more comprehensively: Monarch Wellness! :) We are expanding our array of integrative services and packages, including the addition of monthly memberships with unlimited access to classes, groups, and workshops*!  (*Memberships excludes 8 week groups.)  Ask about discounted rates for clients! 

Our full schedule is available here:

If the holidays are stressful for you or your family,  or you would like some extra gratitude encouragement this season,  join us Wednesday 12/2, 6:30-8PM for HOLIDAY DE-STRESS! :) 
With gratitude for you, we are offering $10 off per person...please call to register and take advantage of the discounted rate.
Registration Open Now for 8 WEEK GROUPS 
to begin January 2016
~ Soul Sisters Middle School Girls
~ Meditation Metamorphosis
~ Women's Empowerment
~ Men's Wellness
~ Weight Release
~ Financial Freedom
WEEKLY CLASSES (No pre-registration required)
~ Peaceful Mind
~ Specialized Yoga (Anxiety Relief, Recovery, Empowered Yoga)
~ Yoga & Movement for Well-being (Strength & Flexibility, Yoga for You,
   Qi-Gong Movement & Relaxation, Candlelight & Beach Yoga coming soon!)
~ Caterpillar Kids (Caterpillar Kids Yoga, Focused Caterpillar Kids Yoga coming soon!
   Cooperative Caterpillar Kids Club)

~ Inner Spa Day for the Mind
~ Transforming Thru Life Support Group
~ Healthy Living with Type 2 Diabetes Support Group
~ Mindful Parents
~ Free to Laugh
~ Community Wellness Workshop

THANKS for staying connected with us!  Feel free to share with any loved ones or friends who may be interested in expanding their journey of health and wellness.

With Love, Faith and Hope for your continued ability to 
TRANSFORM, EMERGE, BECOME... more FREE every day, 

(239) 325-9210

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