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November 2019
Tourism Trend 2020: Leave not only Footprints!
Photo by A Bucci
Join wildlife photographer, Anthony Bucci - aka The Owl Man - on our unique 10 day escorted small group tour around 'The Rock' from 8 to 18 June 2020.

Known for some of the largest seabird colonies in the world, with mind-boggling numbers of puffins, murres and kittiwakes lining incredible cliffs, Newfoundland's forests and barrens are alive with wildlife and northern songbirds, amongst many other species.
Visiting Witless Bay & Cape St. Mary's Eco Reserves, Terra Nova & Gros Morne National Parks, our exclusive tour takes in the diverse fauna and flora, as well as the storied Viking history of Canada's easternmost province.

Did I mention the boost to your photography skills? You'll come home with the most incredible pictures as you learn from Anthony, who's been published in National Geographic and many other nature magazines.

For years I've been on a mission to bring awareness to how and where we spend our travel budget. I'm glad to see that the world is catching on :)
Our criteria, when working with international partners is to ensure that their accommodations and services are sustainable and eco-friendly, so you can enjoy your travels, knowing that you will Leave a Legacy for future generations. Learn more...

Some thoughts on travelling responsibly:
  • When I explore this world, I will do my best to tread lightly. I will refuse single use plastics wherever possible and recycle what I cannot avoid using.
  • When I meet new people, I will honour their home and country as I do my own and do so in the spirit of diversity and inclusion. I will purchase locally made items and pay a fair price.
  • When I experience wildlife, I will do so in its natural environment. I will not ride animals that ought not to be ridden, or touch captive wildlife, nor support animal cruelty in any way.
  • I pledge to travel with a purpose and leave a legacy for future generations.
"We don't inherit the earth from our parents - we borrow it from our children."
Preventing Over-Tourism in Galapagos
Concerns around growing numbers of visitors to the Galapagos have prompted Ecuadorian officials to take measures to protect and conserve the legendary destination. Increased park entrance fees and restricting larger vessels and shorter cruises should reduce the number of visitors to this fragile ecosystem.

I've always believed that the best way to see these Enchanted Islands is on a small boat, carrying a maximum of 18 passengers. It's a close-up and sustainable way to explore this archipelago, and you'll never overcrowd an island.

Recently returned clients had this to say: "Our Galapagos cruise was outstanding. We were on a beautiful Trimaran with just 13 other travel companions. The activities were great, we snorkeled and hiked every day. We swam with sharks, sea lions and other exotic fishes, just beautiful. We saw dolphins jumping and swimming alongside our boat, just like in the movies. The service and food on board was excellent. This trip will certainly be in our memories as being one of the best and most adventurous."

Are you ready to explore these Enchanted Islands?
It was lovely to meet so many of you at the recent  YVR Travel Expo  and to share my Africa with you!

And - thank you to all who attended last month's  Travel Talk , where Calvin Cottar of Cottars Safari Camp told the fascinating story of how, in 1920 his great-grandfather established one of the first safari camps in Kenya. 
100 years later, Calvin is following in his footsteps, ensuring the land, its people and the wildlife benefit from travellers visiting this beautiful corner of the Masai Mara.

We received wonderful feed-back, including this note: "Thank you, I learned a lot of the reality of going on safari in Africa - the peoples, the wildlife and how tourism actually helps, when we make the right choices."

Need Expert Help in Planning your next Journey of Discovery?  

Yours truly paddling on the Zambezi
Paddling on the Zambezi
I trust this newsletter has offered some food for thought. Of course I am always available to bounce ideas around and to create that unforgettable trip for you, your family and friends.

Yours in Travel,

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