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May 2020 Newsletter
The Latest Happenings from the ECenter
For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE my work (it’s not a job to me) and I am passionate about what we are building and am honored to work with UNH student entrepreneurs and innovators. I have the best job on campus!

This class of 2020 holds a special place for me and in ECenter history as the first class to have access to the ECenter for all four years of their UNH education. And what a four years it has been! We celebrate those #ECenterImpact seniors who were actively engaged during all or part of their time in Durham. Please take the time to read the impressive list of their accomplishments while at the ECenter. I will forever remember students like Brandon, Dylan, Francesco, Haley, Jamie, Kristian, Marisa, Max, Michelle, Nelson, TJ, and countless more rock stars of the class of 2020. This is YOUR ECenter. YOUR second home. And a home you can ALWAYS come back to. Thank you for helping to be a part of it and to build it to the influential center it is on campus and in the country. Thank you for the gift of your curious and innovative minds. You all are on a rocket ship and we can’t wait to watch your journey ahead. I’m only sorry we can’t, today, celebrate in person.

Being off campus for the second half of the semester has not slowed the tremendous pace of student activity happening remotely through the ECenter as you will read. This newsletter edition is full of inspiring student impacts and examples of endurance and creativity to succeed.
This school year showcased why the ECenter's position as an interdisciplinary hub, not aligned to any one college, creates better opportunities for all students. All students from all majors engage daily, and the COLSA stories that follow are just some of the cross-campus collaboration that we are proud to encourage and support. There are no exclusive enclaves for ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship on UNH’s campus.
We are working hard to ensure our two summer programs (Summer Seed Grant and Paid Student Internships at Start-ups) operate at full, or significantly full, capacity where possible. We know the importance of them to student development and experiential learning.
Finally, if you like what you see, and you have the opportunity, please consider supporting the ECenter during the #603Challenge at the end of the month. Every $10, $50, or $500 goes a long way. ALL of our programs are donor funded, so your gift will directly impact student success and transformative learning experiences. Thank you.

Stay curious and stay healthy,
Ian Grant
Executive Director, ECenter
ECenter Students Clean Sweep at Holloway
Kikori's Kendra Bostick '22
ecotext's (l to r) Nelson Thomas '20, Dylan Wheeler '20
& Rachel Yee '20
Scrapp's (l to r) Evan Gwynne Davies '20, Daniel Marek '20
& Mikey Pasciuto '20
The Championship Round of the Holloway Prize Competition at UNH's Paul College took place virtually on May 6th. For the first time ever, all six final teams were coached by the ECenter!

We would like to applaud the efforts of the Holloway Prize team, particularly Andrew Earle (chair) and Aidan Kittredge '21, for executing a flawless Zoom-based finals. We also thank Paul and Anna Grace Holloway for their continued sponsorship of this inspiring event.

First place team, Kikori, was founded by Kendra Bostick '22 (Grad School). Kikori is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that supports educators in transforming their classrooms through experiential education activities so their students can transform the world. Said Kendra, "I cannot say enough about the invaluable experience I received by participating in the Paul J. Holloway Prize and being coached by Ian Grant. Through this competition, I grew immeasurably in all areas of entrepreneurship including developing my business strategy, constructing my financial model, learning presentation skills and creating the documents, videos, and pitch needed for a scalable company. Ian Grant has been supportive since day one (literally!) and advised me weekly throughout the entire process. I do not have a business background, and Ian met me where I was at and believed in me, while also providing me with the tools and guidance needed."

Second place team, ecoText, was represented in the Prize Competition by Nelson Thomas '20 (Paul College), Dylan Wheeler '20 (CEPS and COLA), and Rachel Yee '20 (COLSA). The full ecoText team also includes a few UNH alumni. See the ecoText story later in the newsletter for more. ecoText's mission is to reduce the financial obstacles of the high cost of college textbooks to create opportunity through affordability. ecoText bridges the gaps between colleges, publishers, professors, and students by aggregating titles onto its online platform that is set to become the ultimate collaboration learning tool for students and professors.
“After two years of not even making it past the second round, our company rose to the challenge and placed second overall this year in addition to winning the People’s Choice award. Having the opportunity to work so intimately with Ian allowed us to iterate on our business plan and face the tough questions before it counted," said Dylan Wheeler.

The third place team was Scrapp, founded by Evan Gwynne Davies '20 (CEPS), Daniel Marek '20 (CEPS), and Mikey Pasciuto '20 (CEPS). Scrapp is a free-to-download, gamified, smartphone application which educates consumers and rewards individuals and institutions for recycling correctly. Commented Daniel Marek, "Our time throughout the competition was a steep learning curve to say the least! But we were really fortunate to have the support of our mentors including Ian Grant, Dr. Kwiatkowski, and Andrea O’Brien who all provided us with their incredible guidance throughout the process. The feedback from the judges has allowed us to take our initial concept, pivot numerous times and thoroughly refine it. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the Paul J. Holloway Competition and honored to have been awarded the third prize amongst the other two very deserving teams. We are proud of what we have achieved in so little time, and excited for what’s to come next for Scrapp."

Three ECenter-coached teams won runner-up prizes: Jessica Nelson '21, Jamie Nelson '20, and TJ Evarts '20 of BuddyUp, Caleb Peffer '21 and Nick Camara '21 of HallHub, and Cameron Horack '21 of SQN Capital Partners.

“There are so many stories within the story this year. Stories of perseverance, dedication, and reward,” said Ian Grant, ECenter’s Executive Director. He continued, “This is ecoText’s third year of applying to Holloway and first year that they made it to the semi-finals and finals. It would have been easy to just focus on other things, but they continued to listen to customers, develop a product, and beta with students at 26 different colleges. That level of understanding and idea maturity helped them grab 2nd place. Scrapp came to the ECenter in the fall of 2019 and was frustrated that they didn’t make the finals of UNH’s Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC). They doubled down, did over 100 customer discovery interviews and modified their approach and offering to meet the needs of customers. That focus helped them place third! Finally, Kikori, who also won SVIC in 2019, has been sprinting to launch their beta in 2020 and build on the momentum they created for themselves. Competition wins are not the end goal, but rather a means to get to the bigger stages ahead.”

Ian added, "While the three other teams didn’t secure top spots, they all are strong ideas that need some more development time and proof of customer acceptance. No doubt they have what it takes to get onto the podium in the future.”

Congratulations to Kikori, ecoText, Scrapp, BuddyUp, HallHub, and SQN Capital Partners!
$5,000 in i2 Passport Prizes Awarded Virtually
Sponsored by the Patten Family Foundation, the innovative i2 Passport Program rewards students for engaging in ideas and entrepreneurship activities on campus with the chance to win $35,000 in cash prizes to help pay off student loans and tuition. i2P encourages students to start to explore and understand ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship and how they might incorporate aspects into their personal and academic lives. 

Although UNH’s semester on campus ended early due to COVID-19, we still wanted to recognize the students who worked hard during the spring semester and award prizes in the i2 Passport Program. A modified prize structure of raffle drawings was set up to recognize the most dedicated i2 Passport students from spring 2020. The virtual Award Ceremony was scheduled for Friday, April 10th. Despite the abbreviated semester, over 30 students qualified for prizes! Congratulations to the drawing winners!

$1,000 Raffle Winners:
  • Jack Wixson ’23 (Paul College) from Durham, NH
  • Jacob Uren ’22 (COLSA) from Cornwall, NY
  • Madison McEachern ’23 (COLSA) from Burlington, MA
$500 Raffle Winners: 
  • Claire Anderson ’22 (Paul College) from Florham Park, NJ 
  • Izaiah Barba ’22 (Paul College) from Rye, NH
Of her i2 Passport experience, $1,000 raffle winner Madison McEachern '23 commented, "I have participated in i2 Passport for two semesters now and it has been a great experience! It has allowed me to participate in so many events, meet new friends, and learn a lot of skills that can be transferable to so many careers.”   Added $500 winner Izaiah Barba '22, “i2 Passport is an amazing opportunity and has played a tremendous impact on my life!”

"Even though this was the seventh semester of i2 Passport, it was especially unique, given the circumstances. I'm thrilled we found a way to award prizes to these dedicated students. Before the UNH campus closed for the semester, the ECenter team had many opportunities to engage with these innovative students at i2 Passport events, such as the Agile Bootcamps with Bottomline Technologies and Start-up and High-Growth Career Fair co-hosted by UNH's Entrepreneurship Club and Career and Professional Success. I look forward to another i2 Passport semester next academic year," said Heather MacNeill, ECenter Senior Program Manager and i2 Passport Program lead.

Congratulations to all the winners and great job on all your hard work this semester! Thank you to the Patten Family Foundation for making the i2 Passport Program possible!
Spotlight on COLSA Student Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship may not seem like a most obvious match for students in the biological sciences, but the 2019-2020 academic year at the ECenter has proved that students in UNH’s College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA) are eager to embrace ideas and innovation as part of their university experience. This year, the ECenter has seen record success with students in COLSA, ranging from engagement in i2 Passport, the Idea & Innovation Society, idea coaching, and the Maurice Prize for Innovation.

This spring, Hannah Ziegele ’20 was the first COLSA student to win the Maurice Prize for Innovation. Read on for more about Hannah’s journey through the competition later in the newsletter.
COLSA students Grace Higgins '23 (l) & Madison McEachern '23 (r) present at the fall 2019 hackathon with The Kane Company
The spring 2020 semester of our i2 Passport Program was forced to end early due COVID-19, but COLSA students took home top prizes! Of the three $1,000 raffle winners, two are COLSA students - Jacob Uren ’22 from Cornwall, NY and Madison McEachern ’23 from Burlington, MA. Of his i2 Passport experience, Jacob said, "the i2 Passport program has been a fun, interactive adventure affording me many opportunities. I am looking forward to next semester i2 Passport Program.”

Madison is also a member of the ECenter's Idea & Innovation Society, a community created for innovative-minded first year students—from all colleges and backgrounds—to connect, collaborate, share ideas and resources, and to help them run faster with their ideas and innovations. In the fall 2019 semester, Madison participated in the ECenter's hackathon/ideathon, sponsored by The Kane Company, where she won the Best Research Data prize with fellow COLSA and Idea & Innovation Society student, Grace Higgins '23. Madison also made it to the second round of the Holloway Prize this spring and has been accepted to be an ECenter Ebassador for 2020-2021.

COLSA student Rachel Yee '20, under the mentorship of the ECenter's Ian Grant, just came in second place with her teammates for their start-up, ecoText, in Paul College's Holloway Prize Competition! ecoText also took home the People's Choice Award.

Said Jon Wraith, Dean of COLSA, “We appreciate the opportunities the ECenter provides to UNH students, and it’s great that COLSA students took such productive advantage of them this year.” We couldn’t be more pleased with the hard work and dedication that COLSA students have put into the growth and development of their ideas, and we appreciate the partnership and support of everyone in the COLSA administration. We can’t wait to see what COLSA students do next!
ECenter Makerspace Supports
3D Printing Face Shield Initiative
When the UNH campus shut down in March, the ECenter didn't expect to turn our Makerspace's 3D printers on for the rest of the semester, but when the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard asked UNH to help 3D print head bands for full face shields for local medical professionals, we jumped at the chance to help. We fired up three of our 3D printers, plus a personal 3D printer and got to work, printing nearly constantly for weeks.

The ECenter is part of a team of departments from all around UNH contributing to this effort with 3D printing. The head bands (pictured above on the left) are collected by the Shipyard, cleaned, assembled, and distributed to health care facilities around New England. In addition to the head bands, we've been printing "ear savers," pictured above on the right. Ear savers connect to the elastic bands that usually go around the ears with some face masks. Instead of bothering the ears with constant wearing, the ear savers take the pressure off the elastic and fit around the back of the head.

"The ECenter team, Makerspace student mentors, and I are so proud to have the ECenter's Makerspace contribute in this way. The Makerspace's printers were moved into my basement so the ECenter could help, even with campus shut down. The printers will keep on working as long as they're needed to help our healthcare workers who are giving so much to help the rest of us," said Heather MacNeill, Makerspace Advisor and project manager.

To date, the ECenter has contributed over 500 headbands and over 200 ear savers. Our printing efforts are made possible by the Patten Family Foundation, which funds the Makerspace's equipment and materials, such as the PLA used for 3D printing. Thank you to the Patten Family Foundation!

If you'd like to read more about this 3D printing initiative at UNH, check out this story from UNH Today.
ecoText Launches Equity Crowdfunding Effort
The ECenter first met ecoText in September 2017 when the idea launched at UNH and the founding team approached Ian Grant to be their advisor. ecoText fills a real need in the market. Students and their families struggle every semester to cover the high “out of pocket” costs of college textbooks. ecoText’s mission is to reduce these financial obstacles to create opportunity through affordability. ecoText bridges the gaps between colleges, publishers, professors, and students by aggregating titles onto its online platform that is set to become the ultimate collaboration learning tool for students and professors.
From l to r: Joel Nkounkou, Dylan Wheeler & Nelson Thomas
As you read in the Holloway story above, ecoText has been working hard over the past few years.

It's an exciting time for ecoText, and not just because they came in second at the 2020 Holloway Prize Competition and won the People's Choice Award. The ecoText team, made up of CEO Joel Nkounkou '18, CMO Nelson Thomas '20, CTO Dylan Wheeler '20, CPO Evan Shaw, CIO Hans Massie '19, CFO Sam Werman '18, and Head of Business Development Rachel Yee '20, just launched their first investment round. "Between myself and the ecoText team, the ECenter became a secondary home, filled with long days of learning and inspiring late nights of collaboration. Today I’m beyond proud of the progress ecoText has made, officially commencing our first investment round and the A1 individuals at the ECenter played a giant role in this current success," said CEO Joel Nkounkou. Over $20,000 has been raised in the investment round so far with a target of $255,000. This round ends on June 26, 2020.

Added CMO Nelson Thomas, "As we have grown, the ECenter has been alongside us guiding us in the right direction. The lessons and experience we garnered from our interactions as well as the events that the ECenter puts on are skills that we will carry throughout our journey with ecoText. Thank you to all that make the ECenter special!"

We're excited to see where this investment round takes ecoText on their journey to disrupt the college textbook market!
COLSA Student Wins the
Maurice Prize for Innovation
On April 21st the ECenter conducted final presentations for the Maurice Prize for Innovation via Zoom, a first in the history of this prize. This year’s competition featured three outstanding teams covering a spectrum of students who have been engaged with the ECenter for years, to those who have only recently discovered the resources available to them.

After several hours of Zoom presentations and a robust judging deliberation, the ECenter was pleased to award the Maurice Prize to Hannah Ziegele! Hannah is a senior in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, graduating with the Class of 2020 as a Biomedical Science, Veterinary Science major, and a Dairy Management minor. She is the first COLSA student to win the Maurice Prize.
Maurice Prize 2020 Winner Hannah Ziegele '20
Said Hannah, “This whole experience has been wonderful and I’m so grateful I got to learn about innovation through it all!”

Hannah’s idea, AnimalTemp, provides constant, reliable, and non-invasive temperature readings for animals of all sizes by using an RFID tag attached to a collar. Between November 2019 and March 2020, Hannah not only grew AnimalTemp from a nascent idea to the product she presented before the judges, but acquired numerous skills during her journey, ranging from idea development and exploring the entrepreneurial process, to learning the RFID and antenna technology required to bring her idea to fruition.

All participants in this year’s competition put together excellent presentations and worked hard to grow their ideas. We are proud not only of Hannah’s achievements, but those of the runners-up: BuddyUp, comprised of Jessica Nelson ’21 (PAUL), Jamie Nelson ’20 (PAUL), and TJ Evarts ’20 (CEPS), and JukeBot, put forth by Patrick Earley ’22 (PAUL). We congratulate all three teams for raising the bar of innovation and entrepreneurship at UNH.

The J. Dolores and Alfred P. Maurice Prize for Innovation was founded by Fred Maurice with the goal of encouraging students to be daring and embrace both success and failure as equally valuable outcomes of the innovation learning experience. The Maurice Prize, first awarded in 2018, is now in its third year of supporting those first leaps of student innovation and curiosity, and we are grateful to Fred Maurice for endowing this gift to UNH's ECenter.
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With Us from the Start:
ECenter Celebrates Graduating Seniors
Four years ago, the ECenter opened its doors to a community of curious, entrepreneurial Wildcats. Now, with graduation upon us, we bid farewell to that first cohort of student innovators who benefited from ECenter resources throughout their entire UNH career.

There’s a lot to take advantage of at the ECenter in just four short years. With programs and opportunities ranging from Idea Creation, Pitching, Sales, and Marketing Bootcamps; use of the University’s only student-run, free-to-use Makerspace; student clubs and leadership organizations like the UNH Entrepreneurship Club and the first-year Idea & Innovation Society; idea coaching for business or competitions; mentoring by alumni and industry professionals; Student Idea Seed Fund grants to kick-start businesses; Summer Seed Grant funding for an entire summer of growing an idea or start-up; experiential internship programs… There’s no rest for the inspired, or the many students who have engaged with the ECenter, and these programs, over the past four years. 

As the Class of 2020 graduates in unprecedented times, without the usual pomp and circumstance surrounding commencement, our concern for their happiness and wellbeing is natural. But despite the challenges before us as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that this group of innovative, entrepreneurial individuals will succeed, regardless of what lies ahead. With the skills to think creatively and solve the problems they see in the world, and the drive to grow their ideas and build a better future, we are confident that the Class of 2020’s #ECenterImpact students are well-equipped to deal with whatever life brings them.

Congratulations, graduates!
Ali Asghar, CEPS - Makerspace Mentor

Taylor Barbagallo, PAUL - i2 Passport Top 20

Will Bodewes, CEPS - 2020 Holloway Prize Bud Albin (semi-finals) – 3rd Place in High Tech track, Lightening Bike Pump

Alex Bunnell, PAUL - 2019 Paid Student Internship at Start-Ups Program

Haley Burns, PAUL - 2019 Social Venture Innovation Challenge – 1st Place Community Track, V’Ice

Kristian Comer, CEPS - 2018 Holloway Prize – 1st Place, YouScheduler; Start-up co-founder, YouScheduler; 2019 Maurice Prize finalist; Internship Program host; NSF I-Corps program graduate; 1st place in Spring 2018 Hackathon

Sara Cordova, PAUL - i2 Passport Top 20

Devin Cowhig, PAUL - i2 Passport Top 20

Evan Gwynne Davies, CEPS - 2020 Holloway Prize – 3rd Place, Scrapp; NSF I-CORPS program graduate

Trevor Deane, PAUL - Crypto Club Hackathon

Tiger Destefano, PAUL - 2020 Holloway Prize Bud Albin (semi-finals) – 2nd Place High Growth track, Ambrosia Fabrics; NSF I-CORPS program graduate

Jon Dryja, PAUL - 2019 Paid Student Internship at Start-Ups Program

Paige Duffy, PAUL - i2 Passport Top 20

TJ Evarts, CEPS - 2019 eFest National Competition – 2nd Place, SMARTwheel; Start-up founder, SMARTwheel; 2020 Holloway Prize top 6 finalist, BuddyUp; 2018 Summer Seed Grant winner; 2020 Maurice Prize finalist; i2 Passport Top 20; 2017 Holloway Prize Top 6 finalist, NextStep; Hackathons: 1st place in 2016, 3rd place in Spring 2018, Best Category Winner in Fall 2019, 1st place in Spring 2020; Entrepreneurship Club president

Ilya Feldman, PAUL - 2019 Holloway Prize Bud Albin (semi-finals), Upstream Care

Althea Gere, PAUL - i2 Passport Top 20

Francis Gesel, CHHS - i2 Passport Top 20

Annie Henry, PAUL - 2019 Paid Student Internship at Start-Ups Program

Scott Hinds, PAUL - i2 Passport – 2nd Place, Fall 2019

Bayley Hookway, PAUL - Makerspace Mentor

Kaylee Lanczycki, COLA - i2 Passport Top 20

Francesco Mikulis -Borsoi, CEPS - 2018 Holloway Prize – 1st Place; Start-up co-founder, YouScheduler; Maurice Prize finalist; Internship Program host; NSF I-Corps program graduate; Hackathons: 1st place in Spring 2017, 1st place in Spring 2018, 2nd place in Fall 2018, Best Category Winner in Fall 2019
Max Miller, CEPS - 2017 Holloway Prize – 1st Place (first freshman to win), Droppn; 2019 Holloway Prize Bud Albin (semi-finals), MDRemindMe; 2017 Summer Seed Grant winner; Maurice Prize judge, multiple years; Hackathons: 1st place in Fall 2016, 2nd place in Fall 2018, Best Category Winner in Fall 2019

Jamie Nelson, PAUL 2020 Holloway Prize top 6 finalist, BuddyUp; 2019 Holloway Prize Bud Albin (semi-finals), Harvest Plus; 2019 and 2020 Maurice Prize finalist; i2 Passport – 1st Place, Fall 2017; i2 Passport – Runner Up, Spring 2019; 2nd place in Spring 2017 Hackathon; Entrepreneurship Club president

Michelle Paradise, CEPS - Makerspace Mentor; University Innovation Fellow

Quinn Parker, CEPS - i2 Passport Top 20

Mikey Pasciuto, CEPS - 2020 Holloway Prize – 3rd Place, Scrapp; NSF I-CORPS program graduate

Patrick Poulin, COLA - i2 Passport Top 20

Marisa Rafal, GRAD - 2019 Maurice Prize winner, NH Toy Library Network; 2019 Summer Seed Grant recipient; 2019 Social Venture Innovation Challenge – 3rd Place Student Track

Heidi Simoneau, COLSA - i2 Passport Top 20

Brandon Smith, GRAD - Makerspace founding member and Chair of Board of Directors; 2018 Holloway Prize – 3rd Place, Pathlete

Grace Stott, COLSA - i2 Passport Top 20

Nick Stuart, PAUL - 2017 Paid Student Internship at Start-Ups Program ; i2 Passport Top 20; University Innovation Fellow; 2nd place in Spring 2017 Hackathon

Scott Sullivan, CEPS - Makerspace Mentor

Nelson Thomas, COLA - 2020 Holloway Prize – 2nd Place & People’s Choice, ecoText; Start-up co-founder, ecoText; 2018 Social Venture Innovation Challenge finalist; ECenter Ebassador

Dylan Wheeler, COLA & CEPS - 2020 Holloway Prize – 2nd Place & People’s Choice, ecoText; Start-up co-founder, ecoText; Start-up founder, Triumph Software; i2 Passport 2017-2018 Grand Prize winner; 2018 Social Venture Innovation Challenge finalist; 2nd place in Spring 2017 Hackathon; ECenter Ebassador

Rachel Yee, COLSA - 2020 Holloway Prize – 2nd Place & People’s Choice, ecoText

Hannah Ziegele, COLSA - 2020 Maurice Prize winner, AnimalTemp
Nomination Deadline Extended for the UNH Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame 2020
DEADLINE EXTENDED! In light of the impact of COVID-19, applications for the UNH Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame are being accepted now until July 1st. That's plenty of time to nominate a worthy Wildcat!
If you're a UNH alum who would like to be considered for the Hall of Fame, or if you know a UNH alum deserving of recognition, submit the nomination by July 1, 2020. Self nominations are encouraged!
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