What's happening?
There is so much collaboration happening! Woohoo!!! 

Are you coming from fear, or love? Separation, or unity? Ego, or your I Am Presence?!

Just show up, & say YES!

The Source - Weekly Shows/ Live Calls - Project managing Paradise On Earth- Humanitarian Project Pipelines, Collaborative Governance, Global Women's Empowerment, Systems for the New Earth, Grounding Intentional Communities, Collective Wealth Stewardship, & More!

"Core Project Collaboration" Conference - April 19 @4-6pm pst, May 17, June 14, More TBD
Present your project, collaborate with our co-creators, your speech will become a Source Talk, and shared around the world.

Join the  Guardian Alliance , we had an amazing  "Round Table" on Sunday, with about 20-30 amazing individuals! Weekly calls on Sundays!

Awakening Sovereignty Collective - Join us in Chat! Collaborate on so many amazing projects!

New Earth Festival - Livestream for sale now! April 5-9 in Bali.

Portal To The New Earth - May 5-8, & Village Building Immersion May 8-12 -

HempAndHeal.Com - Heal yourself, heal your family, heal your friends - This is the opportunity for all of us to come into abundance together, now! To ground our communities now!

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The Source:
"Let There Be Love"


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Let There Be Love!
May you be blessed to infinity, may miracles be your every moment, love and abundance for you, yours, and all in your path!

To & From The Heart Of Creation,

Within, Without,
As Above, So Below,
I Am That, I Am,

~ The Source