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Second year medical student Emily Guyaux, in collaboration with Family Medicine resident Jonathan Chiang, had their poster accepted to the Annual Nevada Academy of Family Physicians Meeting in Lake Tahoe. The subject: "Assessing Medical Education Satisfaction in a Student Run Free Clinic."

SOM Faculty Promotion Workshop for tenure and non-tenure track faculty -- scheduled for Feb 7th, 5:30 pm, room 519 in the 2040 building. The process and criteria for promotion will be detailed and the review cycle calendar will be discussed.
Making The Rounds with Dean Barbara AtkinsonM
 Issue 181 - Feb 5th, 2019
We’ve all heard, “It takes a village to raise a child” -- an expression emanating from an African proverb which means it takes an entire community interacting meaningfully with children in order for a child to grow up safely and intellectually curious. Well, it also takes an entire community to raise the UNLV School of Medicine. It’s not enough to have only the legislature or large philanthropic organizations backing a new school. You also need individuals and smaller groups -- people who understand what a medical school can mean to Southern Nevada’s quality of life -- doing what they can to ensure a bright future for the school. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to three women who, through the Clark County Medical Society Alliance, are helping to ensure that the best and brightest students attend the UNLV School of Medicine.
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Clark County Medical Society Alliance
Dedicated to Improving Health of Southern Nevadans
Co-Presidents of the Clark County Medical Society Alliance (L-R) Estela Hansen, Kim Fonte, Sharlin Ahmed-Khan
Kim Fonte, Sharlin Ahmed-Khan, PhD, Estela Hansen, RN -- three women working to make a difference in Southern Nevada.

They are doing it under the volunteer umbrella of the Clark County Medical Society Alliance (CCMSA), a 70-year-old service organization that focuses on building a healthier Southern Nevada, a nonprofit comprised of nearly 200 physicians and physician spouses.

Co-presidents of the Alliance, they are also members of  CCMSA’s Team Alliance, which participates in many community charitable events, including: Mark 10:14 BBQ for Special Needs Children at Faith Lutheran High School, Walk to End Alzheimers, Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and fundraising to provide shoes and socks for the homeless.

The Alliance’s  largest fundraisers, the Annual Fashion Show Luncheon in March and the Holiday Scholarship Project, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for organizations that include the American Heart/Stroke Association and for scholarships for nursing and medical school students -- yes, our UNLV School of Medicine students are benefiting from their wonderful community outreach.  

“I get a lot of pleasure out of helping others,” says Dr. Ahmed-Khan, a mother of three who holds a doctorate in genetic engineering from Africa’s University of Zimbabwe. Married to cardiologist Dr. Shahab Khan, she teaches university biology and genetics online  “Helping others revitalizes me on a spiritual level.”

Ask these well-educated women why they do what they do -- whether it be raising money for scholarships or for organizations helping families affected with Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD) -- and you quickly learn they truly believe it is necessary for a healthier Southern Nevada to be created, but it will not come to pass without vision, commitment, passion and respect for the human personality and frailties of man.

“I want to give back to the community, to make it a better place,” says Fonte, a mother of two with a BS degree in Biochemistry. Previously married to a physician, Fonte has a 15-year-old teen with ASD. “The Alliance has given me a powerful and meaningful way to serve the community.”

Fonte, who owns  Lunch Buddies catering company and also works at New York Life helping families with life insurance, long-term care and retirement planning, starts work every day between 1 and 2 a.m. Her children’s bedtime, 8 p.m. is also hers.  “I feel very fortunate that I have the flexibility in schedule to work and volunteer,” she says.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of the solution to problems in the community,” says Hansen, a registered nurse who serves as office manager for the medical practice of her husband, Dr. Lindsay Hansen, an internist. “My mother was that way and I carried it on with my college aged children as well. It’s important to make a difference.”
“Many of the organizations working with autism are geared for younger children,” Fonte points out. “People forget these kids grow up. Yes, we have early intervention, but what happens when these kids grow up?"
The Holiday Scholarship Project during the winter, notes Hansen, who also was president of the Alliance about a decade ago, consists of soliciting donations, largely from the medical community. Over the years, more than a half million dollars has gone to deserving students. The donations are recognized at the February luncheon. Later this month, the amount raised this holiday season will be announced.

“We like to see kids who are passionate about going into the medical field get scholarships,” says Hansen.

On March 19, 2019 the 18th Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel. One of the preeminent philanthropic events in Las Vegas, all proceeds this year will go to New Vista, UNLV’s Project F.O.C.U.S. and Sunshine Nevada Organization, all organizations that reach out to those with Autism transitioning to adulthood.

“Many of the organizations working with autism are geared for younger children,” Fonte points out. “People forget these kids grow up. Yes, we have early intervention, but what happens when these kids grow up. We want to support all organizations including those who are helping those who service an aging population and hope that even more organizations join.”

Fonte noted Sunshine Nevada Organization offers Camp Shine, a free of charge first of its kind camp designed for young adults with Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD) who have transitioned out of most support services and systems.  New Vista provides supported living homes and an array of programs to promote independence. UNLV’s Project F.O.C.U.S. is a comprehensive post-secondary education program for college-aged students with intellectual/developmental disabilities, including autism.

“I’m so happy and proud that the Alliance can help out worthy organizations,” says Hansen.  “We’re so excited that the new UNLV School of Medicine has opened. It’s going to make a big difference in Southern Nevada.”

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