Weekly Wellness Tip: How can we use mindfulness in our everyday life?

How can we be more mindful during our busy days and nights? I like the idea of working in mindfulness exercises in my daily life.

  1. Challenge yourself to look for at least 3 things you have not previously noticed on your daily walk to your car or apartment as you leave campus.
  2. Practice mindful eating. Take a couple seconds and feel the weight of that forkful of food, feeling the weight in your hand. Observe the tiny wisps of steam coming off the food, the color or the texture. Then enjoy it and go on with your dinner.
  3. The next time you see a familiar bird, try not to automatically label it (e.g. “I see a robin.”) Instead, take note of its colors, its size, and the way it moves and try to describe it to someone who has never seen a robin.
See what I mean? Take simple, everyday tasks and challenge your brain to look at things differently. That’s mindfulness in action. –Dr. Steve Wengel

Weekly Wellness Tips are courtesy of UNO/UNMC Campus Wellness