Weekly Wellness Tip: How can UNMC students work mindfulness in their busy schedules?

The simplest and most effective way I know is to deliberately slow your breathing down for a little while. Count silently to 6 while inhaling, hold the breath for a second or two, then count silently to 6 while exhaling. If we do this 4 times in a row, it will tend to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” system) and turn off the sympathetic (“fight or flight”) system. You can sprinkle this liberally during the busiest day, while driving or while watching a lecture.
There are many other simple ways to use mindfulness principles in our daily lives. Check out some of the resources on the UNMC Wellness webpage for more ideas. Dr. Steve Wengel

Weekly Wellness Tips are courtesy of UNO/UNMC Campus Wellness