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Current Junior Fellows at UNU-ONY 
(February-July 2011)
Natalia Palomares Moral

Portia Gama

Yiwen Looi
Fomer JF's experience at UNU...
"The work allows you to peek into a large range of institutions and issue areas of the United Nations. Not only do you learn a lot about different working areas, but you can also access it from several angles, interacting with international civil servants, academics, and diplomats."

Jibecke Joensson, Former Junior Fellow, Current - PhD Student at European University Institute, Florence, Italy
About Us

As part of its mandate to serve the United Nations University, UNU-ONY has a multifaceted mandate with an overarching mission to showcase and make UNU 

institutes and programmes available to the UN Secretariat, UN Permanent Missions, NGO's, Academics and civil society.

2 UN Plaza, DC2-2060
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UNU-ONY Internship Vacancy - August 2011-January 2012
Description of UNU-ONY Internship Opportunities
About Us

UNU-ONY Internship Vacancy:

August 2011-January 2012

                              Deadline: Wednesday 15 June 2011

Dear Colleague, 

The United Nations University Office at the United Nations in New York (UNU-ONY) is recruiting Junior Fellows for the August 2011-January 2012 session.


The title given to the Junior Fellows reflects a combination of academic excellence, professional aptitude and diligent work ethic exhibited by the members of the programme.



Requirements and guidelines for application are found below. More information can also be found on the UNU-ONY



Please circulate this announcement to your students, colleagues and friends who may be interested in participating in the programme or in disseminating this great opportunity to young professionals.


The deadline for receiving applications is Wednesday, 15 June 2011. Please do not hesitate to consult our website or contact us directly if you have any questions or comments.

With kind regards,


United Nations University Office at the UN, New York
2 UN Plaza, Room DC2-2060, New York, NY 10017
Tel.: 212-963-6387
Fax: 212-371-2144
Email: jpfony@unu.edu
Website: http://www.ony.unu.edu 
UNU-ONY Internship Opportunities


United Nations University is a global institution, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is an agency of the United Nations, serves as a think tank and university of the UN, and aims to bridge the gap between policy makers and academia.


UNU-ONY showcases the work of UNU around the world, to the UN System, the Permanent Missions, academia, NGOs, foundations, etc.


Junior Fellows' Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Junior Fellows range widely, encompassing many aspects of UNU-ONY's work. These responsibilities fit into the following aspects:



Junior Fellows organize public seminars and invitation-only forums to showcase UNU's research and work from different UNU institutes and programmes around the world, and promote a dialogue around global issues relevant to the UN. Responsibilities of event organizers include liaising with speakers, preparing interview scripts, planning the agenda, arranging media coverage, conducting background research and other responsibilities as needed.


New Media

Responsibilities include maintaining the website, blog and new media portals of UNU-ONY, conducting and moderating discussion during live webcasts, disseminating publicity/informative materials via social networking and new media avenues. 


Multimedia and IT

Responsibilities include filming events and interviews, editing and organizing video and audio files of events and interviews, conducting live webcast of events, updating the website contents, and other technical support if required.


Fundraising and Development

Junior Fellows assist with fundraising, development and other related work as required.


Additional Responsibilities

Junior Fellows are also responsible for general office work and administrative support, building database of experts, assisting in the recruitment process of Junior Fellows for the following session, as well as research assistance if needed.


Please note: the Junior Fellows position requires a full-time commitment. These are unpaid positions.




Qualifications required:

* Strong communication and interpersonal skills

* Advanced level of English required (spoken and written)

* Ability to work in a team

* Proficiency in Microsoft Office and familiarity with Web 2.0

* Strong writing and analytical skills

* Knowledge of at least two official UN languages desirable

* Master's degree within relevant subjects preferred



How to apply:


Step 1: Complete the application form that can be found at http://www.ony.unu.edu/internships 


Step 2: Upload the following application materials online:

  • Resume/CV
  • Cover letter: in the letter, please indicate which areas you will be interested in working 
  • 1-3 page writing sample in English
  • 1-3 page writing sample in another language, preferably in French, Spanish or other UN official languages
  • Scanned version of the complete form (signed and stamped) from your nominating institution. This form is applicable to candidates seeking internship as part of their current studies. This form can be downloaded at www.ony.unu.edu/internships 


Step 3: Send two letters of recommendation to UNU-ONY by email at jpfony@unu.edu (Subject line: "Reference Letter - Candidate's Last Name, First Name ")


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About Us:


As part of its mandate to serve the United Nations University, UNU-ONY has a multifaceted mandate with an overarching mission to showcase and make UNU institutes and programmes available to the UN Secretariat, UN Permanent Missions, NGOs, academics and civil society.

2 UN Plaza, DC2-2060
NY, New York 10017

Tel: 212-963-6387
Fax: 212-371-2144


To stay informed of UNU-ONY events or to subscribe to our mailing list: http://ony.unu.edu.  


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