December 2021 | Volume 1 Issue 4

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Guam Green Growth Community Garden hosts Guåhan Sustainable Culture weekly workshops 

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Guåhan Sustainable Culture (GSC) and AmeriCorps GSC are bringing weekly educational outreach to the Guam Green Growth Community Garden with the launch of weekly community workshops.  

The activities are free to the public and aim to encourage participation and sustainable development amongst families on Guam.  

The weekly schedule includes Monday’s HomeGrown Giving and Seeds Giveaways, Garden Tour Day every Tuesday, Container Gardening Workshops on Thursdays, Seedling giveaways every Friday and special Neni Activities on certain Saturdays. 


Demeulenaere defends study supporting Indigenous participation in Serianthes preservation 

Else Demeulenaere, the associate director of the University of Guam Center for Island Sustainability, has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, “Rooted in Environmental Justice: Phytogeography and Ethnoecology of Serianthes,” on October 14. 

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Mayors awarded G3 Commitment badges for dedication to sustainability

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Three more village mayors received recognition for their efforts in advancing the first and second Sustainable Development Goals of "No Poverty" and "Zero Hunger" as a part of the Guam Green Growth Commitment badge program. 


Agana Heights Mayor Paul McDonald, Asan-Maina Mayor Frankie Salas, and Sånta Rita-Sumai Mayor Dale Alvarez were recognized at the Mayors' Council of Guam meeting on Tuesday, December 7. The three joined the first 12 village mayors who received their badges in July. 


The Guam Green Growth Commitment (G3C) badge program of the University of Guam recognizes and rewards participation from businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and community groups in developing and creating sustainable practices that align with the Guam Green Growth Action Framework and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


BYOB Outreach Schedule


Stay updated and meet us at our next Bring Your Own Bag outreach event to get a FREE reusable shopping bag!

See the BYOB Schedule here!

Check out the CIS resources available now


Our CIS Natural Resources team has got posters, reports and more to keep you updated! Check out our resources page to download them now!

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Come spark new industries in new Guam Green Growth Makerspace 

Entrepreneurs and creators throughout the island can put their innovative abilities to work and transform waste into marketable products at one convenient location in the coming weeks.  


The Guam Green Growth (G3) Circular Economy Makerspace and Innovation Hub will celebrate its grand opening to the public at 3:30 p.m. January 13, 2022, out of three houses at the CHamoru Village in Hagåtña.  


UOG Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant assist with aquaculture feasibility study with big implications for Guam’s future 

The University of Guam Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant have been tapped to assist in a feasibility study that explores the potential of aquaculture as a viable industry on the island.  


Hawai’i-based aquaculture expert Jim Wyban spoke about the study at the monthly aquaculture stakeholders meeting on Thursday, Dec 9, at the UOG College of Natural and Applied Sciences.  


How to make eco-friendly and nature-inspired Christmas ornaments

Christmas is approaching and everyone is getting their tree ready. Decorating Christmas trees reminds me of my childhood and brings up fond memories.

When I was my daughter’s age, around 12 years old, we had Christmas ornaments made of glass. We had to handle them with care, ensuring they were hung properly so they would not fall to the ground and shatter into thousand pieces.

Baby Jesus was made of plaster and was handled with the utmost care when we put him in the cotton fluff my mom had prepared under the tree.

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Community sites to gain bins for beautiful Guam through G3 program

Making strides to decrease Guam’s litter, illegal dumping sites, and rubbish rapidly filling the local landfill, dozens of waste and recycling bins will be placed at select areas throughout the island for residents to use come the New Year.  


The Guam Green Growth (G3) Initiative and members of partnering organizations will place a total of 50 waste bins and 20 recycling bins at village mayors’ offices, the CHamoru Village, the University of Guam, beaches, parks, and other public locations.  

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UOG Center for Island Sustainability


Guam Green Growth has its 1st Conservation Corps graduates  

An innovative program designed to establish a foundation for workforce development to support an emerging green economy achieved a milestone this month by holding its first graduation.

Shelton: strategic alliances key to ensuring Guam's sustainable future

On Wednesday's G3 Steering Committee meeting, director for the University of Guam's Center for Island Sustainability Dr. Austin Shelton, shared updates on the Guam Green Growth's projects to make the island more sustainable.

UOG Sea Grant and community garden partnership finds expanded uses for aquaculture

A new partnership between UOG Sea Grant and Island Girl Power highlights an integrated approach to aquaculture, zero-waste, and food sustainability.

Guam Green Growth distributes reusable bags to consumers

The Guam Green Growth team has begun their education outreach campaign to prepare the island for the end of single use plastic distribution as of January 1, 2022.

Tackling stray animals, reducing plastic bags discussed by beautification task force

An increase in staff to deal with stray animals and Guam Green Growth’s initiative to help replace plastic bags were announced during the Islandwide Beautification Task Force meeting on Tuesday.

Recycling bins will be distributed to all villages

Recycling bins are set to be distributed to all villages on island by Guam Green Growth (G3) with the assistance of the Department of Public Works.

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