Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide  East Coast USA 
by Lubell and Bradley
"Design lovers with wanderlust will find inspiration in the new book." Dwell Online

UNEARTHED: Drawings, Sculpture, Installations by Stephen Talasnik
"The beauty of Stephen Talasnik's work is in its play of scale. A tabletop sculpture or drawing can appear as intricate as the universe, while an outdoor installation can slither or bloom with the simplicity of nature. . ." Alexandra Lange, author and architecture critic 

Publisher: The Monacelli Press; Photo credit: Don Pollard and Stephen Talasnik
Rehearsal: Jeff Haynes with Becky Nielsen and Julie Harris
MUSIC / United by Nature Concert Celebration
Sept. 29, 4pm. This Saturday!
Jeff Haynes, producer / percussionist; Jacob Lee Bernz, poet / musician / balladeer
Casey Erdmann,  singer / song writer; Sean Harkness, guitar artist
Joan Henry , poet-lyricist / vocalist / percussionist; Timothy Hill, singer / composer
Gina Lenee',  pianist; Premik Russell Tubbs , multi-instrumentalist
Julie Harris, Native American flute player; Lisa Jensen and Becky Nielsen, drummers

Food, Drink & Open House / Advance ticket purchase only. Space is limited!

ART INK: The Color of Manitoga 
Oct. 20, 4pm
Join artist Kazumi Tanaka for a landscape walk and visit to her LAB installation. Learn about her process, inspirations and insights from her residency at Manitoga.

FALL TOURS / Architecture, Landscape, Design 
Season ends Nov 12. Don't miss
INK: The Color of Manitoga
by artist Kazumi Tanaka 

Oct. 13, 4 - 6pm. Last for 2018!

Oct. 6, 2pm / Oct. 7, 10am

Nov. 10, 2pm 

Nov. 3, 10am - 3pm. To lend a hand, email Emily Phillips