UPA Quarterly Insider
Dear Reader, thank you for your continued interest in our League of Champions™. Let us take a quick moment to recap our 2016 highlights:
  • Nationwide launch of UPA Singles
  • New Division Rep Program
  • New leagues formed in Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, New York, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington
  • 2,123 new members added
With the launch of Singles and the continued success of our amateur leagues, we look forward to further expansion into unlicensed territories. Be sure to check out the details of our Division Rep program in the following section and consider becoming our newest team member!
Start your League for only $99!
We are e xcited to announce our new Division Rep program in unlicensed territories. Qualified indi viduals c an start a Singles Division in one venue for only $99/yr. Check to see if your county is availab le and start your new venture today!

Special Offer for New Members!
T ax Day is right around the corner, and while Uncle Sam may not give you a break, the UPA will! We are offering  $10 Gold Memberships  to all  new members  nationwide until April 30th. Share with anyone you know that likes to play, wants to learn, or simply likes to have fun! Find a UPA League near you or for more information please visit
Countdown to Nationals
Congratulations to the following teams on winning their September and January Vegas Qualifiers (VQs) and heading to our 4th Annual 2017 Vegas Nationals:

The Sweet Leaves - IL
Bananas - FL
TENacious - AL
8 Ball Rebels - TX
QUE!? - CA
Desert Dawgs - AZ
Lights Out - CA
T-Rex Hates Pushups - GA
Chuggernauts - NC
Num Nums - MO
Tim's Terrors - IA
Outlaw 8 - IA
Taking it to Pound Town - FL
Todavia mas Fino - CA
The Punishers - TX  
Rerease the Rions - CA
Shut up and Shoot - MO

Back in Black - WA
Nine Iron - TX
Flatliners - NC
Outlaw 8 - IA
Nine Lives - FL
Motley Crew - WA
10 for the Money - NJ
Easy St. - AL

Team "Rerease the Rions" - UPA of Pasadena
May VQs are the final opportunity for our teams to join us in Vegas to compete for National bragging rights and $20,000 in cash prizes! 
2016 Team Race
Team _Tim_s Terrors_ - UPA Iowa
Team "Tim's Terrors" - UPA Iowa
Congratulations to Tim's Terrors out of  UPA Iowa ! After a competitive race with 535 UPA Teams in 2016, Tim's Terrors secured the #1 spot and received a special invite to our 2017 Vegas Nationals. Read more about Tim and his strategy that lead his team to victory below and we look forward to seeing the team back again in Vegas for their second chance to win the National Title and $10,000!
7 must-knows about UPA Speeds
One of the unique benefits for our UPA members is the opportunity to be actively involved with their Speed. Did you know that members can submit a Speed Review? How about why League Operators are not authorized to assist in the Speed Review Process? Find out now by simply clicking the button below!
Team Captain of the Year; Tim Brown!

Tim Brown is Team Captain for Tim's 
Terrors, our #1 ranking 2016 UPA Team! Tim plays out of Big Dog's Billiards for UPA Iowa, owned and operated by Julie Guzman and Jim Hoyland. We were able to speak with Mr. Brown to gain insight in his journey of being a Team Captain. 

Q. What do you like most about being a Team Captain? 

A. I enjoy assisting players and new teams coming into the league. I like helping them to learn the rules and regulations so new players/teams feel less nervous and it makes you feel good! We are all there to help. 
Q. What are some challenges you've faced being a Team Captain? 

A. Keeping my team from exceeding the handicap Speed limit and deciding what player to play where and who. 
Q. What qualities do you think make for a good Team Captain?

A. Patience. Not being afraid to talk up your players and givi ng them advice prior to a match. Also not taking any team or player for granted.
Q. What is your match-up strategy?

A. I'm not afraid to play a lower Speed against a higher Speed player. I was leery of doing this in the beginning, but now prefer doing this because it helps them to advance their skills and makes them feel really great when they are able to win a game to steal points or even win a Match! I also use the stats on the Team Match-up Report to see how a player has been performing throughout the Session. 
Q. What is some coaching advice you've given to your players?

A. Take your time when shooting, use your time-outs, and always walk around the table to view all potential shots. 
Q. What is your Team Strategy for Nationals?

A.  I know I need a plan A, B and C! Last year I shot with Loaded Dice and the competition was pretty intense. The teams were well organized and very talented. 
Good luck to you Tim and we look forward to seeing you again in June!