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May 15, 2018

It is the season of Pentecost: the period of joy, of total immersion in the implications of what it means to be a Christian, to live a Christian life. We know Pentecost to be the day at the end of the Jewish Feast of Weeks...7 weeks after Passover, when the Holy Spirit poured into Mary and the apostles while they were in Jerusalem for the feast. But Pentecost has always been more than that.
The Christian feast of Pentecost developed late in the 4th century, but it didn't mean the feast day fifty days after Easter. It meant "the great fifty days," or the fifty days of Easter. This was an entire period of rejoicing. It was Paschaltide or Eastertide, not one day among many but many days of wonder and joy and new life all in a row. It was a time of great loss and great sorrow, and even greater confirmation and certainty, of Jesus with them still...but differently.
Between the bursting open of the tomb and, fifty days later the overflowing of the Holy Spirit does the full awareness of what it is to live in Christ, with Christ, and through Christ finally dawn. Jesus, risen, walks among the living to demonstrate the presence of the living God among us. In this season, we are all risen to new life. We all become a new people together.  
Without the gift of the Spirit, Christ's church dries up and withers away, and we are left with only our broken selves. With the gift of the Spirit, all things are possible. A spirit-filled community of faith opens eyes to needs in the world and sees it's missing as God's new people. The Day of Pentecost is the climax of the Great Fifty Days of Easter, celebrating as it does the gift of the Spirit to the body of Christ - the church.
Rev. Sheri Fry

Nursery Care
UPC has been blessed by having some great UW students work in our nursery on Sunday mornings.
However this leaves us a little short handed during summer.
If you would be willing to help in the nursery a few times over the summer please contact Michelle Harris at  upckidmin@ gmail.com or call her at 460-0275.
Thank you for your willingness to help out!
Sunday, June 3   10:45 am
I invite you to journey with me as we read together Anne Lamott's book STITCHES for our first summer read. Let's gather on Sunday morning beginning June 3 from 10:45-11:45 am. I will bring some deliciousness to share on June 3. Please sign up this Sunday at church or email me if you would like to purchase a book for $13.
In this book, the wickedly witty and very funny Anne Lamott is a pop theologian whose writing makes you laugh at the same time she makes you think.
Lamott explores how we find meaning and peace in these busy and loud times; where we start again after personal and public devastation; and how we recapture wholeness after loss. "We begin," Lamott says, "by collecting the ripped shreds of our emotional and spiritual fabric and sewing them back together, one stitch at a time. It's in these stitches that the quilt of life begins, and embedded in them are strength, warmth, humor and humanity." 
Vacation Bible School Donations
The VBS donation board is up.
Please take a look at the bulletin board and select the item(s) you would like to donate to help us have another successful  VBS at UPC!
Please return the items to the the main office or Michelle's office by  June 1st.
If your item needs to be refrigerated or frozen, please put it in the refrigerator in the north lounge kitchen and place the request tag on Michelle's desk.
Thank you all so much for your continued support of Christian Education At UPC!
UPC Graduates
UPC will be recognizing our LHS graduates on  May 20th at  the  10:30 service.   Their gift  Bibles are currently available in the coffee area.   Please take a moment to highlight a verse and leave a note.   Please  email the office with other graduate information that you would like know.
Summer Volunteers
The church office is looking for office volunteers on and off Tuesday/Thursday this summer.  If interested please contact the church office.  Thank you for your consideration.
Per Capita
Please be sure to pay your member Per Capita of $43.05 for 2018.  Thank you.
Christ's Love in Action!
UPC celebrates and thanks:

-The spring office volunteers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

-Dona Coffey and Elizabeth Williams for leading worship this past Sunday.

--Thank you for the ways that you are putting Christ's Lov in Action! 
L iturgist  volunteers
Liturgists  are needed for upcoming services at UPC. 
If you are willing to step forward to do this, please click on the following link and mark the date/time that will work for you. Thank you from the Worship Committee.

In addition to the women's team for Habitat that was recently announce by Pastor Fry, a UPC team will go to Cheyenne on Saturday, August 18th, to help with one of the twin homes that Laramie County Habitat will be building this summer.  Please contact Nancy Lick at  sadielady2@charter.net if you are interested in joining this team.  The church members who went on last summer's build reported that it was a very positive experience that was well-organized and supervised by the Habitat staff and local volunteers.  More information will be made available as the date nears.   Efforts continue to contact Laramie's Habitat with no response to either the telephone number or e-mail address that Mission has.  According to Pat, staff at the Cheyenne Habitat, the efforts of their Board of Directors to assume the mortgages of the past Laramie builds has met with a frustrating web involving banks, etc.  She said that the Laramie Habitat has "fallen off the map" as far as she knows.  If anyone knows of a viable local contact for Habitat, please let a member of the Mission Committee (Wayne, Vi, and Nancy) know.
Calendar of Events at UPC
For a full calendar of events click here         
Cupcakes, Coffee & Conversation
Sunday, May 20              11:45 am
I hope you can join me on Sunday, May 20 to share your thoughts and feelings about UPC's past, present and future.
Please join me in the chapel at 11:45.
RSVP to UpcLaramiePastor@gmail.com or calling the church office at 307-742-2061. I look forward to getting to know you better and working together for healing and reconciliation as we continue to move into a shared future.
Life Together...Listening to Our Stories   
Chatting with ... Peter Lindahl
By Lori Van Pelt
               Although Peter Lindahl is a faithful churchgoer who enjoys visiting with people, quite often he's not a visible presence to the congregation during UPC services. Instead, he's working in the sound booth to help ensure that all of us can better hear the messages and the music.
            He comes to church in part to "hear the message," but also "to keep up with the people, to see if they've been sick and to learn their interests." He says, "It's never been hard for me to come to church here. It feels like home." And that's due in large part to the people here who are "genuinely interested" in others.
He misses the congregational dinners that at one time were frequent events because they brought more people together, and "just kept people talking and enjoying fellowship." For similar reasons, he quips, "I think the coffee hour after services should be mandatory."
            He credits Harold Tammen with mentoring him in sound system skills. Tammen was a UPC member and "an electronic geek," Pete recalls. He was instrumental in putting speakers in the sanctuary, and he hooked up the sound system to a local radio station so the services could be broadcast. All the churches did that at one time, Pete says. Tammen also put a speaker in the bell tower, which is still there, to amplify the carillon music. He would leave about 10 minutes prior to the end of services and timed the lovely bell music to begin playing just after the preacher said, "Amen," and people began exiting the church. Town ordinances later on led to this practice being discontinued, and the only church bell that rings now is located at St. Matthew's Cathedral.
            However, Pete has worked with the UPC sound system since the 1980s, with the assistance of members Jack Doerges, who gave a sound board to the church, and Larry Irving, who helped Pete install the sound system, which also includes speakers and an amplifier.
            "We wanted to make it a little bit better for the older people to hear," Pete explains. He and Larry have run the sound system for almost 40 years. "This is our third sound system. The new one came with the sanctuary remodel."
            He refers to himself as "a building guy," and says that he really enjoys "maintaining the building and upgrading and keeping things going." Pete also explains that the architect who created the plans for UPC also made the plans for the First Wyoming United Presbyterian Church in Torrington, so "it mirrors ours. Ours was built first and Torrington's next." Pete says that the architect "did a really good job of designing," because UPC in Laramie has had relatively few problems throughout the years.
"I've been hanging out in this building since 1954," he says with a smile, recalling that he learned the books of the Bible in the basement of the previous church on Grand Avenue. He was one of the helpers who walked down the street carrying the Bibles, books and chairs from that church to this building.   
            Pete's family also often attend services, and his parents, Ann and Eric Lindahl, instilled this faithful devotion in Pete, his twin brother Alfred, and their older brother Ralph. Pete's wife of 50 years, Joanne, served as church secretary for 26 years and since then has been UPC's custodian. She volunteers at Ivinson Memorial Hospital and also at the Laramie Plains Museum. Daughters Cheryl and Kim and their families also are active at UPC. Cheryl helped in the nursery for many years, and Kim plays handbells and often sings in the choir.
            The Lindahl family also like to give back: that is, they began making special Sunday-before-Thanksgiving dinners to express gratitude to those who serve the church and who wouldn't cook a meal for themselves. They are also active in the Easter Sunday pancake breakfasts, served by the men of the church, with Joanne in charge of purchasing the ingredients and planning the details ahead of time.
            "The more you put into things, the more you get out of them," Pete says.
He worked for the telephone company from 1965-2008, and then began working at Laramie Telephone Exchange as a technician. LTE recently put in lines and wired the church for the Family Promise program. His telephone expertise developed during his service in the U.S. Army in 1965-1968, when he worked on transmitter/receiver sites, switchboards and telephone exchanges in Japan, Panama, Puerto Rico, Okinawa and Taiwan. He's also a longtime active Mason.
            Although neither Pete nor Joanne are Laramie natives, he says, "We haven't found a place we'd rather live than Laramie. It's easy to get through the day here."
Lori Van Pelt is a freelance writer and the assistant editor of WyoHistory.org, the online encyclopedia of Wyoming history. To learn more about her work, you may visit her website at http://www.lorivanpelt.com
Got Mulch?
The UPC bushes are in need of some mulch! Might you have some extra? Might you be willing to grab another load from the from the dump? The Property Committee would be very grateful! Please contact the Property Chair, Matthew Painter (matthewapainter@yahoo.com) if you're willing to help out. Thank you!
UPC's Stroll to the Scrolls
  The unique exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls prepared by the Israel Antiquities Authority is currently on display at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Please sign up with Pastor Sheri or Nancy Lick for a UPC trip to see this exhibition on Wednesday, June 6th .
  These scrolls are the oldest known biblical documents dating back over 2000 years.  The first scrolls were discovered by Bedouin goat herders near Qumran by the Dead Sea.  Ten scrolls are being displayed along with over 600 other artifacts from the ancient Middle East.  Accompanying this exhibition is a 44-minute firm on Jerusalem that sets the stage for viewing the scrolls. 
  A van has been reserved to transport our group and reservations have been made at the museum so we can benefit from the group rate.  The cost of the trip includes the museum's entrance fee along with the fees for both the exhibit and the movie, round trip transportation from the church, and dinner where our "visit" to the Mideast will continue in the VIP Room at the Phoenician Restaurant (recommended highly by Pastor Sheri).  The cost for adults under the age of 65 is $65 and for folks 65 and over, the cost is $61. 
  Please make your reservation early as , if the van fills up, efforts can be made to try to expand our participation if we have time to do so.
Reports & Session Minutes
The UPC Session Minutes and reports can be read at our website at  upclaramie.org/minutes/
MAY Care Cart
This month's Care Cart only requires some of your time and your commitment to combat hunger.  On  Sundays, May 20th and 27th  we are joining congregations throughout this country in generating an "Offering of Letters."  This is a totally non-partisan effort to influence our country's leaders in addressing hunger issues both here and throughout the world.   Bread for the World provides a collective Christian voice that urges the nation's decision makers to end hunger.  In 2016, the Global Food Security Act (GFSA) was passed by Congress with overwhelming bipartisan support.  This act has strengthened the accountability, implementation, and effectiveness of food security and nutrition programs, and reinvigorated a global commitment to help people feed and nourish themselves through agriculture development, market access, business development, private sector competitiveness, and nutrition interventions.  An additional bill is the U.S. Farm Bill that sets most U.S. agriculture policies and authorizes  federal nutrition assistance programs.  Critical national programs such as tax credits for low-income workers, SNAP, Food Stamps, and surplus commodities are at risk every year for reauthorization. Here in Laramie, many of our neighbors participate in these programs for their survival.  More information on this effort is available at Bread for the World's web site.
As Christians, we believe that a key moral measure of our federal budget is how it treats those whom Jesus called "the least of these" (Matthew 25:45).  On  May 20, after each service, tables will be set up in the lounge with envelopes with mailing labels to Congresswoman Chaney, Senator Enzi, and Senator Barrasso.  Pen, paper, and stamps will be provided as well as a sample letter requesting support for the key programs helping all those facing hunger and poverty.  After you write a letter with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to one or all of our representatives, place them in the appropriate envelopes and put them in the mail basket that will be provided.  Mission will mail the letters.
Please give a few minutes of your time and participate in this "offering" to raise our collective voice in Christian activism.

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VBS sign up!
The weather is getting warmer...its time to start thinking about Vacation Bible School.

UPC will hold  VBS  June 4th - 8th from  9:00- 11:30 am.

Please follow this link to register:

Please let Michelle Harris know if you have any questions.
Giving Paul Rechard a Ride to Church
The Deacons are working to coordinate rides to church for Paul Rechard.  Please click the sign up below if you would be willing to help.  Thank you!

Give Paul a Ride
UPC is pleased to offer online giving opportunities.  For more information click  on-line giving  
If you are an ordained elder or deacon, your help in serving communion during our worship services would be greatly appreciated. Just click on the following link and then mark the date that will work for you. Thank you from The UPC Worship Committee.

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