UPC Messenger
November 2020
United Presbyterian Church, Flanders
58 Drakesdale Rd.
Flanders, NJ 07836
Announcing UPC's Interim Pastor
The Interim Pastor Search Committee is pleased to announce that after an effective search, an Interim Pastor has been selected. We believe as you get to new our new pastor, you will agree with the committee, the Rev Heather Morrison-Yaden is the perfect candidate to serve UPC during this interim time. Following is some information about Pastor Heather.

The Reverend Morrison-Yaden is excited to be coming to serve UPC, Flanders as the Interim Pastor for this transition. Pastor Heather begins in ministry at UPC, Flanders on November 30. 2020.

Heather grew up in Morristown and is a graduate of Oberlin College. She currently lives in Stroudsburg, PA with her husband Bill, who is retired from the United States Coast Guard and has made a career in Presbyterian camping ministry. They met at Camp Johnsonburg, when she was bringing up youth groups and he was working there on year-round staff. She plans to commute from PA (in her Prius), as she has done to her other interim positions of similar distances. Her daughter and son-in-law live in York, PA, and her son is a college student taking a break from Emerson College in Boston, during the pandemic.

Heather graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary and has been involved in ministry for over 30 years, working as an interim pastor for nearly 20 years. She began interim work as certain strengths in her ministry style are well suited to interim work. She values relationships and seems to have her mother’s gift for remembering people’s names. Her father was a physician, which is why she values the healing work of interim ministry.

Heather enjoys helping churches discover who they are during the interim period, yet also asking the hard questions during the Discernment Study process. As she came to realize how much she enjoys meeting new people and helping others see their God-given gifts and abilities and discern how to share those gifts generously, she recognized how her own gifts and talents suit Interim Ministry. Heather’s experience will allow her to guide us through transition, mission study, and calling a new pastor.

As we welcome her to UPC, the Search Committee will be setting up in-person and zoom meetings with small groups to give the congregation the opportunity to meet Pastor Heather over the first few weeks of her ministry with UPC. And, while her first official start date is November 30th, Pastor Heather will be worshipping with us on November 29th. Please watch for more information in the coming weeks.
WE Are STILL The Church

During these uncertain times of change, the leaders of UPC want you to know that we are still here for you.

Should you need Pastoral care or have questions or concerns regarding any area of the church, please reach out to any of the following staff, Elders or Deacons...
Church office:
973-584-8195 or office@unitedpcf.com
Current office hours:
Mon. 9-12 (Bev) 
Tues. 9-12 (Danielle) 
Weds. 9-11 (Bev) 
Thurs. 9-12 (Danielle)
Clerk of Session, Kathy Coogen: 201-317-3350 or kcoogen@yahoo.com

Karen Brand (Spiritual Life) 
Bryan Brouhard (Buildings and Grounds) 
Ron Ernst (Buildings and Grounds) 
Janelle Foster (Christian Ed) 
Craig Heal (Stewardship) 
Dana Miller (Youth) 
Karen Monaghan (Worship and Music) 
Cindy Peach (Congregational Life) 
Suzan Preston (Mission and Outreach) 
Kyle Ropp (Finance) 

Rick Couillou (Meals) 
Terry Karns 
Michael LoCascio (Bucket BrigAID) 
Mary Lee PLate (Co-moderator/Mitten
Tracy Schweighardt (Holiday Baskets/ Prayer
Shawls & Baptism Blankets) 
Pat Steege (Food pantry/Shoprite Cards/Easter
& Thanksgiving Baskets) 
Winnie Swinson
Kim Tweed (Newbridge Group Home parties/
Kelly VanOrden (Co-moderator/Cards/)  
Rhiannon Van Orden (Teen Angels)
Greetings from Rev. Rick
Aloha from the Sunshine State

Greetings from Florida! Danielle said it would be ok to submit this greeting/update for the November “Messenger”.

It has been something of a bumpy transition to our new home. The trip south went fine but it has taken us more time than anticipated to get settled in. We were able to get our utilities on and some furniture items ordered during an initial stay in a nearby hotel. The biggest challenge was a delay in our stuff from NJ, which did not get here until last Friday. We ended up “camping in the condo” as I’ve been calling it, for ten days, until everything arrived.

The last week or so we have been unpacking and hanging up pictures and the place is now beginning to feel like a new “home sweet home”. If you have not yet seen it, Brian should be posting a brief video of the outside of our place I sent him earlier in the week.

Not surprisingly the place has a very different ‘feel’ to it than Jersey. Everything is more spread out requiring more driving time. The entire area is populated by development after development of apartments, condos and homes. And yes, flat as a pancake. Temps have averaged in the mid-80’s, at times reaching 90. On the one hand I miss the crisper fall weather you are now experiencing. On the other hand, I am enjoying our condo association pool on a daily basis.

Overall we are thrilled with the place we purchased and with the location – not a beach community, but easy access to several beaches (which is where I’ll be heading this afternoon after I finish this!).
On the church front, I have visited the local Presbyterian church a couple of times as well as an Episcopal church nearby. I have a feeling I’m not going to find anything like the unique worship/music experience we had at UPC. And as Joanne keeps reminding me, I no longer have any control over such matters!

Many churches here are not yet worshiping in person or are too far away to be viable possibilities.

I have found a live ukulele group that meets in an Irish Pub in Cocoa Beach which I have begun attending. It is a first step in making some musical contacts in the area. Again, a once thriving music scene is still very much on hold down here due to the pandemic. But it’s something.
I miss my friends at UPC and continue to cherish what we had together as pastor and people.

Our spare bedroom is awaiting visitors from up north who come down this way on their next Florida vacation.

Grace and peace,
Rev. Rick
Stewardship 2021
Moving Forward Together
"UPC is UP for the Challenge"
2021 Stewardship Campaign
UPC's 2021 Stewardship Campaign is officially underway! In the next few days, you will be receiving Pledge Cards in the mail. UPC has approximately 75 Pledging Units/ Families working together to meet the needs of an annual church operating budget of $220,000+ for 2021.
"How much can I afford to give?"  The Bible tells us -
You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.
~ 2 Corinthians 9:11
Please fill out your pledge card and return it by November 15th.
Click on the following links to watch 
Stewardship Moments...

Giving is now quicker and easier than ever.
Click the link below to be redirected to our online donation link. 
Thanksgiving Baskets
Thanksgiving baskets will be assembled & distributed by the Deacons to those in need.

Please consider a donation of these food items:  
apple juice   
pancake mix   
maple syrup   
turkey gravy(jar)    
canned corn   
green beans   
canned yams   
cranberry sauce   
scalloped potatoes   
au gratin potatoes   
In lieu of groceries a cash donation can be made towards the purchase of ShopRite gift cards.  

There will be a collection box in the Narthex marked "Pantry Items"   

NOTE- due to COVID mandates for our nursery school, food items can be left before or after Sunday service only.
Soup Kitchen
Can you Cook a Turkey? or Bake a Tray of Stuffing?

... in advance, to serve on Thanksgiving Day.  If you can do either or both of these, please call Diane Halper at 973-252-7228 to volunteer.  I plan to distribute the prep items on Sundays in November. I'll have a table set up at the end of the sidewalk after church 11:00 - 11:30 am. If it's convenient for you, I'll collect all of the prepared food on Wednesday, 11/25 at 4:00 pm.  

Here's out it will work:
If you can cook a turkey...  We'll provide the turkey, the gravy and a tin.  The turkeys can be defrosted and cooked this week. Then, sliced, coated with gravy and frozen in advance.  

If you can make a tray of stuffing? We'll provide the ingredients, with a tin & distribute the onions and celery on Sunday, 11/22. It's a simple recipe. Please make the stuffing on Tuesday 11/24 or Wednesday 11/25 prior to Thanksgiving Day, so it does not have to be frozen.
Sunday School
Sunday School: We are back and having fun (while social distancing) in the Youth Garage on Sunday mornings! We also have a fun project we will be working on for Christmas for everyone both at home and in attendance each week.


Click here to check out the google classroom for more information.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Janelle Foster at 908-380-0355. 

It's Almost Advent at UPC
Christmas Flowers
Orders for poinsettia plants to be placed in our sanctuary in memory, in honor of loved ones, and in celebration of the birth of Christ are now being accepted. 
The cost is $10.00 per plant. Please use this form and place your order with payment in an envelope in the box in the narthex.
Thank you for your support in helping to beautify the sanctuary at this special time of year! Plants may be taken home after any Christmas Eve Service. 

Advent Wreath Making
Sunday November 29th  
Join us on Sunday, November 29th after worship for our annual
Advent Wreath Making Event! Help your family focus on the
coming joy of Jesus' birth through the creation of a beautiful and symbolic centerpiece for your home table. 
Please sign up by November 24th  
Cost: $14 ($9 if bringing your Styrofoam ring from last year). 
There's a New Bakery in Town
Our very own Jamie Werner is fulfilling her lifelong dream of owning and operating a bakery.

Check out her website
and help
spread the word.

Congrats Jamie!!

Poetry Corner
(Argaille A. Di Matteo)
(November 1, 2020)

Try to remember this month of November
That flows again with lessons and blessings.
Try to remember the smoldering embers
Of doubts, fears, anxieties and myriad stressings.

Try to remember that, with each November,
The trees’ burnished leaves are all a’blowing,
Sailing on brisk winds as November beckons
“Let Go-ing.”

Try to be mindful of each day’s new wonders,
Where Godwinks flow and “Ahas” baptize
Life circumstances where Humanity dances
Around in “stress boats” about to capsize.

Then, in the chaos, “bad news” and confusion,
Shines the Bright Light of the “Still Voice” within.
Try to be mindful of the “Fresh”, of the “New”,
Of “Begin.”

Life’s a great mystery, knitting Future and History
Into a rich tapestry known as “Now.”
A fragment of time, yet rich and sublime,
“Now” is ripe with blessings, as we allow

The passing of Seasons, the rhymes and the reasons
That we all collect, like a basket of leaves,
Then toss to the flowing of autumn winds blowing,
Slowing our going to “Be still, believe.”

Try to remember this brand new November
And open the doors of your soul to Adventure.
And at Thanksgiving, with Gratitude giving,
Bless Past and Present and also the Future.

We make a difference in Life’s Miracle Presence,
No matter our age, shape, color, or will.
So, this November, let’s all bless each other,
And with God’s Love fill.