August 6, 2018
Twelfth Sunday
after Pentecost
August 12, 2018
Worship 11:00 a.m.

"God's Promises Unfolding"
Summer Sermon Series

Pastor John preaches on
The Freely Offered Salvation

Sermon text:
August Is the Perfect Time
to Check Out Choir!
Summer Choir Singers are any singers who wish to sing in the choir on any Summer Sunday morning they choose. If you'd like to sing this summer, come to the Chancel promptly at 10:00 a.m. and rehearse the morning’s anthem. Summer singers wear no robes, sing the anthem, then join family and/or friends in the congregation for the remainder of the service. All singers are welcome!

This Sunday: " With A Voice Of Singing," by Martin Shaw. Plus, Miriam's Daughters share "Brethren, We Have Met to Worship", arranged by Christopher Hoh 
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Sunday, August 5, 2018
The Freely Offered
Detail from the mural created by UPC Youth during the Great Vigil of Easter 2018.

Our summer sermon series, "God's Promises Unfolding: Stories of the Easter Vigil," continues with Pastor John preaching on "The Freely Offered Salvation."

Next week, Pastor Matt concludes our series with a message on "The Resurrection Promise." Come worship with us!
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Calling all Mattiases!
Clean & Shiny Saturday
August 11, 9:00 a.m.
Recently Pastor Matt spoke to us about Matthias, the Patron Saint of Unsung Volunteers. The church only functions well because of all of you, our unsung volunteers. Yes, we should probably have a big party where we recognize you all with your name in lights, and when you arrive at church we roll out the red carpet and offer you celebrity treatment where balloons and confetti fall from the sky, but the truth is that will not happen.

It is that time again to gather together to touch up our Sanctuary, and spruce our gardens and make this place look the best it can be, so that when people that walk by this place see, they are drawn into our midst.
In this way, we are rolling out the red carpet for our guest and our visitors. I promise this type of necessary church work will not make you famous, and you will not gain the celebrity status that you deserve. But let me assure you that your help does matter and it is greatly appreciated. My Boy Scout troop leader always told us that many hands make a light load. So come out on Saturday, August 11, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. and become part of the vitally important Patron Saints of Unsung Volunteers.

We all appreciate you, and in our hearts you are all celebrities here at UPC.

-Frank Adkins
Presbyterian Young Adults Meet August 16
Pinthouse Burnet, 6:00 p.m.
You are invited to an event for Presbyterian Young Adults that are in Austin. We have teamed up with Westminster Pres, Central Pres, and First Pres, along with other Presbyterian churches in the area so that we can get together as many young adults to fellowship with one another. Come with your ideas of what you need from a group of like-minded peers!
We hope to make this a monthly meet-up, so come on Thursday, August 16 at 6:00 p.m. at Pinthouse Pizza on Burnet Road, and let’s see what this could be! Let me know if you have questions at ukirk .
Let us know if you can make it:

-Pastor Krystal
Don’t Forget
Hygiene Supplies!
The UPC Youth Ministry is collecting travel sized hygiene supplies. When you're traveling this summer, please remember to collect the travel sized hygiene supplies — from hotels, airplanes, wherever — and drop them off outside Fellowship Hall near the hospitality desk. Thanks for your help!
News/Request from Refugee Welcome Team
Mr. Reh has found a job and will be starting this Tuesday! Our first refugee family from Iraq is moving to a new apartment on Saturday, August 18 .

If anyone would like to help them move, they need a pickup truck and some strong backs.
The apartment is in north Austin off N. Lamar. Please call Robin Dennis if you can help (512-434-0163).
NEXTChurch Blog, August 6, 2018
Is This the Best
We Can Do?
Each month, [NEXTChurch] posts a series of blogs around a common topic. This month, Andrew Kukla is curating a series on officer training. We’ll hear from various perspectives about how churches might best equip those they call to the ministry of ruling elder for that service. How might we feed, encourage, and enable the imagination of our church officers? How can we balance the role of officers as discerners of the Spirit alongside church polity? 

First up, Paul Hooker, Associate Dean for Ministerial Formation and Advanced Studies at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Click the picture below to go to his blog post.
When I was young in ministry, the session of First Presbyterian of Kingsport, TN where I was associate pastor would debate some important matter until it appeared everything had been said that needed saying. Then, just before the moderator called for the vote, from the back of the room, Ernie Blackard would raise his hand, and when recognized, ask, “Mr. Moderator, I’d just like to be sure: Is this the best we can do for Christ and his Church?”

UPLift Needs Next Week
Every Tuesday morning, UPC volunteers provide some food and coffee, hygiene items, and occasional financial assistance for our clients. While all donations are welcome at any time, here are some items to consider bringing to worship this week.

Financial gifts which are used for providing work-boots, eyeglasses, and rental or utilities assistance are always appreciated!
For this week's grocery cart
  • Large box raisins (for oatmeal)
  • Large bag white rice
  • Large jar peanut butter (not organic)
  • Large jar preserves or jelly
  • Breakfast bars

Thank you for your incredible support of this UPC mission!!
Save the Date!

Rally Day

Sunday, August 26!
Adult Class Notes
NO class this Sunday, August 12. Class resumes August 19 at 9:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. For more informaiton, Contact Jon Eddison .
The Present Word class is on hiatus until Sunday, September 2.

The scriptures and weekly lessons are our starting point for lively discussions that include the week's events, current issues and our own Christian journeys. For more information, please contact Roscoe Overton at 512-482-8921
Celebrations & Concerns
UPDATE on David Phillips:

David Phillips , whose cancer has proved resistant to treatment and has grown. Fortunately, the cancer shows no signs of spreading. David will begin a new treatment regimen this week that includes immunotherapy. To read the full update and sign up to provide meals, go to

If you have not already done so, you will need to establish an account in order to read the post and sign up for meals.

Please pray for

The Reh family , refugees relocated to Austin, as they settle in to their new life.
To request prayers for yourself or a loved one, email .
To have a deacon pray with you, look for the  Deacon of the Day  on the pulpit side front of the sanctuary any Sunday following the postlude.
If you'd like to be part of UPC's Prayer Chain, please   email the church office . You will receive emails asking that you pray specifically for people who have requested to be on the prayer list.
To download the "Celebrations and Concerns" folder for Sunday, August 5, 2018, click here or pick up a copy in the church office or in the narthex.