July 9, 2018
Eighth Sunday
after Pentecost
July 15, 2018
Worship 11:00 a.m.

"God's Promises Unfolding"
Summer Sermon Series

Matt Gaventa preaching on the Wisdom of God

Sermon text:
Come Sing in Summer Choir!
Summer Choir Singers are any singers who wish to sing in the choir on any Summer Sunday morning they choose. If you'd like to sing this summer, come to the Chancel promptly at 10:00 a.m. and rehearse the morning’s anthem. Summer singers wear no robes, sing the anthem, then join family and/or friends in the congregation for the remainder of the service. All singers are welcome!

This Sunday: " Climb To The Top Of The Highest Mountain," by Carolyn Jennings, is adapted from Isaiah 40.
The Wisdom
of God
Detail from the mural created by UPC Youth during the Great Vigil of Easter 2018.

Our summer sermon series, "God's Promises Unfolding". stories of the Easter Vigil, continues with Pastor Matt preaching on "The Wisdom of God." Next week, Pastor Krystal brings a message on "The Call of Jonah." Come worship with us!
Hear Matt's Sermon
Sunday, July 8, 2018
Young Adult Gathering
Thursday, July 12
6:00 p.m.
You are invited to an event for Presbyterian Young Adults that are in Austin. We have teamed up with Westminster Pres, Central Pres, and First Pres, along with other Presbyterian churches in the area so that we can get together as many young adults to fellowship with one another. Come with your ideas of what you need from a group of like-minded peers! We hope to make this a semi-regular/regular meet-up, so come on Thursday, July 12, at 6:00 p.m. at Easy Tiger, and let’s see what this could be! Let me know if you have questions: ukirk @upcaustin.org
Please let us know you'll be joining us. Click here for the Facebook event page .
What All Happened at General Assembly?
with Dr. Paul Hooker
Sunday, July 15, 9:30 a.m.
Room 201
A few weeks ago, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church wrapped up its biannual meeting in St. Louis, and considered overtures from all around the denomination on issues from representation to bureaucratic structure to various ways of public witness. 

Every time GA meets, it can take some time and deliberate energy to wade through the variety of outcomes and consequences, but, thankfully, our own Paul Hooker was there at the meeting and will join us this coming Sunday to help us navigate the implications of this year’s gathering.
If you’re curious about the goings-on of the Presbyterian Church at the national level, and about the consequences for us here at UPC, come and join Paul this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in the Faith & Life classroom.

A Message from Matt
A few months ago, during one of its regular meetings, the UPC session took a walking tour of our west campus neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, we observed in detail what has been casually apparent for some time now: west campus is changing, quickly. Old homes and surface lots are disappearing. Tower cranes are taking their place, and private student apartments just behind. For the session, and for myself, this change requires us at University Presbyterian Church to consider our role in this neighborhood. What does it mean for us to be part of a neighborhood even in its rapid change? What does it mean for us to be good neighbors?

One of the very practical ways in which this conversation affects our ministry is as it relates to the future of the so-called “Bevo Lot,” the food truck parking lot just north of the church on 22nd street. That surface lot is owned by UPC and currently leased, through August of 2021, to the University Co-Op, who manages the food trucks themselves. This lease arrangement has been mutually beneficial, and may yet continue for years to come. However, given the changes to the neighborhood, your session and I have agreed that we have an opportunity at least to engage in some intentional reflection about the future of that property, and, by extension, our role as good neighbors here in west campus.
To that end, at its June meeting, the session appointed the “Bevo Lot Task Force,” and charged it “to engage in a period of theological and practical discernment about the future of that property and report its recommendations to the UPC session in advance of the scheduled conclusion of the current lease agreement in August of 2021.” This discernment will take many forms, but will by design include engaging the entire UPC congregation in listening for your hopes, fears, and questions, as they pertain to that property. Appointed to this Task Force are Michael Dodd, Sarah Fife, Ken Gladish, Rey Legett, Stephanie Morris, David Perry, and Mary Wall, and you should expect more from them soon as they begin to structure ways of hearing from each of you.

Your session and I are profoundly thankful for each of the people who have agreed to this work. It will not be a quick or simple process. But we are also profoundly excited for the possibilities and the opportunities embedded in this moment. I thank God that UPC has been called into this time and place together! And I eagerly await the ways in which this group will help us root, grow, and connect in ways we have not yet even imagined!
Honoring Our Loved Ones, Honoring Our Past
On Saturday, June 23, UPC Heritage Ministry Team members Carol Keller and Betsy Boyt, along with John Parker from the Building & Grounds Committee, worked with Sexton Frank Adkins and Master Bricklayer Ruben Gonzalez to lay the newest donor bricks in the north courtyard. With the aid of the North Courtyard Brick Paver Locator Guide, a huge project previously undertaken by the Heritage Ministry Team, the brick laying crew set all the donor bricks honoring special people in the life of UPC as part of the 125th Anniversary Celebration. All proceeds from the paver sale go toward funding another year of the History IT project to preserve our heritage in a searchable digital archive.
Donors will receive a personal thank you from the Heritage Ministry Team, along with the location of their paver, and will be invited to share memories as part of an official unveiling in August. Watch for more details!
The Present Word
Room 3, Lower Level
Sundays @ 9:30 a.m.

The Present Word Class will continue to meet every Sunday through June and July. Our background material is provided by the curriculum that gives the class its name. By using the provided scripture readings, we ensure that we are engaging with the whole Bible over time. Our summer quarter topic is "Justice in the New Testament." However, this is not a Bible study class. The scriptures and weekly lessons are our starting point for lively discussions that include the week's events, current issues and our own Christian journeys. This topic seems especially relevant in this heated political climate. The class is led by Roscoe Overton. We would love to have you come learn, share and pray with us.
For this week's grocery cart
  • Large jar peanut butter (not organic)
  • Large jar preserves or jelly
  • 10 lb box oatmeal (not instant)
  • Large box raisins
  • Breakfast bars
Thank you for your incredible support of this UPC mission!!
Class schedule for July:

July 15
Please join Faith & Life to hear Paul Hooker’s report on the General Assembly, Room 201, Upper Level

July 22
“Inequality in the United States.”

July 29
the Christian understanding of women’s sexuality

For more information about the class, email Jon Eddison .
Celebrations & Concerns
Please pray for

The Reh family , refugees relocated to Austin, as they settle in to their new life.
To request prayers for yourself or a loved one, email   upc@upcaustin.org .
If you'd like to be part of UPC's Prayer Chain, please   email the church office . You will receive emails asking that you pray specifically for people who have requested to be on the prayer list.
To have a deacon pray with you, look for the  Deacon of the Day  on the pulpit side front of the sanctuary any Sunday following the postlude.
To download the "Celebrations & Concerns" folder for Sunday, July 8, 2018, click here or pick up a copy in the church office or in the narthex.