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NOVEMBER 10, 2019


Sermon Series on Worship
Charge & Benediction

Pastor Matt Gaventa preaching
"and Love One Another"

Gospel Reading: Matthew 22:34-40

The Chancel Choir sings familiar words often used as a Benediction: “A Blessing”, in a short setting by Martin Shaw.

7:00 PM, UPC Fellowship Hall
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My name is Jenny Whitten and I am privileged to serve on the Service Committee and at UPLift here at UPC. My husband, Tim, our son Miles, and I joined UPC in 2008, after searching for a new Presbyterian Church. The very day we walked into UPC, we felt like we had come home. When we mentioned this feeling to a dear friend here at UPC, he said, "You are home, in God's Divine Embrace." I have never forgotten his characterization of UPC.

At our monthly Service Committee meetings, we try to be open to the concept of abundance. We work hard to release fear, limitations and negative thinking in discerning how best to support mission and service here at UPC, from our own backyard to organizations across the globe. Every year at budget time, the Service Committee appeals to the Session to increase the amount UPC contributes to mission and service, the cause of helping our neighbors in need, in our neighborhood and in the world!

The day our family joined the church, Bobbie Sanders was on the Session. It's a long story, but Bobbie Sanders hired me for my first professional job, many years prior to that day. After we joined the church that day, Bobbie came up to me and said, "Jenny, you'll need to be coming to UPC on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 for a program we have here." When I explained to Bobbie that I had to work, she simply said, "Well, maybe you can just take off a couple of hours every Tuesday morning, and learn about a different kind of work!"

Bobbie was my first boss; I do what Bobbie tells me to do! The following Tuesday at 9:30, I was at UPC, and I've been coming on Tuesday mornings ever since! Little did I know that Bobbie was inviting me to join a ministry that has literally changed my life! Every Tuesday morning here at UPC, you'll see a group of folks lined up outside. About 9:30 they will be welcomed inside for food, fellowship, and a unique kind of worship service. Our neighbors who come to UPLift for assistance are not like us; they are us, and working together on Tuesday mornings brings about a beautiful blurring of our artificial boundaries.

I have learned more at UPLift than in all my years of education; I have learned about poverty in all its faces and its ramifications, BUT I have also been taught about grace, dignity, and loving one another in the midst of it. I'm here today asking you, on behalf of the Service Committee, on behalf of our neighbors who come to UPLift, and on behalf of whatever loving arms here at UPC hold you and nurture you, please consider increasing your pledge this year. Let's increase UPC's Divine Embrace. Thank you.

Jenny Whitten
It’s not too late to sing with Laudate for their next Introit on November 17. Join us this Sunday in Room 210 at 9:30 a.m. as we prepare to sing in worship. Questions? Just email Laudate Choir Director Austin Bradley at  childrenchoir@upcaustin.org
Justice for Our Neighbors Needs Help from YOU

Last Sunday, the Faith & Life class heard from Erica Nelson, the Courts and Ports Director at Texas Impact, and she talked about the importance of Justice for Our Neighbors, a United Methodist organization that is working diligently to help the migrant population. And, last week at La Mesa, the Austin-area Presbyterian Young Adult group that meets at UPC once a month, we talked with the Executive Director of Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON) in Austin, Lizzie Wright. JFON is an organization that is interested in helping asylum seekers with legal services.

There are obviously other organizations that do this, but the mission behind JFON is faith-based. They serve the immigrant population because of their desire for justice in the world, thanks be to God. This organization is fighting the good fight, but they need some help. They are looking for volunteers to help them, and they said they especially need translation work done (mostly French and Spanish). There are also driving opportunities if you can take clients to their appointments. And if you are an attorney, you can also help, even if you do not practice immigration law.

For ways that you can volunteer go here: jfonaustin.org/opportunities
And of course, you can also donate here, you would like:

Let’s continue this good work!
-Pastor Krystal 
Please plan to stay after worship on Sunday, November 24, to help us make the sanctuary ready for the Advent season. Head to Fellowship Hall when worship ends for a light lunch, then back to the sanctuary to help decorate our new Chrismon tree! Childcare provided. Many hands make light work, and everyone is welcome!
It's time to start planning…..to order TAMALES. Each year, our service partner Manos de Cristo sells tamales as one of their major fundraisers. UPC has been a partner in the sale of tamales for many years. You may order tamales in one of two ways:

  • Order and pay online. Go to manosdecristo.org/tamales. Online orders must be placed no later than December 2. Be sure to enter University Presbyterian in the drop down menu.
  • Order and pay at church. Look for Karen Grice after worship in the courtyard each Sunday starting November 10. Orders must be placed by November 24.

Tamales come in five flavors: pork, jalapeño pork, chicken, bean, and vegetarian. The cost is $15 per dozen and $8 of each dozen goes to Manos de Cristo to support their many programs. Karen will pick up all tamales ordered at UPC on Friday, December 6, and will have them available at the Alternative Gift Market on December 8. If you need to make arrangements for a different delivery time, contact Karen at 512-926-7844 or email kwgrice@grandecom.net . Order lots, they are delicious!
By Their Fruits, Ye Shall Know Them
Once again, UPC, in cooperation with the Northwest Austin Rotary Club, will be selling oranges and grapefruit to benefit Micah 6 of Austin. Only two more Sundays to order! Fred Morgan will be in the courtyard after worship Sundays November 17 and 24 to take your orders. 

If you don’t want a personal box of fruit, you may order fruit boxes to be donated directly to the Micah 6 Food Pantry. Those who order can pick up your box of fruit on Sunday, December 8 in the Fellowship Hall. Micah 6 of Austin receives $10 per fruit box ordered.  
UPLift Pantry Needs This Week
Our shelves are overflowing except for large jars of strawberry preserves ! We'd love to have some to use next week, so please bring some to church this Sunday and place in the shopping cart. And, as always, $10 H-E-B cards in the offering plate go a long way to help our neighbors.

Thank you, UPC!
Please pray for

Barbara Evans, now under hospice care.

Barbara Litchford, at St. David's North, being treated for pneumonia.
To request prayers for yourself or a loved one, email   upc@upcaustin.org .
Celebrations and Concerns of the congregation are published weekly and include prayers and people to pray for. You can download the folder here for Sunday, November 3, 2019, or pick up a copy outside the church office or in the narthex.
To have a deacon pray with you, look for the  Deacon of the Day  on the pulpit side front of the sanctuary any Sunday following the postlude.
UPC's Prayer Chain is a group of faithful prayer warriors who commit to praying for people throughout the week. If you'd like to be part of the Prayer Chain, click the button below. You will receive periodic emails (no more than one per day), with specific requests from members to pray. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer.